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Star of the West Volume 1

edited by Albert R. Windust and Gertrude Buikema.
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Chapter 11



Vol. I Chicago (Sept. 27, 1910) Mashiyat No. 11


To the Beloved of God in Teheran, Persia.


O ye Beloved Friends of Abdul-Baha!
Today the most important affair is delivering the Cause of God and spreading the fragrances of God. The duty of every soul among the believers of God is that he must rest neither day nor night, and with every breath think of the diffusion of the fragrances of Truth. That is, he must endeavor as far as lies in his power to quicken and guide a soul to the Path of Immortality, for this service of his will be perpetuated throughout centuries and cycles.
The power of the faith of the first guide will be transmitted, find continuation and become manifest in the lives of other believers, until one sanctified soul will become the cause of quickening a hundred thousand souls. Consider how important this is, for the guidance of one soul is greater than the sovereignty of a kingdom. The temporal dominion is ended in a few days and no effect or result, no rejoicing or happiness, no beatitude or praise and no name or fame is produced thereby. But this sovereignty which consists in the guidance of the souls is eternal and everlasting. It embraces the Divine Beloved and it establishes man upon the throne of grandeur. Therefore, Spiritual Assemblies must be established in all the cities and their aims must be the guidance of the souls.
Likewise some teachers must be sent to various parts and in every direction, for the sake of diffusing the fragrances of God, so that they may direct the seekers to the Divine Path; even the coming and going of the friends is beneficial. For instance, the friends who live in the smaller cities often do not receive any news, and then only at random. Now if certain souls arise to travel through these places, give the Glad-tidings of God, stay in every


place a night or two, deliver the news of the Holy Land and other countries and cities of the East and West, and associate with them with the utmost love, enthusiasm and happiness, this will be conducive to attraction and enkindlement, the people will be trained in spiritual matters and obtain exhilaration and life. This will become the cause of diffusing the fragrances and the motive-power of the promulgation of the Word of God.
His Honor, Mirza Aga Taraz, and Ali Akbar are two blessed souls, and they are the cause of happiness to the heart of Abdul-Baha. It is assured that they will become assisted in the universal services, and in the Kingdom of ABHA they will shine and gleam like unto the morning star.

Upon ye be the Glory of God!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, especially for the BAHAI NEWS, Washington, D. C., July 14, 1910.)


We are indebted to Dr. Zia M. Bagdadi of Chicago for the following extracts from a letter which he received recently from Dr. Youniss Khan of Teheran, Persia:
The troubles, calamities, poverty, etc., which happened during the late years, have resulted in that the people of Teheran, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, have turned their faces toward the Threshold of the Holy Cause in such a manner that a thousand teachers are not enough to give the glad-tidings. Although all the friends of God, men and women, are occupied in spreading the Cause, yet when a teacher comes from another city all rush to him, and they want to hear more.
The assemblies and organizations for the welfare of humanity and services for mankind are numerous in the city. For example: (1) The Spiritual Assembly has the charge of all spiritual matters. (2) The Assembly of Peace for the settlement of difficulties which might occur among the friends. (3) Mahfala Mouratab is an assembly which looks after the order of the material and spiritual matters. (4) The Assembly of the New Society. This has charge of the financial welfare of the Cause, such as schools, etc. (5) Charity Society, for the help of the poor and needy. Besides these organizations there are two schools, one for boys and another for girls. These admit not only Bahai children, but also outsiders. All are treated equally. The poor are accepted free.
The Tarbiat school held its commencement exercises recently. This is the best school in Teheran. All the royal ministers and officers were present. The American embassador, although not a Bahai, was so filled with enthusiasm that he took a photograph of the party.
A hospital has been established in which Amat-el-Allah, Dr. Susan I. Moody, Dr. Aristo Khan, Dr. Atta Ullah Khan, Dr.


Mohammed Khan and the writer, Dr. Youniss Khan, are practicing. Each doctor is in charge of a special department. Thus, Dr. Moody is the superintendent and the gynecologist for women's diseases. This makes it a well-equipped hospital.
Besides the above mentioned institutions and spiritual gatherings there are fifty Assemblies for teaching. Consequently, in this day the Sun of BAHA'O'LLAH and the Light of Abdul-Baha, The Center of the Covenant, is shining with utmost brightness in Persia.




A farewell gathering for Dr. Sarah Clock was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Dodge, 261 West 139th Street, New York City, on Sunday evening, September 4th. She sailed on Thursday, the 8th, for Haifa and Kazoin, Persia, with her friend, Miss Straiton of Scranton, Pa.




Fourth of a Series of Letters under this Heading.
Certain letters from our brothers printed in previous issues of the BAHAI NEWS properly belong to the series and should be incorporated in this article. We refer to one under the heading "The Outlook in Japan" (No. 2 issue), and one concerning Kunjangoon (No. 8). As it is unnecessary to reprint them, we present the following, written at Rangoon and Bombay, India, respectively:


Rangoon, Burma, Feb. 10, 1910.

The House of Spirituality of Bahais, Chicago, Ill., U. S. A.
Dear Brothers in El-Abha: — Brother Struven and I arrived here one week ago and are enjoying, more than I can express, the companionship of the believers in this and neighboring cities. * * *
The time has come in India for the Cause to be known outside of Islam. As in the early days, Christianity was for years considered as a sect of Judaism, so now in many Oriental countries the Cause of El-ABHA is thought to be a Moslem sect. Now, through the assistance of the Western friends, this notion is being corrected. When our teachers come and travel in these countries they prove to all that the Holy Cause is for the West as well as the East. This has a powerful effect upon the people, and through it many are attracted.
Brother Struven and the Rangoon Assembly send you and all of the friends greeting. We are busy day and night with meetings and receiving truthseekers from every phase of religion, Jews, Christians, Moslems, Parsees, Buddhists and Hindoos (Brahmans). * * *

In His Service,



Bombay, March 24, 1910.

To the House of Spirituality of Bahais, Chicago, Ill.: — * * *
Beloved Brothers in the Love of Abdul-Baha: — * * * After leaving Rangoon, we came on to India, landing in Calcutta. There we remained six days, where several well-attended meetings and feasts were held, including one public lecture. In Calcutta one assembly is composed chiefly of young men. It is a new center, yet full of life and vitality. There we had a very profitable stay.
From Calcutta we went to Benares, Cornpau, Agra, Delhi and Mount Aboo. Our travels in these places were chiefly on account of wishing to see the many architectural remains of past India. From this latter place we went to Baroda, where our good friend, Mirza Mahmood, was expecting us.
Baroda is the capital of one of the free states of India, which has its own government, ruler, etc. * * * It is the most progressive place (native) which we have visited here in India. Its Maharajah is the wealthiest ruler in these parts. museums, schools and the like for the benefit of his people.


There are very few English there. All of this progress comes from the native government. * * * There the Cause is also in a good way. * * *
Here in Bombay we are having a beautiful time — quite a busy one with the friends. Several lectures are arranged. One before the students of Elphistom College for this afternoon, and one for next Friday before the Theosophical Society. Many truthseekers are coming to the Mashrak-el-Azkar, where daily meetings are held. * * *
Here in these Oriental countries I see everywhere the need of the Western Bahais. These people here have something for us. From them we can learn a lesson of devotion and love, and we can also teach them certain things which they must learn. From my experience in these several Oriental countries I see, and have seen for some time, that the Cause here needs Western enthusiasm and "push" to bring it out. * * * We must come to their aid in this matter. * * * The most necessary of all things now in the Bahai Cause in these countries of the East, is that some teachers may be sent to the East. The Oriental Bahais have given us the motive force of the Cause; now we must go back to them with the application of the same. * * *

Faithfully yours in His Holy Cause,


P. S. — * * * There was a good turnout this afternoon at the lecture on the Bahai Movement before the students of the Elphistom College — I should say about two hundred. Afterwards we took tea with the Principal of the College and continued the good work.

C. M. R.


Some of the words uttered by Abdul-Baha to Messrs. Howard C. Struven and Charles Mason Remey while in his presence at Haifa, Syria, May, 1910:
"Welcome! You are blessed in making such a world pilgrimage and by being allowed to serve in so many countries. Many tourists travel around the globe visiting places and cities, but their tours have no lasting effect and are soon forgotten. The effect of your tour will be eternal. Its effect will be seen during the ensuing centuries."
Abdul-Baha mentioned the great love with which the Persian Bahais had greeted Dr. Moody when she arrived in Persia, accompanied by Mr. Sprague, saying that between Enzeli, on the Caspian Sea, and Teheran there were nineteen relay stations and at sixteen of these there were Bahais gathered to greet these Western Bahais.
Abdul-Baha then asked about Professor Barakatullah and the work in Japan. When told of the labors and service of that believer, he was very pleased, and said that if the people of Japan responded to the Teaching theirs would be a blessing and production of the greatest good.


Abdul-Baha sends word to the American believers that it is necessary for some of them to go to Japan and there engage in spreading the Cause, saying that great results would be produced if some of the friends were to go to that country to enter into trade and business and at the same time do spiritual work.
The greetings and messages of the many friends in the various assemblies visited were given to Abdul-Baha and he was pleased. He was very much pleased when told of the love, kindness and hospitality of the Bahais in all countries.
Abdul-Baha spoke of the great work done by the simple and uneducated Bahais. Through purity of heart many had become so spiritually enlightened that their words had had great effect upon the minds and hearts of the learned and wise. Some of these simple, pure souls had even written books by dictation.
Abdul-Baha asked regarding the hardships of the journey, but was assured that any incidents of that nature were forgotten and as if they had never been. He then asked whether the addresses given in the various cities had been prepared or were extemporaneous. When told they had been the latter he said that the teacher should always speak from the heart, for only words from the heart reach the hearts of the hearers and has effect, whereas when one speaks not from the heart, the effect of his words is but a passing one. All teaching should be done by the Spirit working or speaking through the teacher, and should not come from the mentality of the individual. One should always use spiritual methods in teaching.
In speaking of spreading the fragrances of the Kingdom, Abdul-Baha said: "In movement there is life; in immobility there is death. The traveling of the teachers from place to place, country to country, and from the Occident to the Orient, is one of the greatest means for sowing spiritual seeds in the souls of the people."
In speaking again of Japan, Abdul-Baha said: "Blessed results will appear from the Holy Cause established in that land. I have sent your letter regarding the work in Japan to Mr. MacNutt* in
* See editorial, page 9.


New York, that he may spread the word for some of the American believers to go to Japan, and there serve and teach in the Cause. It is very good for teachers to travel, and, through the love of God, give life to the people. American Bahais should go to the Oriental countries as teachers."
At another time Abdul-Baha said: "Encourage the Bahais to hasten to India, both men and women teachers. In India, in particular, women teachers are needed. Delay not! Now is the time to travel there, and in Persia, too."
"Later on, the results of your journey will be clearly seen. Praise be to God! — now our meeting here in the Land of Desire (the Holy Land) is open and easy, while in the past it would have been most difficult. Some of the friends came long distances and could only see me from a distance. Now you must go out and serve — you must no longer stay here."

The BAHAI NEWS wishes to inform its readers that Miss Laura Clifford Barney's drama, "God's Heroes," is now out. The publishers are, in U. S. A., J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia; in Europe, Kegan Paul, London. This play, as it deals with the early history of the Cause and the heroic influence of Qurratul `Ain, will be, we are sure, of interest to all. The proceeds of the sale of this book will go to the Mashrak-el-Azkar's fund and towards helping to start a school for girls in Teheran, Persia.
Our Persian section this month contains: A Tablet to the New York Spiritual Assembly, received August 13, 1909; an article on College Education of Women in Europe and America, and urging the friends in Persia and other countries of the East to open schools for girls; mention is made of the newspaper and magazine articles on the Bahai Revelation, published in the West during the present year: (1) May 27, Journal of the Royal Society of Arts; (2) June 4, London Spectator; (3) July 3, New York Times; (4) July 31, Baltimore American; (5) August 1, Baltimore News; (6) August 5, Washington Post; (7) August 16, Washington Herald. Mention is also made of Prof. Barakatullah in Tokyo, Japan, and his monthly magazine, The Islamic Fraternity.




Address all communications to

BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, P.O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

Persian Editor. — MIRZA AHMAD SOHRAB, 1800 Belmont Road, Washington, D. C.


Sent postpaid throughout North America, including Canal Zone and Panama; and following islands: Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines; also England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Shanghai City (China): Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.25; single copy 12c.
Sent postpaid throughout other parts of Occident and adjacent islands including Newfoundland: Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.
Sent postpaid throughout Orient, including Egypt and Russia: Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c. Note. — Through agents when established in Oriental centers: $1.00 per year.

Vol. 1. Chicago, (Sept. 27, 1910) Mashiyat No. 11


1st Baha' (Splendor) Mar. 21
2nd Jalal (Glory) Apr. 9
3rd Jamal (Beauty) Apr. 28
4th Azamat (Greatness) May 17
5th Nur (Light) June 5
6th Rahmat (Mercy) June 24
7th Kalamat (Words) July 13
8th Isma (Names) Aug. 1
9th Kamal (Perfection) Aug. 20
10th Izzat (Wealth) Sept. 8
11th Mashiyat (Will) Sept. 27
12th Ilm (Science) Oct. 16
13th Qudrat (Power) Nov. 4
14th Qaul (Saying) Nov. 23
15th Masa'il (Questions) Dec. 12
16th Sharaf (Honor) Dec. 31
17th Sultan (Sultan) Jan. 19
18th Malik (King) Feb. 7

Four intercalary days.

19th Ola (Sublimity) Mar. 2

(Month of fasting)

Word has been received that Abdul-Baha is in Egypt.

Two matters of importance are presented to the Bahai World through this issue of the BAHAI NEWS. One is the necessity of raising approximately $3,000 before January 1, 1911, to meet the payment due at that time upon the land for the Mashrak-el-Azkar


in America; the other is the necessity of teachers arising to go to India, Persia and Japan. Concerning the first matter, moneys should be sent to the Financial Secretary of the Bahai Temple Unity, Mrs. Corinne True, 5338 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, Ill., as early as possible; concerning the latter, Mr. Howard MacNutt, 935 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y., will answer any inquiries and accept suggestions from or arrange plans with those who feel they can undertake this service in the Cause, in accord with the wishes of Abdul-Baha as expressed in the following Tablet: To his honor, Mr. MacNutt — Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH El-ABHA.


O thou herald of the True Ons!
His honor, Mr. Remey, is traveling in India and has created wonderful interest among the people. Truly I say, in these days, India is awakened to a greater receptive capacity. The letter of Mr. Remey is enclosed. Consider how India has attained to receptivity. If several teachers from America travel to those parts it is certain that the Lights of the Kingdom shall illumine that region and many souls will be raised from among the Hindus and become the Army of Heaven, and through the power of the Word of God and the outpouring of the cloud of the Love of God, they will make India a rose-garden. Encourage and urge a few souls to take a trip to India so that they may fully realize that the doors of the Kingdom are opened, behold the uninterrupted confirmations of His Highness BAHA'O'LLAH, and unfurl a banner waving forever and ever with the breezes of Divine Confirmation and Assistance. Give this matter your most earnest consideration, for it is the most important problem of all problems concerning the Cause. We have also written to Persia to send a teacher to that country, but if several souls go from America it will have greater influence and weight and far-reaching results will become apparent and manifest.
Upon thee be the Glory of the Most Glorious!
(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, May 17, 1910.) If you feel the "call" of the Spirit to serve either or both of these needs in the Vineyard of El-ABHA, we would suggest you respond at once. "Delay not!" Through quick decision and action it may be possible to send a representative to the Congress of Religions to be held in Calcutta in January as suggested by the following extract from a letter recently received by Mr. Chas. Mason Remey:
The Bahai Assembly of Rangoon has just received a letter from the House of Spirituality in Chicago, U. S. A., to the effect that no American can be sent as a Bahai delegate at the Conference of Religions to be held in Calcutta in January next. As the meeting in this conference will be solely conducted in English, I ask your leave to suggest that the presence of an American or a European Bahai in this Assembly would be extremely


beneficial to the Cause. Among us in this country — as you have seen yourself — there is none who can do this task so well as a brother of us from the West. However, as it is not yet too late, I hope you will see your way to help us in this matter. * * * We people in the East are accustomed to view such events as full of mysterious significances; and my personal notion is that the occurrence of such incidents in this age is meant by Providence for the widespread of the Message.
The editors desire to express their deep appreciation of the hearty manner in which the friends are co-operating with them, uniting their forces in an effort to make the BAHAI NEWS a worthy servant in the glorious Cause. It is entirely a labor of love, all serving for the joy of so doing, the money received being used only to meet the necessary expenses of publication and mailing. By adding the Persian section, its field of service is widened, and we hope, in time, if God wills, that both sections may be enlarged, thus permitting us to utilize more of the valuable material on hand for publication.
Three thousand copies of a forty-page booklet, printed in Persian by the BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, pertaining to the Mashrak-el-Azkar project in America up to and including the Convention of 1910, has been mailed throughout Persia, Russia, India and Egypt, during the past month. The manuscript was compiled and written by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab and the cover designed by Charles Mason Remey, while the cost of its production was donated by three of the American friends.


"The greatest affair and the most important matter today is to establish a Mashrak-el-Azkar and to found a Temple from which the voices of praise may rise to the Kingdom of the Majestic God." — ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.
The real purpose for the construction of a material structure, called the Mashrak-el-Azkar, has not been clear to all. Abdul-Baha tells us to exert every energy to build the material structure — "thus may the outward represent the inward and the form or letter express the reality or meaning." He teaches that no soul is formed separate from a body — hand in hand they come forth. As the great Mashrak-el-Azkar work develops, the effect upon the world, Abdul-Baha explains, is like the entrance of the spirit into man. We must build this great Body so that the ABHA Spirit may pervade the


world — like the soul does the body — and have a throne upon which to be seated.
More zeal and earnest effort will be necessary from now on if we are to be obedient servants to Abdul-Baha, for it is his wish that we should meet the payments on the land as they come due. Not less than $3,000 must be raised before January 1st, as the following will show:
On hand at the last convention $5,709.46
Receipts since then 2.910.29
Total $8,619.75
Disbursements 6103.97
Amount now in bank $2,515.78 We have $375 interest to pay December 24, 1910, and $5,150 to pay January 1, 1911.
America has been magnificently aided and strengthened by liberal contributions from the Orient. Shall we let these deeds of generosity end in failure and our glorious Mashrak-el-Azkar work flicker out like a taper for lack of real, earnest, zealous work? It will be built, Abdul-Baha says, but it is our privilege to be the builders, or we may slumber and others come in and do this noble work of God.


Financial Secretary Bahai Temple Unity.


Mr. and Mrs. Brittingham recently spent four days with the friends in Baltimore.
Mr. T. C. Rice-Wray of Newark, N. J., is in Los Angeles for two or three months.
Mr. Albert H. Hall of Minneapolis was with the Chicago Assembly Sunday, September 25th.
Mr. Percy F. Woodcock and family have returned to New York City and are at their old address, 230 West 97th street.
Mr. Oscar Hinckley of National City, Cal., and formerly of Chicago, and Mr. L. K. Scotford of Chicago were in Los Angeles recently.
We regret to report the severe illness of two of our Chicago young people: Mr. Charles Scheffler, who is suffering with typhoid fever, and Miss Arna True, who is convalescing after an operation for appendicitis.
Mr. D. D. Babcock of Bremerton, Wash., reports that the fund for sending a teacher to Teheran, Persia, is now complete, a prompt and generous response having been received to his circular letter addressed to the friends.
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1-11-16 — PERSIAN TEXT — (with cursive address in the middle: Address:- Peyam Baré Baktar. 1800 Belmont Road. Washington D.C. U.S.America. )
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