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Star of the West Volume 1

edited by Albert R. Windust and Gertrude Buikema.
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Chapter 13



Vol. 1. Chicago (Nov. 4, 1910) Qudrat No. 13


To the Believers in Systan, Persia.

Upon them be the Glory of God the Most Glorious.


O ye believers of God and friends of Abdul-Baha!
If ye knew how the heart of Abdul-Baha is soaring at this moment at your mentioning and the spirit is rejoicing at your name, undoubtedly you would not contain yourselves in this physical temple, neither would you have heeded any persecution or suffering.
Today the world of existence is moved through the Call of the Covenant, and the disjoined members of this earth have found mutual communication. Consider ye that the confusion produced thereby cannot be cleared and the forces cannot be brought together save through the Power of the Testament, and the darkness of the East and the West can only be dispelled through the Sun of the Covenant. The Divine Covenant is like unto the spiritual Springtime, which encircles all creation.
Now the greatest test for a tree is to have the latent possibility of fruition, and with the appearance of the spring they put forth leaves, branches and blossoms, but if a tree is barren at this season it will remain deprived and fruitless. Likewise, those souls who have been firm in the Covenant of God, are detached from all else save God, and are attracted to the fragrances of God, their faces will shine like unto the luminous moon, with the Light of Assurance. But the jealous bats, the people of injustice and pride, flew away from the Light of the Covenant and shrank out of sight into the dark dungeon of hesitation and fear. They have left the lamp of the Testament and are running in the Sahara of discord and are seeking the gloom of worldliness. They turned away from the Pure Spring of Life and attached themselves to the stagnant pools of superstition. They left behind the Paradise of ABHA and were contented with this nether world.


They do not search after the Garden of Holiness but they wish for the sterile desert of passions and selfishness. They passed by the Blessed Tree and gathered around the stunted bitter plant. They did not yearn for the Star of Guidance, but they desired the wil' o' the wisp of allurements. This is the result of their exertion in this life. Leave them to themselves, pay no heed to their faults, for verily they have left the Path of Guidance and forgotten the Road to Righteousness. Verily, they are afflicted with inharmony and discord and their loss will be very great.
Therefore, O ye friends of God! enter ye in the Rose-garden of Oneness, take ye a share from the essence of singleness and spread the Breaths of the Morn of Holiness. The Glad-tidings of the Bounty of the Blessed Perfection is descending from the Invisible Kingdom, the Sea of Providence is moving and the waves of the Mercy of the Almighty are unlimited. Endeavor ye as far as ye can, so that ye may immerse yourselves in this vast Ocean and soar heavenward toward this Exalted Apex.
The greatest of all affairs is unity and harmony, the love and affection of heart and soul. The believers of God are the waves of one Sea, the drops of one River, the signs of one Kingdom, the standards of one Regiment, the lights of one Orb, the Armies of one General, the stars of one Heaven and are addressed by one Covenant. Consequently they must associate with each other like the brilliant Stars of Pleiades in one firmament and become the letters and words of one Book.
Upon ye be greeting and praise!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab especially for BAHAI NEWS, Washington, D. C., July 21, 1910.



Sixth of a series of Articles under this Heading.


Dear Friends: — In these days the unity of the Bahais of the Orient and Occident is manifesting itself in more tangible ways than ever before; for now the believers in this country are seeking to express their love for their brothers and sisters on the


other side of the planet in helpful service, following ever in the way of Abdul-Baha.
That which is most needed between the East and the West is spiritual co-operation. There is as much in the East for the Occidental as there is in the West for the Oriental. These treasures, which are of different nature, need to be brought out — shown to the world. The Bahai is called to do this.
Since my return from the Orient, I have had many letters of inquiry regarding the ways and means through which the people in the West can serve those in the East, and it is in the hope of being able to offer some ideas in this line that I am writing this general letter.
Our friends of the Orient are rich in the love and unity of the Cause. We, upon the other hand, are full of initiative force and activity. It is necessary that both should combine forces and work together, each strengthening the other. In reality, the East and the West are very dependent one upon the other.
Undoubtedly the traveling of Bahais in foreign countries is one of the most efficient means of unity. Abdul-Baha is now calling for those who can, to go to Japan, Persia, India, and Burma and to other countries. There are comparatively few, however, who are prepared to do this; consequently, many wish to know how they can serve while remaining at home.
Corresponding is another great means through which the love of the Kingdom is manifesting; and this is open to each and all of us. During the past few years this communication between the East and the West has greatly increased. The women of the assemblies of the West are carrying on a systematic correspondence with the assemblies of the women of the East. This is already productive of much good and is paving the way for the Western women to go out to the East as teachers, nurses and physicians, all of which are most needed there.
Of late the attention of the American friends has been drawn to the Bahai educational movement now developing in Persia. This is of the most vital interest to the progress of the Cause and the development of the Persian people. It is a subject which demands our most serious consideration. The Bahais in Turkistan, India and Burma, as well as in


other countries, are also facing the educational problem, and they, too, need our assistance.
By assistance, I mean our co-operation in starting these enterprises. There seems to be a slight misconception of the kind of "assistance" which our Eastern friends need in this work. They do not need our money to support their institutions. No one should for a moment consider our work amongst them in the light of a "charity." The Bahais of the East represent the most progressive of the people. They are prosperous. To be sure, a year or two ago, we heard a great deal of the financial and commercial troubles of our people in Persia, but that was during the revolutionary troubles, when the whole country was crippled in business ways. Now that is all passed and the financial outlook there is better than ever before. Money is needed for carrying on any practical work, but the point to bring out is that the Bahai institutions of the East do not require to be supported by Western subscriptions and contributions. Our energies and funds should be so directed as to meet in the most efficient manner the needs in question.
The way in which I feel we can best serve in the East is through helping the friends there to inaugurate and start needed good works. Our enterprise and practicality of temperament, combined with their knowledge of the conditions and needs of their own people, forms a very practical basis upon which to build. The work of Dr. Moody and Mr. Sprague in Teheran quite proves this. Surely the founding of a girls' school in Teheran marks a most important development in the Bahai work in Persia. This institution which is being established is but one of the many needed. Once established and running and ministering to the needs of the people, this girls' school will prosper and not lack for support. A timely and needed institution always lives. Our policy should be to hold ourselves in readiness to give our timely co-operation along all of the various avenues for service now opening between the East and the West. The good work done in Teheran by our two Western Bahais there proves that the actual presence of the sincere Western Bahai worker in an Oriental assembly is productive of more good than could have been accomplished through the expenditures of vast sums of money.


For many years Western religious enterprises have furnished the funds for the maintenance of schools in the East, and a good work has thus been done, yet the mass of the people has remained in ignorance. Now, with our work, this is different. Through the light of the Revelation of BAHA'O'LLAH the people of the countries themselves are being aroused, and now are desirous of improving their own condition. This, you see, is a new and a different problem from any of those of the past. It is given to us to be allowed to go to these distant friends and, in the spirit of brotherhood, share with them what we have, and in turn receive abundantly from them.
There is no way in which we can better co-operate with our Oriental friends than by sending them Bahai teachers for the instruction of their children. These teachers, men and women, should be qualified physically, mentally and spiritually. Their traveling ard living expenses should be borne by us. We should come together in this work, preparing for all of the means, and then placing the matter before Abdul-Baha, that he may guide and approve the Eastern mission of the Western workers.
Education is but one phase of the work before us. Medical institutions and commercial and industrial enterprises, carried out upon interdependent lines, are to be formed, through which both the East and the West will be blessed. These enterprises will be a great means for the spreading of the fragrances of the Kingdom.
During our recent visit to Abdul-Baha, Mr. Struven and I spoke with him regarding these matters, and from the many and varied lessons which he gave us, demonstrating the power of combined spiritual and material consultation and co-operation, we are assured of his sympathy with all such movements upon the part of the friends.
Wherever Mr. Struven and I traveled we found the people, both in and out of the Cause, looking toward America, ready and anxious to receive and to learn from us. Through judicious service upon our part, our own people in the Eastern lands will be greatly assisted, and through them the great masses of humanity about them will be lifted.
The time is at hand for us to come together and, through consultation, ascertain ways and means by


which we will be able to accomplish maximum results from the means at hand.
Nothing pleases Abdul-Baha more than when the friends, through consultation and unity, inaugurate and carry on works of service. It is our privilege to ask him to guide and confirm us in carrying on these works. This he stands ever ready to do.
Faithfully yours in His service,




A photograph of the first thirty children who are being educated in the Tarbiat School, in Teheran, Persia, by this Society has been received, and is here reproduced. The following list shows the names of the beneficiaries, with the names of the members contributing to the scholarship of each:
1 Ezzatollah Mr William Remey, Washington, D. C.
2 Mohammed Aga Madame Bluementhal, Russia.
3 Nasrollah Kahn Mrs. Lesley O'Keefe, Spokane, Wash.
4 Fazlollah Mr. Arthur D. Mayo, Washington, D. C.
5 Nasratollah Miss Flora Raymond, Washington, D. C.
6 Aga Anayetullah Miss Charlotte Segler, New York City.
7 Habibollah Miss Jacox, New York City.
8 Abol Gasem Mrs. Claudia S. Coles and Mr. Louis G. Gregory, Washington, D. C.
9 Nasrollah Mr. Joseph Staus, Cincinnati, O.
10 Mirza Foad Mrs. Agnes Parson, Washington, D. C.
11 Agha Habib Miss Laura Clifford Barney, Paris, France.
12 Mirza Ezzatollah Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Goodale, Kenosha, Wis.
13 Godratollah Miss Emma Smith, Sandusky, Ohio.
14 Abdol Peiman Mrs. E. E. Stephens, Sandusky, Ohio.
15 Noruollah Mr. Benjamin R. Taylor, Cincinnati, Ohio.
16 Aga Azziz Mrs. J. F. Roberts, Brockville, Ont.
17 Mirza Mohamad Miss Mary Lesch, Chicago. Ill.
18 Mehdi Khan Mrs. Grace Foster, Chicago, Ill.
19 Zabi'ollah Mr. Lars Johnson, Chicago, Ill.
20 Aga Fazlollah Mr. L. W. Foster, Chicago, Ill.
21 Aga Jalal Mrs. Clara E. Frye, Mrs. Louise R. Waite, Mrs. Luella Kirchner, Chicago, Ill.
22 Mashallah Miss Gertrude Buikema, Mrs Eva W. Russell, Miss P. Casselberry, Chicago, Ill.
23 Aziizollah Mrs. Emily Olsen, Mrs. Cecilia M. Harrison, Mr. James W. Woodworth, Chicago, Ill.
24 Abdollah Mr. Louis Kellar, Chicago, Ill.
25 Mirza Mohammad Aga Mrs. Sophia Scheffler, Mr. Chas. Scheffler, Chicago, Ill.
26 Mirza Nonreddin Mrs. Lua Getsinger, Washington, D. C.
27 Sayad Ameenollah Mr. E. H. Abbott, Chicago, Ill.
28 Aga Jalal Khan Mrs. Josephine C. DeLagnel, Washington, D. C.
29 Mirza Anayetollah Mrs. May Maxwell, Montreal, Can.
30 Aga Seyad Ali Mrs. Jennie Bonds, Chicago, Ill.


This photograph is of vast importance, representing the first tangible evidence of a world-wide work which is truly a demonstration of the Bahai Spirit, and which is attracting notice and comment in the East as well as in West. It is hoped that many


who have been awaiting this practical proof of the work started during the current year, will now send their subscriptions. The whole cost of scholarship is $18.00 annually, and the contributor becomes an active member in the Society. Associate memberships may be subscribed for at $1.00 annually, the latter receipts covering the actual expenses of the


Society, such as postage, printing, etc. There are no salaries paid and no fixed charges.
Since the last report, scholarships have been received as follows:
50 W. J. E. Dillabaugh, New York City.
51 Mrs. William H. Hoar, Fanwood, N. J.
52 Mr. William I. Hoar, Fanwood, N. J.
53 Miss Marie A. Foote, Brooklyn, N. Y.
54 Honolulu Bahai Assembly, Honolulu, H. I.
55 Mrs. Louisa E. Ruddiman, Gobleville, Mich.
Address all communications to the Society, 1800 Belmont Road, Washington, D. C. or to Joseph H. Hannen, Corresponding Secretary, P. O. Box 192, Washington, D. C.


Epitomized from many long letters recently received by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab.


PORT SAID. — Abdul-Baha is in Alexandria and enjoying his sojourn in Egypt most heartily. Mirza Ahmad Yazdi, just returning from Europe, has received permission to go to Alexandria and meet him.


ESPHAHAN. — News of the reorganization of the Oriental-Occidental Interdependence Association has reached this city, and all the friends are waiting to receive the new Constitution so as to form a branch society here.
The first copy of the Occidental Messenger* has created great happiness among the Bahais. It is read in the meetings with spiritual joy, and we thank God for this practical bond of unity between the East and West. The women of this Assembly have organized a Women's Club and plan to correspond with their Bahai sisters in the West regularly; they meet once a week to study various problems touching home-life and economics. Two renowned teachers, Seyad Jalal and Mirza Haji Aga, who are traveling and teaching throughout Persia, recently arrived in the city. The friends arranged extra meetings and many people have been attracted to the Cause.
MASHAD. — During the past few months an Assembly has been organized here whose policy is to equip teachers and to send them forth in the field to teach. All the friends and members of this Assembly of Teaching contribute a certain amount of money regularly to defray their expenses while traveling. It is understood that they are not to stay for any length of time in one place, and thus there is always one teacher in some town. Branch assemblies are organized through this province of Khorassan, who keep in touch with each other through regular correspondence. Already the central assembly has sent forth several teachers to spread the Glad-tidings. Kerblai Reja Forougi and Abdol Hossein Samandar came from Eshkabad, Russia, and by their presence and talks many hearts were awakened. The Occidental Messenger has been received, and is awakening great interest among the friends throughout the province of Khorassan.
* The Persian section of No. 8 issue of the BAHAI NEWS.


RASHT. — Mirza Samandar, one of the recognized teachers of the Cause in Persia, is at present in Rasht and is teaching day and night. The maid-servant of God, Olovyja Khanom from Mazandran, has also arrived here by the wish of Abdul-Baha and is teaching the women in their gatherings. Many regular meetings of the Assembly, conducted during the week, are well attended and spiritual. The Occidental Messenger has appeared in this city and its contents make us realize the power and greatness of the Cause of BAHA'O'LLAH.
SHAHHOOD. — The Occidental Messenger has been received by the Bahais here and they thank God for this wonderful miracle performed to actually cement the East and West with the bond of good-will, peace, mutual helpfulness and co-operation. We desire to know by what manner or means we can assist in establishing a firm commercial foundation between the friends of the Occident and the Orient, what kinds of goods and manufactures can be shipped from America to Persia, and through what channel we can send money direct.
TABRIZ. — The number of believers in this city has visibly increased during the past year. There are four organized assemblies all working together — each assembly holding one meeting in the week, which all the friends attend in order to meet, teach and read the holy Words. We have a general Board of Consultation as well as branches for it established in surrounding towns and villages. In many places a house has been erected which is used as a Mashrak-el-Azkar, where the friends congregate to worship; but these buildings are temporary structures and not built according to the accepted plan intended for a permanent Mashrak-el-Azkar. The Oriental Messenger has been received and all the friends are overjoyed with its contents. Many of our young men are studying English at the American school here.
TEHERAN — Two Bahai teachers, Mirza Assadullah Fazel and Aga Seyad Abdul Hossein, were lately taken prisoners in the city of Najaf, their property confiscated and their Tablets appropriated; then a false Tablet was fabricated together with other false articles and an endeavor made to show that the Bahais were trying to make trouble between Turkey and Persia. The Turkish authorities investigated the matter, and finding no truth whatever in all the false accusations, set the teachers free and stopped the publication of the newspapers in which the libelous articles appeared. The members of the Teheran Assembly some time ago discussed the advisability of starting a Bahai newspaper, but not wishing to arouse the antagonism of the ill-wishers, decided to abandon the project for the time being. Now, all are glad and happy that the Occidental Messenger has appeared from the "Land of the Free."


MERV. — Regular meetings are held in this city and all are well attended by the Persian Bahais, who are spreading the Message with zeal. The hearts are gladdened through reading the first issue of the Occidental Messenger, and the friends anxiously await the arrival of future issues.
SAMARKAND. — God be praised! We are supremely happy to have lived in this day to see with our own eyes the actual realization of unity between the East and the West embodied in the appearance of the Occidental Messenger. The distance between Chicago and Samarkand, Asia and America are thousands of miles, and yet the mighty Words of BAHA'O'LLAH have united the two continents. We hope that this publication will continue to shed its light upon the world for all the years to come. Lately, a Spiritual Assembly was organized here. A school for both boys and girls has also been started, and Mirza Mohammad Sabet has come to instruct them. We have applied to the Russian government for permission to buy land on which to build a Mashrak-el-Azkar, although at present we have a fine house where we hold our weekly meetings and where the school is conducted. God willing, it will be started soon.




Address all communications to

BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, P.O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

Persian Editor. — MIRZA AHMAD SOHRAB, 1800 Belmont Road, Washington, D. C.


Sent postpaid throughout North America, including Canal Zone and Panama; and following islands: Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines; also England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Shanghai City (China); Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.25; single copy 12c.
Sent postpaid throughout other parts of Occident and adjacent islands including Newfoundland: Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.
Sent postpaid throughout Orient, including Egypt and Russia: Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c. Note — Through agents when established in Oriental centers: $1.00 per year.

VOL. 1. Chicago, (Nov. 4, 1910) Qudrat No. 13

Letters from the East, received during the past month, indicate that the inauguration of the Persian section of the BAHAI NEWS has "taken the Orient by storm" — to use the expression of its editor, Mirza Ahmad Sohrab.
Many people in the East are astonished and the friends are surprised to see and read the open, uncompromising stand that has been taken in proclaiming the Teachings of BAHA'O'LLAH and Abdul-Baha; especially in the initial copy (No. 8) in which the editor comes out squarely with nine articles of policy, stating that the publication would stand for the Bahai Cause, spread its teachings, uphold its doctrines and champion this Universal Movement.
Seyad Assadullah writes from Port Said that Abdul-Baha requested one of the friends to read the latest copy before a large gathering of the Bahais there, and all the time it was being read, he was smiling and commenting upon it. In a recent Tablet received by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Abdul-Baha says: "Truly, I say, in this publication you have written instructive articles. May God assist and confirm you! Unquestionably, confirmations shall descend upon the workers of this paper!"
From Teheran, Esphahan, Tabriz, Rasht and Mashad, Persia; Eshkabad, Shahrood, Kongand, and Samarkand, Russia, and Port Said, Egypt, comes the word that the BAHAI NEWS is having great effect, and the friends hold out glorious promises for it for the future.


Because of lack of space we cannot publish these interesting and inspiring letters, but the following from Esphahan expresses the spirit of them all:
To the Editor of the Occidental Messenger:*
A star shone forth from the West and became the sun of the heaven of Truth in the East. The BAHAI News, No. 8, which was adorned with the Persian section, was received this week. In truth, we must congratulate the assembly of humankind and rejoice greatly for the appearance of this luminous star in the heaven of literature. For it is the first star which has appeared from the clear horizon of the Bahai Cause for the education of the children of men and the progress and advancement of the majestic ideals of life and the spread of the teachings of God. It is hoped that the Occidental Messenger may establish a strong tie of union and harmony between the various Eastern and Western Bahai Assemblies, may consolidate the pillars of peace and concord among the children of humankind, and become the most efficient instrument for the promulgation of the Word. If we consider with a clear eye and ponder with deep insight, the power and grandeur of the Religion of BAHA'O'LLAH will become clearer than the sunlight, and one can realize how the influence of the ethical and spiritual teachings of this Cause have perfumed the East and the West. It has become evident to wise men that the union of the world of man, which is the hope of all the children of God, can never be established except through the Religion of BAHA'O'LLAH. Therefore, those who have attained to the highest station of knowledge and understanding know that the spread of this Religion is the first step for the salvation of humanity and the best means for the attainment of success and prosperity. For this reason the friends with soulful enthusiasm and with all the spiritual and material means at their hands are continually serving the Cause so that this Beloved of Hope may unveil her countenance in the assemblage of man.
The ruthless laws of the "survival of the fittest" and the "struggle for existence," — which are apparently the unchangeable policies of the human world — unless they are founded upon spiritual laws derived from the Religion of God, will become the deadliest instruments for the suffering, unrest and inequalities between the children of men. For this "survival of the fittest" and "struggle for existence" in former ages, have caused untold havoc and destruction to the people; nay, rather, in this Age, which is the period of progress and civilization, those very merciless laws are well rooted in the structures of the civilized world and have taken unto themselves aspects of barbarism and warfare, and created problems of capital and labor, national and racial prejudices; so much so that thousands of men and women have given up their lives hopelessly, and have put an end to their existence by inflicting upon themselves cowardly acts, such as suicide, etc.

Therefore, the so-called civilization and enlightenment of today falls short of the divine perfections and true humanity, and in order to attain to this high goal it is necessary that man make great progress in the reformation of the moral world and the progress of the spiritual element in his being. To attain to this station is impossible except through the teachings of the Religion of ABHA. It is the Divine Instructions that unify the families of men, and the behests of Abdul-Baha that ennoble and spiritualize the people of the earth.
Praise be to God! that the Occidental Messenger is the first paper which is the standard bearer of the unity of mankind and the spreader of the Teachings of BAHA'O'LLAH in the world of literature. Although outwardly it is small and unassuming, yet in reality it has accepted a noble and divine responsibility, and we hope that through the invisible confirmations it may
* The title of the Persian section of the BAHAI NEWS.


accomplish its mission in the world with great power and influence.
The Bahai Assembly of Esphahan unitedly send their congratulations to the Occidental Messenger, and pray in the Threshold of God, its continuance, prosperity and spiritual triumph, and we beg of God to reinforce and confirm the founders of this palace of unity, so that it may be established on a firm basis and continue to shed its light through all the coming ages. We expect, likewise, that through the effort and assistance of the Bahais, in the East, it may increase the circle of its power and circulation, and in the service of humankind win the palm of precedence.
We will send every month the news of the Cause in Esphahan, through the agency of the Occidental Messenger.


The opening sentence of the letter above quoted has suggested the new title of our Persian section: Najme Bahktar (Star of the West) which has been changed, with this issue, from Payam Bare Baktar (Occidental Messenger) at the wish of Abdul-Baha, who gives the following reason therefor:
"In regard to the title Payam Bare Baktar in connection with the NEWS, some have read it and thought it means the Peygam bar (i. e. the Prophet) of the West — Peygam bar being one of the titles of Mohammed, meaning Messenger or Prophet. This may become the cause of opposition among the outsiders. If it is possible and you deem it advisable, change the title * * * in any way you think best."
This issue of the Star of the West contains (1) a Tablet to the Fairhope, Ala., Assembly, received in 1906; (2) an article on Universal Bahai Peace, with quotations from the leading thinkers of Europe and America against war, statistics of the cost of the armies and navies of the nations, and quotations from the Words of BAHA'O'LLAH in regard to Universal Peace and its establishment; (3) notice of and reason for changing the name of this section from Occidental Messenger to Star of the West; (4) news of the sojourn of Abdul-Baha in Alexandria; (5) acknowledgment of the many letters received in regard to the appearance of this publication in the East, and the appreciation of the Editors for the many good wishes and kind words of their Oriental brothers and sisters.


Mrs. Charlotte Rosenhauer, of Bangor, Mich., visited with the Kenosha, Wis., Assembly for several weeks, she being one of the first believers of that Assembly.
During the past month at Chicago, Mrs. Kupferle and Mrs. Carolyn D. May departed from the world. Both of these devoted souls will be remembered by the friends for their hospitality.



Extract from a letter from the Bahai maid-servants of Yazd, Persia, to their sisters in America:

The believers of Yazd send their love to the Bahais of America and submit to them the following petition:
First, we supplicate from our beloved Abdul-Baha that all of you may remain firm and united under the shade of the Tree of the Covenant; that ye may become confirmed and assisted in laying the foundation and raising the structure of the Mashrak-el-Azkar. You must not become disheartened and discouraged on account of delays and the lack of ample means. Think and ponder over the building of the Temple in Jerusalem. This is a great service and most significant foundation. The similarity of a great work is like unto a great stone that cannot be raised without much pain and endurance. The invisible confirmations with all strength and power will be and is your support. What prosperity and what glory is greater than this? For you have become the recipient of the greatest bounty and the object of the most wonderful favor. We entreat from our Lord to confirm you in the accomplishment of this House of God.
The following supplication was received in the month of Ola (Fast) Nine days more are left in the month of Fasting. God willing, we will chant this prayer for your spiritual success:
"O God, my aim, my hope! With hearts full of longing and breasts full of yearning, we beg of Thee and we supplicate at the threshold of Thy Might to raise the foundation of the Mashrak-el-Azkar in Chicago in the most speedy manner. Make its basis firm and its structure enduring, suffer its pillars to remain unshakable and make its columns of the steel and iron of firmness. Glorify its servants, beautify the characters and make the worshipers beloved. Suffer its nightingales to sing, 'Ya Baha-el-ABHA!' and its parrots to warble the praises of our Lord, the Most Supreme. Make its men the standards unfolded on the mountains of the world, and its women the sanctified angels of the tabernacle of the world!"
The Treasurer's books, October 1st, showed a balance of $3,108.14, since which time the receipts have been $516.80, showing a balance, November 1st, of $3,624.94 — thus making it necessary to raise $1,900.06 before January 1, 1911.


Financial Secretary Bahai Temple Unity.


Interesting articles, in answer to questions pertaining to the Bahai Faith, appeared in The Weekly Scotsman, Edinburg, Scotland. October 8th and 15th.
Regular meetings of the Ithaca, N. Y., Assembly have been inaugurated. The first meeting was held Friday evening, October 21st, at the residence of Dr. W. E. House.
The Philadelphia, Pa., Assembly has been greatly favored by receiving a visit from Mr. Howard Struven, who traveled around the world with Mr. Remey. He came on Sunday, October 16th. In the evening, the nineteen-day Feast was held at the home of Mrs. Mary J. Revell, 1429 Mayfield Street, which was beautiful, after which Mr. Struven gave us an interesting address, telling us about his travels and wonderful visit with Abdul-Baha. We wish, as an Assembly, to express our sincere thanks to him and hope, God willing, he will visit us very soon again. His visit was very greatly appreciated by all present.

J. E. R.





Through Monsieur Dreyfus, to the friends and maid-servants of God, Stuttgart, Germany:

Upon them be the glory of El-Abha!


O sons and daughters of the Kingdom!
Your letter which was written on the Day of Naurooz in the assembly of the friends, has arrived. Its contents told of spiritual happenings and feelings of attraction. Its reading brought me the utmost happiness, for — Praise be to God! — in Germany, the servants and the maid-servants of the Rahman have adorned a gathering of friendship and love in the Day of Naurooz, have perfumed their nostrils with the vivifying breezes of the divine garden, and have been mentioning the King of the Kingdom and the Lord of Hosts.
Therefore, Abdul-Baha has been praying and supplicating to the Word of God that these servants and maid-servants of the Rahman may day by day become more brilliant and make greater progress, penetrate the mysteries of the Kingdom, become the cause of the diffusing of the principles of human unity, call every one to the Shade of the Tent of harmony and instruction of mankind, become the cause of enlightenment of these regions, make the hearts filled with the love of the bountiful Beloved, and attract the people to the divine Kingdom, so that during the coming year they may make still greater progress.
The flowers which were inside of your letter were exceedingly sweet, delicate and perfumed; it told of the sweetness of your countenances and characters.
Upon you all be the glory of God.



To the dear friends in America:
Our assembly remembers with love all the friends, especially those in America, to whom we owe such boundless thanks for sending to us a teacher, who with great love and patience led us to the True Path. Through our beloved Miss Knoblock and through the BAHAI NEWS we know that, also, in America teachers are necessary, yet, nevertheless, a teacher decided to acquaint her old Fatherland with the joyous Message. The Lord be thanked, therefore, a thousand times!
Our constant prayer is that we may become more and more worthy of our Great Teachers, BAHA'O'LLAH and Abdul-Baha. We, therefore, beseech the friends to support us in this our prayer as we also remember them in our prayers. * * *
With the inmost Bahai greeting, we are yours sincerely,




To the Editors of the BAHAI NEWS:
The believers wish me to extend hearty thanks for the highly appreciated BAHAI NEWS, which is always translated into the German, bringing welcome breezes from the Kingdom of ABHA. We are greatly indebted to you for the benefits received, hearing thereby of the great advancement and progress made in the Cause throughout the world.
Mr. Mountfort Mills, of the New York Assembly, spoke to us at a social Bahai gathering held Sunday evening, Sept. 11th, giving interesting and very helpful notes takes at Acca. The spiritual fragrances from the powerful Words of Abdul-Baha were highly instructive and deeply felt by all. Recognizing the importance of co-working in this Most Great Cause, whereby the bonds of unity are strengthened, his visit will ever be remembered.
We are now sending Bahai literature to different cities and towns in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. We pray that God may bless the seeds that have been sown.

A. S. K.


Secretaries are requested to see that their Assembly is correctly represented.


BALTIMORE, MD. — Regular weekly meetings Tuesday evenings at 629 West North Avenue, and Sunday evenings at 516 Broadway. Residence of Secretary, 629 West North Avenue.
BOSTON, Mass. — Sunday mornings, at 11 o'clock, in Beckton Hall, 200 Huntington Avenue.
BUFFALO, N. Y. — Meetings every Sunday and Thursday evening at 494 Elwood Avenue.
CHICAGO, ILL. — Regular weekly meeting, Sunday, 11 a. m., at Corinthian Hall. 17th floor Masonic Temple, State and Randolph Streets. Address of Assembly, P. O. Box 283, George Lesch, Secretary.
CLEVELAND, O. — Meetings: Friday evening at Dr. Barton-Peeke's, the Neff Apartments, corner 36th and Prospect; Wednesday evening at Dr. Swingle's, 2101 Prospect Avenue.
DENVER, COLO. — G. Nathaniel Clark, Secretary, 4141 Xavier Street.
ITHICA, N. Y. — Regular meeting of assembly. Friday evenings at the residence of Dr. W. E. House, 241 South Cayuga Street.
KENOSHA, WIS. — Regular weekly meeting, Sunday, 10:30 a. m.; Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., at Gronquish Hall, 218 Park Street. Address of Assembly, Fountain Nicholas, Secretary, 868 Park Street.
LOS ANGELES, CAL. — F. B. Beckett, Secretary, 429 Citizens' National Bank Building.
NEW YORK, N. Y. — Regular weekly meeting, Sunday, 11 a. m. at Genealogical Hall, 226 West 58th Street. Paul T. G. Marshall, Secretary, 139 Shippen Street, Weehawken Heights, New Jersey.
SEATTLE, WASH. — Regular weekly meeting held at 2916 Beacon Avenue, South.
SUMERDUCK, VA. — Meetings on fourth Sundays; address care Mrs. R. H. Duckett.
WASHINGTON, D. C. — Regular meetings Friday evenings at 8:15; Sunday mornings at 11:15, at 1219 Connecticut Avenue. Mail address of Assembly, P. O. Box 192. Residence of Secretary, Joseph H. Hannen, 1252 Eight Street, N. W.


LONDON, ENG. — Regular meeting of assembly Friday, 8:15 p. m. at 10 Cheniston Gardens, Wright's Lane, Kensington High Street.


STUTTGART, WURTEMBERG. — Regular meetings of assembly, Friday evenings. Kanzlei strasse 24. P. Zuffenhausen, at the home of Herrn and Frau F. Schweizer, Karl strasse 26 I.
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1-13-20 — PERSIAN TEXT — (with cursive address in the middle: Address: — Najmé Bakhtar. 1800 Belmont Road. Washington D.C. U. S. America. )
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