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Star of the West Volume 1

edited by Albert R. Windust and Gertrude Buikema.
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Chapter 15



Vol. 1. Chicago (Dec. 12, 1910) Masa'il No. 15


To the Believers of God in Ghalé Darré, Persia.

Upon them be the Glory of God the Most Glorious!


O ye servants of the Blessed Perfection!
In the Day of the Manifestation, you have caught the lights from the Manifestor on the Mount of Sinai and beheld the splendor of the Ray of Truth. Ye are the children of the Period of BAHA'O'LLAH and have become the appearance of the Effulgence of Mercifulness in the Day wherein the rays of the Divine Sun radiate upon all things. Tear down the old garment and clad your sanctified temples with the new robe! Ye have passed from the salty water of ignorance and have drunk the salubrious salsabil of knowledge. Ye have closed your eyes to the wine of heedlessness and became intoxicated with the choice sealed wine of intelligence! Ye have taken the cup of prosperity from the cupbearer of the Covenant and with infinite rejoicing, happiness and beatitude celebrated the Feast of beholding the rays of the Orb of regions!
Now is the time that we may sacrifice, for the sake of the Love of that Beloved, our spirit, our soul, our heart, our mind, our property, our life and our all; and to wish for nothing but His good-pleasure, search for nothing but His Path, and desire nothing but His Service!

Upon ye be Glory!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, November 30, 1910, especially for the BAHAI NEWS.



Third of a series of special news items pertaining to the sojourn of Abdul-Baha in Egypt.

Special to the BAHAI NEWS: — You have asked for an account of Abdul-Baha's departure to the land of Egypt. Abdul-Baha did not inform anyone that he was going to leave Haifa. The day he left he visited the Holy Tomb of the Bab on Mt. Carmel, and when he came down from the mountain of the Lord, he went direct to the steamer. This was the first anyone knew about the matter. Within two days he summoned to his presence, Mirza Noureddin, Shoghi Effendi, Khosro, and this servant. The only persons who accompanied Abdul-Baha to Egypt were Mirza Moneer Zain and Abdul Hossein, one of the pilgrims who was leaving at that time. When Mirza Noureddin arrived in Port Said, his brother Mirza Moneer returned to Haifa.
For nearly one month Abdul-Baha remained in Port Said and the friends of God came from Cairo, in turn, to visit him. One day he called me to accompany him when taking a walk in the streets of the city. He said: "Do you realize now the meaning of my statement when I was telling the friends that there was a wisdom in my indisposition?" I answered, "Yes, I do remember very well." He continued, "Well, the wisdom was that I must always move according to the requirements of the Cause. Whatever the Cause requires for its promulgation, I will not delay in its accomplishment for one moment! Now, the Cause did require that I travel to these parts, and had I divulged my intention at that time, many difficulties would have arisen."
The day that he left for Alexandria he did not mention the matter to anyone; nor did this servant know the time of his departure. However, when I heard that he had left, I hurried to the steamer and there met him with two pilgrims from Eshkabad. He said: "Tell the friends, how, under severe circumstances of bodily weakness, I have accepted the hardships of traveling to promote the Word of God, to spread the Cause of God and to diffuse the Fragrances of God! I have left behind friends, relatives and home for the sake of the Cause!" By this he meant that the believers of


God must follow in his footsteps and illumine the East and the West with the lights of knowledge, peace and brotherhood.
While in Alexandria many noted persons, formerly enemies of the Cause for years, have met him and after being in his presence are changed entirely. Also, distinguished editors of Arabic and Persian newspapers, such as Moaid and Tchehre Neina, have talked with him and afterward wrote and published columns of praise and commendation on his Teachings and greatness. Thus the newspapers have given great publicity to the Movement. In regard to the Moaid article, Abdul-Baha says: "A clipping from the newspaper of Moaid, which is the first newspaper of Egypt and its editor well known throughout the world for his learning, is enclosed. Formerly, this person, through the instigation of some influential resident Persians, wrote many articles against this Cause and called the Bahais infidels. But when Abdul-Baha arrived in this country, with one interview he was completely changed and contradicted all his former articles with this one. This is the type of the just man!"
There is no doubt that this trip is fraught with wonderful results for the Cause and many people will become awakened. In one of these interviews Abdul-Baha stated he may go to Cairo and pass the remainder of the winter in that city. The Egyptian winter weather is ideal, temperate and agrees with him. Since he has arrived in Egypt his health is much improved, and should he decide to go to America it will not be before the springtime.
With great love and greeting to all the friends in the West, I am always

Your co-worker in the Cause,




RANGOON. — We wish to express our deep appreciation for the BAHAI News and the great interest it has evoked in the East both in the Bahai circle and outside of it.
The Cause here is progressing admirably and the recent visit of our brothers Messrs. Charles Mason Remey and Howard C. Struven, served to impart to it a fresh acceleration. The Movement in Kunjangon, referred to in kind terms in one of the issues of the BAHAI NEWS, has been engaging the attention of many seekers in India and Burma, for though of a very


recent origin has been rather singular in its kind. The number of believers is swelling day by day and the new school for the Bahai boys, which was recently opened by our revered brother Seyad Mustafa Roumie, though in a very primary scale, is well attended and has caused great zeal among the servants of God all over India. Also, our brother Aga Seyad Mehdi Behahani, who, since his return from the holy land of Acca in October, has been residing in Bombay, has just arrived in Rangoon and will go to inspect the school, and in all probability will be placed in charge there to train the boys.

A. S. Ismaeel.


GAZVIN — Two of our spiritual American sisters have arrived here after a brief visit with Abdul-Baha in Alexandria, en route. Several of the friends went outside of the city to welcome them, and when they arrived at the house of Karim Elahi, we talked with them, through interpreters, about the spread of the Cause in America, and from them inhaled the spiritual fragrances of our western brothers and sisters. At the same time, several prominent men, who were on their way to visit Abdul-Baha, arrived from Teheran and joined us in conversing and feasting with these two dear sisters.
His honor, Samander, an active teacher and spreader of truth since his early life and who has been for the past three months in Rasht, has just returned bringing glorious news of the progress of the Cause. His honor, Haji Valz, an old and venerable teacher, according to the decision of the Board of Consultation, has just left the city to travel in the surrounding towns and villages to invite the people to the Kingdom of ABHA and teach the friends its essential principles.
We are expecting the arrival of Mirza Ali Akbar, a young Bahai brother, to teach English to our children in the school of "Tavakkal," so that both boys and girls may study that language and converse and correspond with the friends in the West.
MASHAD. — We regret to report that his honor, Fazel Foroughi, was shot by three persons who called upon him at his home under pretext of desiring an interview with him. The government, hearing of this event, placed a guard about the house and the wounded venerable teacher was removed to the hospital. The outcome of his condition is not yet known.
SHIRAZ. — The Occidental Messenger* has been received in this city. Indeed, it is a useful, unique and truly Bahai publication and we pray to God that year after year, month after month, it may add to its circulation and salutary influence in binding together the East and West. We are very anxious to establish closer commercial relations between America and this city, and will send rugs, silk cloth, lamb skins, etc., whenever proper headquarters are provided, and we, in turn, desire to receive from America, hardware goods, implements, etc. The Occidental Messenger can aid this endeavor in many ways, for already its appearance has created a great spirit of search and activity in various lines.
We have written the officers of the Persian-American Educational Society in Washington, D. C., expressing our desire to found a school, to be called "Tarbiat," as a branch of the school in Teheran. We have a fund to purchase tables and chairs for the schoolroom, but we need primary books in arithmetic, geography, history and literature, which cannot be had here. The Society can help us in the founding of this school by sending to us the required books. Gholam Hossein Mirza, who knows English well and has been serving as secretary to the English Consulate, with his two sons and three of the friends are ready to found the school and teach the children.
* Persian Section of the BAHAI NEWS.



Seyad Assadollah Gomi, who has sent the special news item pertaining to the journey of Abdul-Baha to Egypt, published in this issue, is one of the oldest and most patriarchal Bahais of the early days of BAHA'O'LLAH. He has served the Cause in many ways and is now living in Port Said as the channel


SEYAD ASSADOLLAH GOMI. — PERSIAN TEXT — of communication between the friends all over the world and Abdul-Baha — having been sent there from Acca to continue the work of the late Seyad Taki Menshadi.
While a young man he was eager to learn the truth from every source. Later, he heard of the Bahai Revelation and, after a thorough investigation, accepted it. He then began to teach and lead


others. On account of his open teaching, he was taken by the authorities of Teheran and thrown into prison with the renowned Mirza Abul-Fazl and eleven other prominent Bahais. After a year and a half in prison, suffering untold hardships — the recital of which is pathetic and soul-stirring — he and others were set free. About this time, Mirza Assadollah — who has been in America — and his family were preparing to leave Teheran for Acca, and Seyad Assadollah Gomi volunteered to go with them. Arriving at their destination, Seyad Assadollah begged BAHA'O'LLAH to remain in His service, and for many years he was in turn a gardener in the Rizwan and a teacher to the Bahai children in the Holy Land.
When BAHA'O'LLAH departed from this life, for nine months Seyad Assadollah was instructed by Abdul-Baha in the art of teaching the Truth; after which he sent him to Persia to spread the Cause. Again he was apprehended in one of the remote cities of Persia, and with chains on his neck, hands and feet, was brought to Teheran to be judged. The Prime Minister, after investigation and finding him innocent, liberated him. At this time Abdul-Baha revealed to him some very glorious Tablets.
It was about the year 1900 that our editor, Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, had the privilege of traveling with him through southern Persia, India and finally to Acca, and who testifies of Seyad Assadollah's gentleness, firmness, nobility of spirit and loftiness of mind.


The officers and chairmen of the Woman's Assembly of Teaching of Chicago, are all working earnestly and with marked effect. The letters received by the Corresponding Secretary, from the maid-servants of the different assemblies in the Orient, have been most interesting, telling of their organized work in that country and of their joy at hearing so often from their Western sisters. The 19-day Board meetings and 19-day Teas are held regularly each month. Mrs. Charles H. Greenleaf has returned to Chicago and is now Chairman of the Visiting Committee, Miss Arna True end Miss Alma Albertson being her assistants. Miss Mary Lesch is a new member of the Board, serving as its present Treasurer. The Young People's Society was recently delightfully entertained at the home of Mrs. Corinne True. The Sunday School, under the supervision of Mrs. Foster, assisted by Mrs. Brush, is gaining steadily in numbers.

Louise R. Waite, Cor, Sec'y.

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Dahl are now at 554 Duquesne Avenue, Edgewood Park, Pittsburg, Pa., and will be pleased to greet friends passing through that city.



"The beloved of God and the maid-servants of the Merciful intend to found a Mashrak-el-Azkar in Chicago. They have sent to us numerous plans that one may be accepted and the edifice be built accordingly. Now the funds must be accumulated, the land entirely paid for and the necessary preparations for building made and then the accessory matters considered. Therefore, make ye an effort and show ye zeal that the price of the land be fully discharged and the means for the edifice produced." — ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS.
On Tuesday, November 29th, a very interesting event for the Temple site took place. The new drainage canal skirting the entire western boundary of the Mashrak-el-Azkar land was formally opened and the water from Lake Michigan turned into the channel. The public schools in the vicinity were dismissed for the occasion and fully five hundred children were grouped on the bank of the canal. As the water began to flow through the opening, some of the Bahais stood on the bank and repeated the Greatest Name.
The water on its onward flow through the busy city must first lave the Mashrak-el-Azkar grounds, and we pray that a blessing may rest upon these waters, and a healing, purifying effect be carried through them to wash away the impurities of the great city. As this land lies at the intake of this pure stream of water to be used for cleansing drainage purposes, is it not symbolic of the Water of Life, contained in the Word of God, flowing down from the spiritual edifice, the Mashrak-el-Azkar, to cleanse the hearts of its inhabitants from impurities and cause to spring up in them divine attributes and characteristics? Thus a new spiritual city will replace the present mart of intensest commercialism.
Report in last issue of BAHAI NEWS to be raised Jan. 1, 1911 $1,360.64
Amount received since 618.43
Leaving amount to be raised $742.21


Financial Secretary Bahai Temple Unity.



The Bahai Correspondence School teaches Persian by simple lessons and phonographic records. Each pupil receives all necessary individual help and attention through a system of written lessons and criticisms. No Persian written characters are used; the English letters only are employed and pronunciations expressed in English characters. Many are taking advantage of this system, both in Europe and in America.
For particulars address MIRZA S. M. RAFFIE, S. B., 729 Livingston Hall, Columbia University, New York City, U. S. A.




Address all communications to

BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, P.O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

Persian Editor. — MIRZA AHMAD SOHRAB, 1800 Belmont Road, Washington, D. C.


Sent postpaid throughout North America, including Canal Zone and Panama; and following islands: Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines; also England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Shanghai City (China); Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.25; single copy 12c.
Sent postpaid throughout other parts of Occident and adjacent islands including Newfoundland: Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.
Sent postpaid throughout Orient, including Egypt and Russia; Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c. Note — Through agents when established in Oriental centers: $1.00 per year.

VOL. I. Chicago, (Dec. 12, 1910) Masa'il No. 15


1st Baha' (Splendor) Mar. 21
2nd Jalal (Glory) Apr. 9
3rd Jamal (Beauty) Apr. 28
4th Azamat (Greatness) May 17
5th Nur (Light) June 5
6th Rahmat (Mercy) June 24
7th Kalamat (Words) July 13
8th Isma (Names) Aug. 1
9th Kamal (Perfection) Aug. 20
10th Izzat (Wealth) Sept. 8
11th Mashiyat (Will) Sept. 27
12th Ilm (Science) Oct. 16
13th Qudrat (Power) Nov. 4
14th Qaul (Saying) Nov. 23
15th Masa'il (Questions) Dec. 12
16th Sharaf (Honor) Dec. 31
17th Sultan (Sultan) Jan. 19
18th Malik (King) Feb. 7

Four intercalary days.

19th Ola (Sublimity) Mar. 2
(Month of fasting.)

Our Persian section this issue contains (1) a Tablet to the Baltimore, Md., Assembly, received some time about 1905; (2) an article on the Universal Bahai Religion: (a) the evolution of the religious idea or instinct of the race from the earliest time, (b) the appearance of the prophets throughout the succeeding ages of known history, (c) the establishment of the seven great religions, Brahmanism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Confucianism, Buddhism,


Christianity and Mohammedanism, (d) explaining the division and difference wrought by the religious orders, (e) giving the seven points of similarity in the teachings of the Founders of these religions, (f) quoting from their Books prophecies of the coming of the Universal Manifestation, (g) the appearance of BAHA'O'LLAH, whereby the prophecies of the seven great religions are fulfilled, (h) quotations from the Writings of BAHA'O'LLAH and Abdul-Baha to corroborate the above statements for the establishment of the Universal Bahai Religion; (3) news pertaining to the sojourn of Abdul-Baha in Egypt.
We are pleased to reprint the following notice and editorial from a Teheran, Persia, newspaper, telling of the good works of Dr. Susan I. Moody, believing it will interest all the friends:


DOCTOR MOODY — American lady. — Not only does she know medicine, but also gynecology, obstetrics and women's diseases. Her good qualities and kind attributes, her love for her Persian oriental sisters, are all equal. Every day from morning till noon she is in her office, No. 10 Avenue Aladauleh, receiving her patients for consultation, examination and treatment, excepting Friday and Sunday afternoons, when she goes to the Hospital Sehat (Hospital of Health) where she meets the patients of the higher and wealthier class.


We give the utmost thanks end gratitude to such a noble woman, to such a respected person, whose presence here is a great privilege to the country of Persia. On account of the great care of this blessed person, the sick of all nationalities, moslems, et al., become healthy and well. We beg of God to keep this blessed and respected person with us.


Additional copies of circular and card pertaining to the collating of books for the Orient, recently distributed by the Persian-American Educational Society through the BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, can be obtained by addressing Mrs. Claudia S. Coles, 310 The Burlington, Washington, D. C.
In a recent issue of the BAHAI NEWS the statement was made that regular meetings of the Ithaca, N. Y., Assembly had been inaugurated and that the first meeting was held Oct. 21st. We should have added that Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hopper, now of Washington, D. C., were for many years faithful workers in the Cause in Ithaca and meetings were held at their home regularly.
Recognizing the need of more co-operation and fellowship among the men-servants in the Cause, nineteen men of the New York City Assembly have formed what is known as the "Brotherhood of Baha." A meeting was held at their headquarters, 6 West 90th Street, Monday evening, November 28th, to which all the men were invited and the principles of the Brotherhood set forth.



Secretaries are requested to see that their Assembly is correctly represented.


MONTREAL, QUE. — Weekly meeting held Friday evenings at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Maxwell, 716 Pine Avenue.


LONDON, ENG. — Regular meeting of assembly Friday, 8:15 p. m at 10 Cheniston Gardens, Wright's Lane, Kensington High Street.


STUTTGART, WURTEMBERG. — Regular meetings of assembly, Friday evenings. Kanzlei strasse 24P. ZUFFENHAUSEN. — At the home of Herrn und Frau F. Schweizer, Karl strasse 26I.


BALTIMORE, MD. — Regular weekly meetings Tuesday evenings at 629 West North Avenue, and Sunday evenings at 516 Broadway. Residence of Secretary, 629 West North Avenue.
BOSTON, MASS. — Sunday mornings, at 11 o'clock, in Beckton Hall, 200 Huntington Avenue.
BUFFALO, N. Y. — Meetings every Sunday and Thursday evening at 494 Elwood Avenue.
CHICAGO, ILL. — Regular weekly meeting, Sunday, 11 a. m., at Corinthian Hall, 17th floor Masonic Temple, State and Randolph Streets. Address of Assembly, P. O. Box 283, George Lesch, Secretary.
CLEVELAND, O. — Meetings Wednesday evenings at the home of Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Swingle, 2101 Prospect Avenue.
DENVER, COLO. — G. Nathaniel Clark, Secretary, 4141 Xavier Street.
ITHICA, N. Y. — Regular meeting of assembly, Friday evenings at the residence of Dr. W. E. House, 241 South Cayuga Street.
KENOSHA, WIS. — Regular weekly meeting, Sunday, 10:30 a. m.; Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., at Gronquish Hall, 218 Park Street. Address of Assembly, Fountain Nicholas, Secretary, 868 Park Street.
LOS ANGELES, CAL. — F. B. Beckett, Secretary, 429 Citizens' National Bank Building.
NEW YORK, N. Y. — Regular weekly meeting, Sunday, 11 a. m., at Genealogical Hall, 226 West 58th Street. Paul T. G. Marshall, Secretary, 139 Shippen Street, Weehawken Heights, New Jersey.
PHILADELPHIA, PA. — Miss Jessie E. Revell, Secretary, 1429 Mayfield Street.
PORTLAND, ORE. — Regular weekly meeting, Thursday, 2 p. m., at 501 Yamhill Street, corner Fifteenth Street. Mrs. M. M. Rabb, secretary, 1146 Willamette Boulevard, Station F.
SEATTLE, WASH. — Regular weekly meeting held at 2916 Beacon Avenue, South.
SPOKANE, WASH. — Regular weekly meeting held Friday evenings at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Killius, 124 Fifth Avenue. Miss E. Mabel King, Secretary, E413 Mission avenue.
SUMERDUCK, VA. — Meetings on fourth Sundays; address care Mrs. R. H. Duckett.
WASHINGTON, D. C. — Regular meetings Friday evenings at 8:15; Sunday mornings at 11:15, at 1219 Connecticut Avenue. Mail address of Assembly, P. O. Box 192. Residence of Secretary, Joseph H. Hannen, 1252 Eighth Street, N. W.
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