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Star of the West Volume 1

edited by Albert R. Windust and Gertrude Buikema.
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Chapter 19



Vol. 1. Chicago (March 2, 1911) Ola No. 19


Through Mr. MacNutt and Mirza Ahmad to Madame Aurelia Bethlen.


O thou seeker of Truth!
The letter which thou hast written through Mr. MacNutt was received. As he is a beloved channel, I will immediately answer your letter, although I have little time.
You have expressed your longing for my presence in that country. Although I, too, have infinite longing to meet the believers on that continent, yet that region must attain to the capacity of attracting the presence of Abdul-Baha. A harmonious and wonderful banquet must be prepared, at which every kind of heavenly food may be served: after which you may send me an invitation.
That heavenly food consists of deeds which are in accord with the Divine Teachings. The first food is the Love of God. The second food is the attraction to the breaths of the Holy Spirit. The third food is union and harmony among all the believers. The fourth food is sincerity, trustworthiness, kindness, purity of intention and service to all humankind.
Should ye prepare and serve such a delicious, sweet and tempting banquet unquestionably Abdul-Baha will hasten to America to partake of that food. Therefore endeavor ye with all your might that this Food be prepared.
Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Feb. 10, 1911.


Through Dr. Fareed to the near maid-servant of God, the daughter of the Kingdom, Marie Watson.

Upon her be BAHA-EL-ABHA!


O thou candle of the Love of God!
Thy letter was received. Thou hast written that the daughter of the Kingdom, Aseyeh, is studying Persian, and that thou art teaching Mirza Faragollah Khan, English.
Turn to the Kingdom of ABHA, seek assistance and put forth effort so that all may soon learn Persian, and his honor, Mirza Faragollah Khan may also acquire the mastery of the English tongue.
Thou hast learned of the conditions of my coming to America. I beg of God that the beloved in America may become so enlightened that the lights of their love may flood the "Turk and the Tajik," and that an attractive magnet may be brought forth in that country, capable of attracting Abdul-Baha with all power to those regions, and this is not far from His Mercy.
Regarding the meeting you have established in New York: I hope that through the Divine Confirmation it may prove to be a gathering of the Love of God.
Convey the utmost kindness from me to the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sheber, Marguerite, the daughter of the Kingdom, and say that the olive tree is an emblem of peace and concord, and the olive is the fruit and result thereof.
God willing thou shalt attain the delicious fruit of peace and concord and thou shalt place a bouquet of roses from the Garden of the Paradise of ABHA at the Heavenly Feast spread before Abdul-Baha, i. e., God willing thou shalt attain such perfections as resemble a bouquet of flowers and thou shalt offer it to the heavenly table.
Thou hast written that in a house of a Theosophist thou prepared a feast of joy and a féte of gladness. This Society is ready for hearing the Word of God. Treat them with the utmost love, kindness, unity and oneness, so that the attractive power of the Word of God may draw them to the Sun of Reality.
Upon thee be BAHA-EL-ABHA!


Translated by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, Feb. 20, 1911.


To Dr. Ameen U. Fareed.
Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O thou who art unique!
Thy letter dated January 19, 1911, was received. You have written of the good news from California and from Chicago. I hope that the news from these places may become better and that the glad-tidings may come of the Word of God becoming effective in all parts of the American continent; nay, rather, that it may move the whole of the western hemisphere.
If the beloved of God should unite and should agree as it is requisite, thou canst rest assured that in the shortest space of time the Sun of the Heavens (spiritual heavens) will so shine from the Kingdom of ABHA as to rend asunder all the veils of superstitions.
Upon thee be greeting and praise!


Translated by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, Feb. 23, 1911.


Through Shahnaz Khanum.
Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!


O my God! O my God! Thou seest these children, branches of the Tree of Life, birds of the Garden of Safety, pearls of the shells of the ocean of Thy Mercy and roses of the rose-garden of Thy Guidance.
O Lord! Verily we glorify in Thy praise, sanctify Thee and supplicate to the Kingdom of Thy Mercifulness to make us candles of guidance, stars of the horizon of the Eternal Majesty among the creatures; and teach us from Thy Knowledge, O Glory of the Most Glorious!


Translated by Zia M. Bagdadi, Feb. 23, 1911.
In a recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha to Dr. Fareed, the following appears: "God willing, through the endeavor of the friends in America, may the Bird of Paradise be revealed in all its beauty in the Philippine Islands." This refers to a command received some time ago that the Cause would be served exceedingly if one or two of the friends would journey to the Philippines and convey the Message there.



Fifth of a series of special news items pertaining to the sojourn of Abdul-Baha in Egypt.

Special. — Word has been received from Cairo, dated February 21st, that Abdul-Baha will not journey to America this year.

The following article concerning Abdul-Baha, (Abbas Effendi) appeared in the January 19th issue of "El Ahram" (The Pyramids) an Arabic newspaper printed in Cairo:



Continually, the greatness of the Leader of the Bahais, Abbas-Effendi, is the topic of conversation, among the men of affairs and statesmen. The wise men of Alexandria, and the nobility of that city are paying him great respect and homage. Laterly he has received many letters from his numerous followers in the United States, requesting him to travel to those parts so that they may meet him. They have prepared a great house in New York in accord with his station and position amongst them. However, it is probable that he will not respond to their invitation, on account of the remoteness of the country and the length of the trip.
We have received a letter from the celebrated scholar, Schokry Effendi, who has just arrived from Syria, in which he praises Abbas Effendi, explains his religion and produces certain arguments in his favor.
He says: "The wisdom of Abbas Effendi, our respected guest, descends from a family which was noble in lineage and descent in the Kingdom of Persia. He is the son of the 'Dweller of Paradise,' BAHA'O'LLAH, the founder of the Bahai Movement, and he is the successor of his Father. In regard to his morality and character, he is the pattern of dignity and perfection. He is gracious, generous, noble-minded, philanthropic, charitable and full of benevolence. He is very kind to the poor and patient to the indigent. He does not make any difference between the followers of any religion, whether they be Christians, Jews, Mohammedans or Brahmans. To him all are the same, he looks upon them as part of the same family of humanity and not their particular religion. The aim of his movement is the unity of religions in the world and their equality among the children of men. He thinks that the differences of religions are impeding the progress of the world and he believes that the removal of these differences will benefit mankind.
"This religion has spread greatly and is carried to Europe and America so much so that today the number of Bahais has reached the number of fifteen million, men, women and children included. Many of these Bahais are in New York, Chicago and India, Persia, Egypt and Syria, and it is continually growing and spreading.
"The Tomb of BAHA'O'LLAH is in Acca, called Bahaji and every year the Bahais come from all parts of the world to visit it.
"Twice I have called upon Abbas Effendi while in Ramleh and have seen the poor and indigent gathered around his house waiting for him to come out and when he appears, they beg alms and he gives to them. This is just a short sketch of his generous qualities and I confess my inability to do it justice. His physical appearance is medium size, white hair, penetrating eyes, smiling face and wonderful countenance, courteous, and his manner, simplicity itself, disliking any ostentation and


show. He is a wise man, a philosopher and his knowledge of the Turkish, Persian and Arabic is unsurpassed.
"He knows the history of nations and understands the causes of their rise and fall.
"He is sixty years old and on account of certain nervous ailments he has come to Egypt for change of air. He personally reads all the articles and letters sent him from all parts of the world, and answers the most important of them in his Persian handwriting which is famous for its beauty. Many of the great men of this country and delegates from other nations have met him and he gives a personal interview to each one of them. No one has visited him without leaving him impressed by his presence and praising his qualities and wondering at his magnanimity and his astonishing mind.
"Concerning the reports of his leaving Acca and the statement that he is against the Constitution, this was without foundation and the proof of this is his endeavor to unite the religions in the world and establish equality among nations. If such were his qualities, working against religions and constitution, and on the other hand trying to bring union and harmony amongst them, how can we reconcile the two? This is indeed far from him, for he is a man who advocated the Constitution from the very beginning and before the Turkish people received their Constitution. But the real object of his coming to Egypt is for the change of air and his physical condition. This is the real truth we are proclaiming at the top of our voice and if there is any virtue in it, it requires no praise or blame."
This is what our correspondent writes and we thought it advisable to quote it as we received it.



BOMBAY. — A Convention of all the Religions of India was held during January at Allahabad, an ancient city in India, eight hundred miles from here. There were many activities centered there this year, including an Exhibition, a Congress and the Convention of Religions. The main purpose of the Convention was to spread feelings of love and unity among the different religionists of India.
The proceedings of the Convention began under the chairmanship of the Mahraja of Darbhanga, in the presence of another Mahraja, the ruler of Kasienbazar, and a number of learned people. Various papers on Buddhism, Modern Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Brahmo Somaj, Arya Somaj, Judaism, Sikhism, were read by representatives of these various sects — about twenty-five in all — interspersed with a few prayers and music at intervals. It was a great Convention and an interesting one.
Regarding the Bahais, Syed Mustaffa offered a prayer in Arabic at the beginning of the afternoon session of the first day, and another prayer in Persian on the second day, and a Thesis,* compiled by him, was read by Mr. N. R. Vakil. A short history of Bahai Faith was given orally, together with the reading of the whole of the second part, as there was not time to read the whole paper. Among all the papers read it would not be too much to say that ours appealed most powerfully to the hearts of the people and greatly impressed them.

N. R. Vakil.

* Refers to a twenty-page booklet, in two parts, entitled, "A Short Thesis of Bahai Faith", compiled especially for this occasion and published by the Bahai Publishing Society, Rangoon, Burma. About one thousand copies were freely distributed at this Convention.



ESPHAHAN. — The BAHAI NEWS is a great help to us in our work and its effect is beginning to appear in various ways. Many who are not Bahais are reading it, and the editors of a few newspapers are directing attention to articles appearing therein. We are happy in learning that with the New Year its pages will be enlarged.
We have received the proposed constitution of the Orient-Occident Unity and are now translating its contents. As soon as a branch of this Society is established here, we desire to have catalogs from manufacturers of textile machinery, agricultural implements, electrical apparatus, etc.
Haji Seyad Zeinal Abedin, a most respected friend, who had been a Bahai for nearly fifty years, has passed into the everlasting


— PERSIAN TEXT — kingdom of Baha. He was a member of the Board of Council, and his likeness is seen in the photograph of that honorable Body, published herewith. He is the third one in the second row. This picture was taken just before his departure. We feel the loss of this saintly soul very deeply, for he has been a pillar of strength in our every difficulty. Everyone knew that he was a Bahai, consequently he was subjected at all times to persecution. In 1901 his house was pillaged by a mob and his belongings taken. Then for a year or more he was traveling and spreading the Glad-tidings. In 1905 he made a pilgrimage to Acca and visited Abdul-Baha, returning with added zeal. From that time until his death he worked unceasingly and devotedly in the Cause.
TEHERAN. — Doctor Youness Khan and Zarin Tadje Khanom Razarrouh were married Wednesday, December 21, 1910, in this city. Doctor Youness Khan is well known to many


Americans who have visited Acca, as he spent four years in the prison city translating and interpreting. Later, Abdul-Baha sent him to the Jesuit Medical College in Beirut, and to Teheran after his graduation. He is now on the staff of Hospital Sehat,* and has recently been appointed Chairman of the Bahai Spiritual Assembly or Board of Council.

Susan I. Moody.

YAZD. — The Star of the West, the upholder of the Teachings of BAHA'O'LLAH and the joy-bringer to the hearts of the friends, has been received during the past few months. All the Bahais here pray for the progress of this publication and hope that it will become perpetual and everlasting. We believe it will accomplish a great service in dispelling darkness and ignorance from among the people and we request that the number of Persian pages be increased, so that the friends may express themselves through its columns. An article is enclosed to be printed at your convenience.


BEIRUT. — The Star of the West has been received and we were delighted to read its contents and realize that at last the Bahai Movement is in possession of an official organ. We are sure that all the friends in the Orient, by word and deed, will arise to assist this publication, which is the herald of the Most Great Peace and the spreader of the fragrances of the Covenant, so that it may not be discontinued because of lack of financial assistance. Indeed, one dollar a year is not a large amount and nearly every one should be able to subscribe for it.


Shiraz, Persia, Dec. 2, 1910.

Through the Editors of the BAHAI NEWS, to our beloved Western Bahai brothers and sisters:
We, the Zardushtees of Shiraz who have fortunately realized the Light of El-Baha, with very great pleasure send our overflowing love to you, and long with a great desire for the time when we may come to see you and you may come to Persia to visit us. The love which the Word of Hazrati BAHA'O'LLAH has created in our hearts for one another cannot be expressed with any physical means, but needs an opportunity of seeing one another face to face so as to express it. As long as we have not that opportunity we must express it with material means, i. e., pen and paper, though there is a great difference between that which is made by the hands of men and the spiritual tongue which the Word of God has made.
Before realizing the Light of El-Baha, our hearts were darkened with the hatred we felt towards those who were not Zardushtee, but now our hearts are enlightened with the light of love and brotherhood towards all the people of the world. What a great bounty and heavenly gift our Merciful Savior has given us? How can we ever thank Him for such a blessing?
Dear friends, we do not know whether our Zardushtee brothers in the West, realize the Light of the Sun of Love or not. If they have not yet been honored with that blessing, kindly tell them on our behalf that "Shah Bahram," whom Hazrati Zardusht has foretold and He whom we have been
Continued on page 10.
* See photograph in No. 11 issue BAHAI NEWS. He is in center of second row.




Address all communications to

BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, P.O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

Persian Editor. — MIRZA AHMAD SOHRAB, 1800 Belmont Road, Washington, D. C.


Sent postpaid throughout North America, including Canal Zone and Panama; and following islands: Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines; also England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Shanghai City (China); Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.25; single copy 12c.
Sent postpaid throughout other parts of Occident and adjacent islands including Newfoundland: Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.
Sent postpaid throughout Orient, including Egypt and Russia; Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c. Note — Through agents when established in Oriental centers: $1.00 per year.

VOL. 1. Chicago, (March 2, 1911) Ola No. 19


1st Baha' (Splendor) Mar. 21
2nd Jalal (Glory) Apr. 9
3rd Jamal (Beauty) Apr. 28
4th Azamat (Grandeur) May 17
5th Nur (Light) June 5
6th Rahmat (Mercy) June 24
7th Kalamat (Words) July 13
8th Asma (Names) Aug. 1
9th Kamal (Perfection) Aug. 20
10th Eizzat (Might) Sept. 8
11th Masheyat (Will) Sept. 27
12th Elm (Knowledge) Oct. 16
13th Kudrat (Power) Nov. 4
14th Kowl (Speech) Nov. 23
15th Massa'ulk (Questions) Dec. 12
16th Sharaf (Honor) Dec. 31
17th Sultan (Sovereignty) Jan. 19
18th Mulk (Dominion) Feb. 7

Four intercalary days,

19th Ola (Loftiness) Mar. 2
(Month of fasting.)

Our Persian section this issue contains (1) three Tablets, the two recently revealed for the Star of the West and one regarding the necessity of preparing a Feast of Spiritual Foods to attract Abdul-Baha to America; (2) progress of the Cause and Mashrak-el-Azkar in Chicago (by Dr. Ameen U. Fareed); (3) Congress of Religions in Allahabad, India, and the presentation of the Bahai Revelation before it; (4) promotion of the Cause among the colored race in


America and the assembly established in Washington, D. C.; (5) news items telling of proclaiming of the second coming of Christ in a church in Washington, D. C., by Mrs. E. C. Getsinger, and progress of the Cause in England and Russia.



To the Bahai Assemblies,
At a meeting of the Executive Board of Bahai Temple Unity, held in Chicago, February 11th and 12th, the date of the annual Convention was set for April 29th to May 2d inclusive. The visiting delegates and friends will be entertained by the Chicago Assembly at a Feast to be held Saturday evening, April 29th, and a unity service in Corinthian Hall, Masonic Temple, Sunday morning, April 30th. The regular session of the Convention will be called at 10 a. m. Monday, May 1st.
All Assemblies are requested to choose their delegates and forward the names to the Secretary of the Executive Board, Mr. Bernard M. Jacobsen, R. F. D. 35, Kenosha, Wis., on or before April 15th, in order that they may be placed in the hands of the Reception Committee in ample time to provide for their care and comfort.
In an endeavor to have as representative a Convention as possible, it has been deemed wise not to have proxies; neither are alternates to be chosen from among the Chicago friends. Any Assembly, however, may send an alternate. All regular delegates are to be elected for one year.
It is our earnest hope that every center will strive to send a representative, and that by the hearty co-operation of the friends, our unity and the progress of the Cause may be manifest in this Convention.
The Executive Board of Bahai Temple Unity.

Bernard M. Jacobsen, Secretary.

The Executive Board of Bahai Temple Unity held its quarterly meeting in Chicago, February 11th and 12th, Messrs. Mills, Wilhelm, Jacobsen and Agnew and Mesdames Parmerton and True being present.
Many matters of business created by the Convention


of 1910 were reported upon and disposed of. The trustees reported all papers drawn up and signed, giving absolute and clear title to the land according to changes made in streets and alley. All bills were reported paid to date, notes met, including interest, and a surplus shown of $791.19. The only debt upon the Mashrak-el-Azkar land is the mortgage of $12,500, with its semi-annual interest of $375. It is the earnest hope of the Executive Board that this mortgage may be raised by next interest day, June 24, 1911.
So encouraged have we been by the loyal support of the Bahai world in this mighty work that we feel sure no sacrifice will be too great for the friends to make and no words can express the joy they will experience when, by united striving, each according to his or her ability, the land is absolutely owned by Bahai Temple Unity and funds can then be collected to begin the building.
Being delegates from the Convention city, it was deemed expedient to appoint Mr. Agnew and Mrs. True the Reception Committee of Bahai Temple Unity, to act in conjunction with the committees appointed from the Chicago Assembly, which were chosen at a delightful unity gathering of the organized bodies of that Assembly, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Greenleaf, Sunday evening, the 12th.

Corinne True, Financial Secretary.


Continued from page 7.

expecting to come, has come with a great glory and has already established the Faith of Godliness, from the East unto the West. Why should they deprive themselves of that bounty which they have been expecting for about four thousand years?
The friends at Shiraz hold about ten regular meetings every week and intend to institute a branch of the Farbiat school now established at Teheran.
The door of correspondence, which is the best means of conveying our love to one another, is always open to strengthen the bond of unity. This is the wish of Abdul-Baha.

Love from all to all,

Your loving Bahai brothers,


By M. Azizollah Khan.

Address: Tir Andazi Kai Khusrow, Sara-i-Mushiri, Shiraz, Persia.
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