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Star of the West Volume 1

edited by Albert R. Windust and Gertrude Buikema.
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Chapter 3



Vol. 1 Chicago, (April 28, 1910) Jamal No. 3


Revealed and sent to all parts of the world.


Praise be unto Thee, O my God! Thanks be unto Thee O my Beloved! Glory be unto Thee, O my Lord! for that which Thou hast bestowed, favored, conferred and granted. For Thou hast chosen sincere servants from among Thy people to serve Thy Religion. Thou hast elected them to draw inspiration from Thy Manifest Light, attraction from Thy Luminous Beauty and to walk in Thy straight path. O my Lord! Verily the souls are heedless of Thy mentioning and hearts deprived of Thy love, the eyes veiled from beholding the Kingdom of Thy Beauty and the intellects wandering away from the Centre of Thy Glory, except those who are firm in Thy Covenant, free from dissension, attracting the rays of the Sun of Truth, detaching themselves from inharmony, arising in the service of Thy Cause amongst Thy people and exhilarated from the pure wine of Thy Kingdom. Bestow upon them unlimited blessing and creative good from the never-ending Bounty, and pour upon them with great abundance, from the Cloud of Thy Majesty, the rain of Thy Grace, the water of Thy Generosity and the Universal Favor.
O Lord, suffer them to become the signs of Thy Guidance, the standards of the Realm of Might, the words of virtue, the army of the Supreme Concourse and the angels of heaven, so that through them the East and the West of the earth may become illumined, Thy Name be mentioned in the North and South, that they may educate all races and communities and clothe them with the garment of the comely names and the perfect example in this realm of existence.


O my Lord, reveal through them the ensign of Unity among mankind and the flag of Love between nations, so that multiplicities may converge into the centre of oneness and harmony, the veils of hatred be rent asunder, the conditions of discord pass away and enmity and rancor vanish from the world of man, so that after disunion the Beloved of Union shall unveil her countenance, animosity be changed into affection, the reign of faction and feud come to an end, and success and prosperity be attained.
O my Lord, strengthen their backs in their service, gird up their loins in their adoration, dilate their breasts with the light of Thy Knowledge, illumine the eyes by beholding Thy Face, gladden their spirits by the significances of Thy Providence and purify their souls by the appearance of Thy Compassion. Verily Thou art the Merciful, the Clement, the Almighty, the Bestower, the Unconstrained! There is no God but Thee, the Giver, the Pardoner, the Hidden, the Manifest and the Source of Bounties!
O ye friends of God! Joy and happiness of the people of faithfulness consists in serving the Threshold of the Most High and turning their faces to the Kingdom of ABHA. The hope of the lovers is self-sacrifice, and the yearning of the longing ones is self-effacement and evanescence. For love is an irresistible power and an inextinguishable conflagration and the mirror of the love of God is the great martyrdom. Therefore, the sanctified souls and the Manifestations of God yearned for self-abnegation and attainment to the city of martyrdom. They gave up their lives, experienced exile and banishment, endured persecution and dire calamities, became subject to imprisonment and bondage and the targets of the arrows of oppression, and objects of the sword of malice. They did not complain, neither did they become disheartened. They drank the cup of martyrdom from the Hand of the Cup-Bearer of Providence, and tasted with the greatest joy the sweetness of annihilation. They found not a moment of rest. They sought not an instant of tranquillity. They withstood the persecution of


the enemies and became the centres of derision and scoffing of the people of envy. They sacrificed their homes and property and became homeless and wanderers. They experienced not one hour of safety, nor a day of repose of mind or body. This is the proof of the sincere lover and this is the evidence of the faithful friend. If it were not so every stranger would become a friend and the deprived one would become the confidant of the mysteries, the remote one would become the near one and the outcast would become the beloved. Consequently the Most Great Wisdom has ordained that the fire of tests shall rage and the rushing torrent of ordeals sweep tumultuously from the Mountain of Revelation, so that the untruthful may become distinguished from the truthful, the unrighteous be known from the righteous, the worshipper of self become separated from the worshipper of God, the good fruit be set apart from the evil fruit, the signs of light become manifest and the gloom of darkness be dispelled, the nightingale of trustworthiness sing the melody of love and the raven of oppression croak the discordant notes of error; the fertile soil become green and verdant and the barren ground produce its thorns and thistles; the attracted ones to the Breath of ABHA become firm and the follower of passion and desire turn away. This is the wisdom of trials and this is the cause of ordeals.
O ye friends of God! In these days the city of Tabriz has become red with the blood of mankind. Holy souls from among the believers of God sacrificed their lives in the path of Manifest Light. They hastened to the altar of love. Eyes are weeping on this account, hearts are burning for these events, lamentation and moaning is ascending to the apex of the Supreme Concourse and great grief and intense mourning is experienced. It is the utmost yearning of Abdul-Baha to drink from this cup of martyrdom and become exhilarated with the wine of sacrifice, so that the end of his life shall become the opening chapter of Divine Bounty. O my Lord, confer upon me that overflowing cup with the most great gift! Intoxicate me with that wine of the glorious favor and suffer me to partake of that food which cannot be tasted except by Thy


faithful servant. Crown my head with this refulgent diadem, cause my blood to be shed in Thy Cause, my body to be suspended between heaven and earth, this temple to be dismembered and its bones be disjoined by the arrows of the enemies.
O ye friends of Abdul-Baha! In these days, through the happy circumstances and the confirmation of the Lord of the Supreme Heavens and the assistance of the Unseen Kingdom, the holy remains of His highness the Supreme (Bab) were transferred to the Mount of Carmel in Haifa in the present Tomb. Therefore, it is necessary for the believers to celebrate the occasion with joy and happiness. The believers in Tabriz became exhilarated with this cup and with the polo of magnanimity carried away the ball of service from the arena of the Cause. Perhaps later on the people of hatred and enmity, may calumniate and misrepresent the facts, stating that the blessed remains of the Bab are in some other place, or that a part of it is elsewhere. The friends of God must know that this is a pure falsehood, calumny and malicious slander. That blessed, crucified body is interred in its entirety on Mount Carmel, but the enemies will not rest quiet. It is certain that they will raise a clamor and claim that we stole that blessed body, or fraudulently transferred it or got hold of a part of it, or that the genii took it away from the firm ones. All these statements are fabrications and slanders. The whole truth is explained here.

Upon ye be Baha-el-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., March 3, 1910.)

Extract from a recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha: "The time has not yet arrived, even in those countries (America), to spread Tablets and Epistles with the utmost freedom, but it will soon come."

The BAHAI NEWS of May 17th will contain the official proceedings of the Convention recently held in Chicago.



Teheran, Persia, March 19, 1910.

My dear Roy: * * * I am busier than ever this year and have little time for writing. The believers have made me principal of the Tarbiat School as well as teacher and this keeps my hands full. I have to deal out punishments to the boys, see that they study, behave themselves, etc. Mr. Sprague is a thing of the past. I am now known as Eskandar Khan, the new name given me by Abdul-Baha, and I wear a Persian kola. This has made a very good impression among the Persians, for they know that, as a rule, the Europeans look down upon them and I am the first Westerner who thinks it an honor to wear their national hat.
I have had the opportunity of meeting and speaking to several persons of importance. Abdul-Baha prophesied two or three months ago that this year we would see many prominent persons come into the Cause and this is being realized. We are also seeing that Mohammedans are having a greater respect for the Bahais. For instance, two weeks ago Haji Akhoun died. He was one of the most prominent Bahai teachers, a man of eighty, who had been a believer about fifty years, who had suffered constant persecution, had been imprisoned many times — once for three years in chains — and in the red days whenever he went out of his house and walked through the bazaars he would be cursed and insulted. But on the day of his funeral he was taken to the cemetery with the greatest respect, a company of forty police — all believers — escorting him. Not one cry was raised in the bazaars, although all expected it.
The passing out of Haji Akhoun was very beautiful. He had returned one day from the bath, and complaining of feeling tired, he called for a glass of water, drank it and without a word the spirit left the body. About thirty years ago BAHA'O'LLAH had foretold, in a Tablet, that Haji Akhoun would die in this way, peacefully and calmly. He revealed this Tablet when Haji Akhoun was in prison and all were expecting that he would meet with some violent end. What a wonderful life to have lived and served and suffered


for the Cause of God during fifty years! Before his conversion, too, he was a very important Mullah and he sacrificed position, wealth, name, everything for the sake of BAHA'O'LLAH. It was a great privilege to have met and known such a man. * * *

Your brother in El ABHA,

Eskandar (Sydney Sprague).


S. S. Bangala, Feb. 28, 1910.

Dear brother Dr. Bolles: Just a few lines to acknowledge your beautiful spiritual letter. Indeed you are right; it will take a lot more suffering in this world to open people's eyes and show them the pure self-sacrificing way to serve humanity. It will come, believe me, and it will not be so very long.
We are sailing for Calcutta after a stay of one month in Burmah. We spent five heavenly days with our devoted brothers in Mandalay, and these people who, a few years ago, would have killed us if we had touched them, now loved us and could not serve us enough in any way. We also spent three days off in a jungle village of Deadnan where the Cause has only been planted for three years and there are now more than four hundred Bahais here. Seventy-five accepted the Cause in the three days we were there. In Rangoon, where we spent most of our time, we had three large meetings which were advertised, every evening we would hold minor meetings and all day people would come and go and we would give them the teachings. I find the Cause growing everywhere, not making converts by thousands, but just quietly working, and I would rather see this than to have thousands flow in and then fall by the wayside. When a cause goes quietly but surely, it is worth noticing.
Mr. Remey joins me in sending Bahai love and greetings to all the dear friends in Denver.
Sincerely your humble brother in God's Cause,

Howard C. Struven.





In the Name of our Lord, the Holy, the Abha!

O ye leaves of the Tree of the Kingdom and fruits of the Garden of the Almighty! Upon ye be Baha, and the praise of the people of the world!
The blessed letter which was written by those friends reached us like the nightingale of the city of love, and it imparted to us the news of the happiness and prosperity of those attracted leaves.
It imparted a new life to this yearning one and gave inexhaustible pleasure and happiness. It is hoped from the outpouring of this cycle of the Covenant which is shining upon the world, that a day may come when we may meet each other, and the door of going and coming between the two continents become opened. Verily, this is not impossible for God.
O ye thankful birds! O ye nightingales of the Rose-Garden of Forgiveness! O ye who are intoxicated with the wine of the Day of Manifestation and the period of Resurrection and Revival! 'Tis the time of happiness and rejoicing and the period of attraction and enkindlement. The feast of delight and spiritual beatitude is spread. The orchards of significances are adorned with the flowers and hyacinths of praise. From the gatherings the wonderful melodies of thanksgivings are raised to the Heaven of Might. The cup-bearers of Generosity are going around, giving the wine of Love, and the people are intoxicated thereby. With the power of the Greatest Name, the friends of God are captivating the hearts of the people of the world, and through the soul-ravishing songs and lyre of Divine Love and celestial harmony, the hearts are attracted toward the countenance of the Beloved. The people of faithfulness are serving His Highness the Incomparable One, and the friends of righteousness, with wisdom and assurance, are engaged in every part to praise and thank Him. The torches of guidance are lighted and the lanterns of truth dispense rays of beneficence and spiritual direction. The stars of Providence are shining and the lights of the Orb of Reality are


illumining the darkened hearts of men. Therefore, O ye spiritual sisters and birds of the atmosphere of significances! It is the time that, under the shade of the Covenant, through the Protection and Providence of the Beauty of ABHA and the power of Abdul-Baha, we may extend to each other the hand of friendship and impart to the world the pearls of their teachings and instructions.
O ye doves of the Kingdom of God, and birds of Reality! If a nightingale does not sing during the springtime, then at what time can it sing? The spring of the Kingdom has raised its tent in the world of existence and has adorned the created things with a new garment, and has bestowed upon the world of man a new life. Under all circumstances, we must adorn ourselves with the garment of sanctity and purity. Under persecution we must have patience and endurance. All the Prophets and Messengers of God have given prophecies regarding this Greatest Manifestation. Every one in a special language has promised His people the appearance of this Day and the glad-tidings of the Manifestation of God and the Beauty of our Lord. As soon as the temple of the world reached to the state of maturity and the Countenance of the Beloved was unveiled from behind the curtains of Glory and Majesty, the divine springtime stepped forth into the arena of the world like unto a bride, and through the appearance of His highness the Bab, the earth of religions received a wonderful life and rejuvenation, the Rose-Garden of the Kingdom became verdant and green, the surface of meadow and field were adorned with tulips and hyacinths, the trees became full of blossoms, the sweet singing birds began to raise their melodies, the nightingale sang the harmony of heaven, and the new plants burst forth from the ground of hearts. Then the Blessed Beauty of ABHA sat upon the throne of Greatness and Lordship, the prophecies of the Books of all the Seers of the past were fulfilled, the mysteries of creation became realized, love and harmony were imprinted upon the page of existence. When the Sun of the Blessed Perfection became hidden behind the cloud of Majesty, then the Center of the Covenant sat upon the throne of Servitude, breaking


the idols of the people of pride and haughtiness, filling the air with the atmosphere of sanctity and holiness. He accepted all kinds of sufferings and persecutions, and embraced all trials and vicissitudes in the service of the Cause of God. Among the friends and enemies he is a kind lover, with faithfulness and generosity, and like unto a globe of fire he is shining betwixt heaven and earth. He planted the seeds of wisdom and intelligence in the hearts of his followers, so that the hyacinths and anemones of affection and harmony grew out of that land, to bless the world with the fragrances of servitude. He spread the table of heavenly food and invited all the people to partake of the sustenance which is sent down on the part of God. The light shining from his face is a guide for men and the rain descending from the cloud of his generosity irrigates the hearts.
Therefore, O ye seekers of Truth and O ye who have eaten from this Heavenly Food! Your excellent letters were read in each assembly of said servants of God, and at every time that we read those epistles our hearts were rejoiced and we asked confirmation and assistance from God on your behalf. We hope that country will become like unto a ball of fire and guide all the nations of the world to the Center of the Covenant. Today that which is acceptable in the presence of Abdul-Baha is beauty of character, unity and concord, faithfulness and purity, love and steadfastness. We hope that all of us may attain to these heavenly bounties and be engaged with all might in spreading the fragrances of God, delivering the Word of God, and promulgating the Cause of God; be occupied with spirituality and the devotion of intention to quicken and enkindle the hearts, and be kind and benevolent to the children of men. Should the people persecute us, we must show kindness.
All the friends in this city send you greeting and praise.

From your Bahai sister,


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, November 22, 1909, Washington, D. C.





Sent postpaid throughout North America, including Canal Zone and Panama; and following islands: Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines; also England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Shanghai City (China): Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.25; single copy 12c
Sent postpaid throughout other parts of Occident and adjacent islands including Newfoundland: Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.
Sent postpaid throughout Orient, including Egypt and Russia: Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.

Address all communications to

BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, P. O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

VOL. I. CHICAGO, (April 28, 1910) JAMAL NO. 3


1st Baha (Splendor) Mar. 21
2nd Jalal (Glory) Apr. 9
3rd Jamal (Beauty) Apr. 28
4th Azamat (Greatness) May 17
5th Noor (Light) June 5
6th Rahmat (Mercy) June 24
7th Kalemat (Words) July 13
8th Assma (Names) Aug. 1
9th Kamaal (Perfection) Aug. 20
10th Azzatt (Wealth) Sept. 8
11th Mashyat (Will) Sept. 27
12th Alm (Science) Oct. 16
13th Kudrat (Power) Nov. 4
14th Koul (Saying) Nov. 23
15th Masael (Questions) Dec. 12
16th Sharaf (Honor) Dec. 31
17th Sultan (Sultan) Jan. 19
18th Malak (Ring) Feb. 7

(Four intercalary days.)

19th Ola (Sublimity) Mar. 2

The BAHAI NEWS makes no apology for devoting much space to the messages of greeting from the Honolulu Assembly. In the providence of God, Hawaii is undoubtedly the hub of the "islands of the sea," especially that of the Pacific — the ocean of peace. In the description of the Feast of Naurooz, the service in the Oahu prison and in the verse "Aloha," we feel the glow, the fragrance, the soothing breath of love, and a something sweeps over the heartstrings, the melody of which can never be forgotten. On behalf of all we return their greeting: "Aloha!" Allaho'ABHA!



Let Hawaii share the message which the world sends forth today, A message which grows fuller as the years shall pass away, Let Hawaii's sons and daughters stand ready, heart and hand, To make His burden lighter, throughout this blessed land, Aloha, word of parting or word of greeting, too, Aloha, Abdul-Baha, our love to Thee anew.


1. Dr. Augur 7. Mrs. Rowland
2. Mrs. Augur's maid 8. Mr. Struven
3. Mrs. Coombs 9. Augur
4. Miss Fletcher of N. Y. City 10. Agnes Alexander
5. Mr. Remey 11. Miss Johnson
6. Mrs. Sutherland 12. Miss Muther

13. Virginia Rowland


With skies cleared by night showers, March 21st, Naurooz dawned a glorious spring day a happy New Year indeed. It seemed as though the whole universe must lovingly acknowledge and praise the Supreme Creator of such a perfect day.
*"Aloha" is the Hawaiian word of greeting and means "love."



The hour of nine-fifteen found several Bahai friends assembled ready for the twelve-mile railroad journey to the Pearl Harbor peninsula, we numbered the Bahai number nine. Through rice fields and duck ponds, on through the cane fields, now by the water's edge and again riding inland, always in view of the beautifully tinted hills and valleys, stopping here and there to let passengers on and off, the train sped on to Pearl City. Here, our hostess met us, the light of gladness illumining her face. Taking the peninsula train, we rode on through more rice fields and soon arrived at the home blessed indeed by such a peaceful gathering.
The house was prettily decorated with greens and flowers and seemed to open its arms to welcome each of us on entering. The ladies soon made themselves at home, in assisting with the arrangements for the feast, or with a bit of needlework and listening to the reading of Mrs. Waite's beautiful letters.
When a later train brought four more ladies we walked over to the water's edge where the sea breeze refreshed us during the long hour to dinner. From the steps of a cottage there, a bench and the grassy lawn, we again listened to the letters and later discussed plans for the Easter Sunday service at the Oahu prison, as well as plans for raising funds toward the building of the Mashrak-el-Azkar, in Chicago.
A neighbor on the peninsula, joined us and sixteen sat down to the delicious feast prepared. After repeating "Allaho'Abha" nine times, the "Hidden Words" were read around the long table, then came the reading of the beautiful Tablet of the Feast and the Spirit was most certainly with us.
Train time came all too quickly and we bade farewell to our kind hostess and started back to town, reaching Honolulu at five-thirty, where we scattered for our different homes.



In the center of the prison yard an old kamani tree stands, its large leaves of various hues, like


an autumn foliage, its branches like a huge umbrella; beneath the branches are rows and rows of benches provided for those who care to hear the words of the guests who frequent that prison yard every Sunday.
As the population of Hawaii is made up of people from all corners of the world, naturally, that prison is made up of men whose skins and whose languages differ from ours. Religious services have been held for many years beneath this great tree, and it is the hope of the Honolulu Bahai Assembly to take one Sabbath morning in each month for this work.
Easter Sabbath morning was chosen for the first Bahai service at Oahu prison, and at a quarter to eleven some eight or nine ladies and gentlemen and five Bahais were awaiting the hour, in the office of the prison superintendent. Through the hall to the back door we were led, descending the steps into the sandy prison yard which has already been pictured briefly. The whole yard presented such a clean appearance and the faces of the men were scarcely less so as they sat awaiting us.
In distributing the hundred buttonhole bouquets which one of the sisters had kindly brought for the men, it was both interesting and impressive to note the manner in which these little tokens were received. While none were refused, often eager hands were held out and many expressed in looks and words, their gratitude and appreciation.
The service opened with soft strains on the organ followed by the reading by our Bahai brother of "Hold Thou My Right Arm, O God," and among the selected hymns were "Onward, Christian Soldiers," "Joy to the World," "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," "Abide With Me," and Mrs. Waite's "Benediction." In most of these hymns, the prisoners heartily joined and after the singing by a trio of Hawaiian girls, the prison quartet sang in Hawaiian, "Sweet Peace, the Gift of God's Love."
A prayer by one of the gentlemen present, a few words by a visitor, the violin playing by one of the assistants, the singing by one who had come ten miles by train to assist in the service, and the few remarks by our brother and sister in the Cause, brought the service to a close.


Although our brother did not give the Message, his words were very helpful and a word in regard to The Most Great Prison in which distress and misfortune has been changed to health, harmony and blessed service, leads to a longer address at some future date.


The Honolulu Bahai Assembly continues to have the spiritual meetings every Tuesday afternoon and every Thursday morning a class for study meets. In order to better organize for work, a business meeting is held twice a month on Friday afternoons.
One of the sisters has asked the privilege of having the "Nineteen Day Feasts" at her home and in the evening, so our Bahai men may also be with us at that time.
Since the visit of our brothers, Mr. Remey and Mr. Struven, to us November 23rd to December 12th, we have felt a great stimulus and inspiration to work. Many have undoubtedly heard of the joyous visit and the great interest shown in the Cause in our midst. During the three weeks of their visit many meetings were held and they were invited to speak in homes of those who are not Bahais.
The harvest seemed truly ripe and Mr. Remey said he found more response to the Message here than in any other place he had visited. This made us very happy, for the Islands seem destined to be a place where the Oriental, Occidental and Polynesian races meet and are mingled together.
In February Mr. Sigurd Russell joined the ranks of the Honolulu Bahais. We gave him a warm welcome for up to this time our Assembly had only one man in its ranks. One of our sisters had known Mr. Russell in the Paris Assembly nine years before, so he came not as a stranger to all. He seemed especially sent to us, as none of our Assembly have visited Acca and Mr. Russell has made the pilgrimage four times. It is a great joy and blessing to have among us one who can tell of the life lived at Acca.

Greetings in His Name,

The Honolulu Assembly.




Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the maid-servant of God who is firm in the Covenant, Mrs. Corinne True (Upon her be BAHA'O'LLAH!) Chicago, Ill.:


O thou daughter of the Kingdom!
Thy letter, dated January 6, 1910, was received with the enclosed papers.
Regarding the appointment of the time for the opening of the general convention in Chicago, this matter is already written about. Undoubtedly you have received it by this time. It was suggested to postpone the 20th of March to the days of Rizwan, in which the climate is temperate.
You have written regarding the election of delegates from among the Oriental Bahais. The season for this work has not yet come. God willing, in its opportune time they will be sent.
Several plans and designs of the Mashrak-el-Azkar have been received from America. Now the believers must display an endeavor so that the land may be bought in its entirety; then collect contributions for the building, and then they may think about the plans. So far the means are lacking. I hope from the favor of the True One that sufficient and ample contribution may be gathered and afterward the best and most acceptable plans be decided upon.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA,


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, April 12, 1910, Washington, D. C.)
The scripture prophecies are that this Gospel of the Kingdom will be carried even to the "isles of the sea," and a proof that such prophecies are now being fulfilled, came in a letter from Mr. Jenner, of London, containing a contribution from the isle of Mauritius, in the Indian ocean and east of the island of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa.
Two little sisters aged three and five, from Muskegon, Mich. have taken exceeding joy in sending the contents of their blessing box to the convention.


The Vaheed Choral Society of Chicago is pleased with the results of its concert given recently for the Mashrak-el-Azkar. About $65.00 was realized through the efforts of the Society.
Again the noble Persian believers have rallied to our aid, sending through a Washington friend, returning from Abdul-Baha, £66 or $330.00. To give from the overflow of one's cup is easy, but to give from its very contents and go without is true sacrifice. To read Dr. Moody's letters will prove to us the noble self-denial our Persian friends must make to aid us.
Abdul-Baha's parting words to Mr. Woodcock last summer were, "Be patient, it is all coming as I want it."

Corinne True.


The Sunday morning meetings at 11 o'clock, held in Beckton Hall, 200 Huntington Ave., continue to grow in numbers and in the power of the Spirit.
Miss Hebe Moore, of the Washington, D. C., Assembly, was present at the meeting on April 17th. The visits of brothers and sisters from other Assemblies do much toward strengthening us and enlarging our consciousness of the meaning of this great "family of God."
We are now anticipating a visit from Mr. Percy F. Woodcock, of New York, after the Convention.

Mrs. Alice Ives Breed's recent visit to New York has brought us close to the earnestness and faith of that Assembly.
Mrs. Sprague is spending a few weeks in New York.
Mr. Harlan F. Ober was unanimously elected as our representative to the Chicago Temple Unity Convention.
When we realize the truth of our prayer: "All are His servants and all are standing by His Command," it is beyond our capacity to estimate the vitalizing effect of such a meeting. God's bounties are manifold in the Cause, and to Him be the glory.
Grace Robarts.


The Buffalo Assembly holds meetings every Sunday and Thursday evening at 494 Elwood avenue.


Sunday service, 3 p. m.; Tuesday evening group at the home of Mrs. Clara B. Craig, 4190 Yates st.; Wednesday, special appointments; Thursday, visiting day; Friday evening, unity group; Saturday evening, inquiry class, held at the home of Mrs Josephine H. Clark, 4141 Xavier St., — regular Assembly place, except Tuesday evening.
Mr. G. N. Clark, Secretary, is absent from the city.
A special business session was called with Dr. Newton Alden Bolles temporary secretary, at which time Mrs. Cecilia M. Harrison, of Chicago, was appointed by the Assembly as alternate for the Temple Convention, Mrs. A. M. Bryant, delegate, being unable to attend. Mrs. A. M. Bryant.
Meetings are held regularly every Sunday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. and Miss Nash, 3530 Decatur St. They are well attended. These meetings were begun a year ago and have shown remarkable results. A meeting every Tuesday afternoon, at the residence of Mrs. Cart, 2218 Williams St., is conducted by Mrs. Nash. These meetings are particularly for those who have not heard the Message of the Day of Days. We are very much encouraged with the progress of the work in Denver. Ella T. Nash.


Mrs. Breed, of Boston, was recently in New York for a few days and we were happy to have her with us and to hear from her in the Bahai meetings. She stated that Mirza Ali Kuli Khan's return to America was expected during May.
The Feast of Rizwan was commemorated on the evening of April 21st, in this Assembly, at the home of Mr. Percy F. Woodcock.
The regular Nineteen-Day Feast will be held on April 28th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Dodge. Isabella D. Brittingham.



The writer has recently visited Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Oakland, Calif. In each place the knowledge of the Cause is spreading and many are manifesting deep and favorable interest in the reality of the Bahai Revelation. This interest results from the earnest and self-sacrificing efforts of the friends in each city, those whose hearts are afire with the love of God and who desire to serve His Cause. Meetings are arranged at different homes and halls on succeeding evenings and in afternoons also, that all who will may have the opportunity to hear the glad-tidings. Notes of invitation are sent to many and the telephone is kept busy notifying the acquaintances of the various gatherings. All this means work, but it is a service of love and there is ever a present reward in seeing the eager faces and the earnest attention to the Message by those who come and come again.
This wonderful Message is so radiant with beauty, so noble in teaching, so sane and practical in application, that it is heard with favor from all who are not blinded by prejudice, and even before its divine character is acknowledged. And many "lift up their hearts with delight that they may be fitted to meet Him and to mirror forth His Beauty."



The Washington Assembly has greatly enjoyed and profited by a visit from Mr. Percy F. Woodcock, who was with us from Friday, April 15, to Monday, April 18, inclusive. On Friday night a large audience greeted our brother, including several strangers. Saturday evening a reception at the Hospice, 214 "B" Street, S. E., crowded the spacious parlors, and again on Sunday morning, despite a heavy downpour, many came out to hear the splendid teachings. On Sunday night, the wife of one of the professors at Howard University, who had recently invited a large number of her friends to hear Mr. Wilhelm, again called them together, and though the rain continued, a number of most interested souls, leaders among the colored race, listened attentively to the glad-tidings. Although


Mr. Woodcock had intended to return home on Monday morning, he agreed to remain over a day in order to visit the Baltimore Assembly at their Tuesday night meeting. So on 24 hours notice a meeting was called for Monday night, at Mrs. Barnitz's home. Again a large audience assembled.
The Unity Feast of April 9, previously mentioned as notable because it was the first where the white and the colored Bahais united, was held and proved to be wonderfully blessed and successful. Several leading men and women of the colored race attended. Mr. Gregory gave the Message most eloquently. Mrs. George William Cook expressed in a few well-chosen words her approbation of the Cause. Several of the friends read Tablets and the children again chanted melodiously in Arabic. Miss Knobloch was the hostess of the evening. Our thanks are due to Mr. H. S. Cragin and Miss Stamper for the use of their home, which is the great double parlor where the Assembly was so happy for a few months prior to the securing of our present location.
Dr. Fareed is still with us; Miss Engelhorn has departed, going to Chicago, where she will be a delegate at the Convention.
Mr. Remey has been heard from, this time in Baroda and Bombay, with Mr. Struven. He reports that at Baroda a meeting was planned under the auspices of the government, to which the secretary of state issued invitations to the officials. Was ever a missionary propaganda so enthusiastically received?
Our regular meetings are held Friday evenings at 8:15 and Sunday school at 11:15 a. m. at the Gariessen Studio, 1219 Connecticut avenue. Permanent address of the Bahai Assembly, or individual members, P. O. Box 192. Address of the Bahai Hospice, 219 "B" Street, S. E.

Joseph H. Hannen.

Mrs. A. M. Bryant summers at Woodland Park, Colorado, and would be pleased to correspond with any of the friends who would like a restful and helpful outing midst the pines of Colorado. Address, 4141 Xavier street, Denver, Colorado.


Three Splendid Books


By M. HIPPOLYTE DREYFUS, of Paris, France

Paper Covered 75c postage; 10c. extra

Mr. Dreyfus is well qualified to write this short history and epitome of the teachings of the Bahai Revelation. He is well known to many Bahais from travels in Persia and India, and we are indebted to him for his excellent translation of many of the books of Baha'o'llah from the Persian to the French. It is condensed, and may be well recommended to thinkers.



Cloth $1.25; postage 15c. extra

This book contains most valuable information on a variety of subjects. It was dictated by Abdul-Baha during his spare moments to Miss Barney during her two years' stay in Acca, and by her translated from the Persian into English. It follows well upon the opening made by the above book by M. Dreyfus. It is in the easy style of the great master, food alike for the learned and for the simple hearted. The book is printed also in French and Persian.



Paper Covered 50c.; postage 10c.
This book contains a most excellent compilation of the teachings of Baha'o'llah, gathered from various translations and arranged so as to be harmonious and and consecutive as to subjects. Aside from this Mr. Chase's argument is convincing, you soon get into the swing of it and are carried right along, and it leaves with you a pleasant realization of the sweetness and strength of the Bahai Revelation.
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