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Star of the West Volume 1

edited by Albert R. Windust and Gertrude Buikema.
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Chapter 6



Vol. 1 Chicago, (June 24, 1910) Rahmat No. 6


Through his honor Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the
believers of God, Chicago, Ill.

Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH El-ABHA!


STANDING (left to right) — Mr. Windust, Mr. Remey, Mrs. True, Mr. Lesch, Mrs. Brush, Mr. Hall, Mr. Brush, Mr. Chase, Mr. Jacobsen, Mr. Currier. SEATED (left to right) — Mr. Scheffler, Mr. Struven, Mr. Agnew, Mr. Woodworth, Mr. Fuller.


O ye merciful friends and the respected spiritual maid-servants
Your blessed photograph* was received and studied. It imparted unmeasurable happiness. Praise be to God! that the faces are illumined, the hearts
* Refers to above photograph taken of the committee gathered to examine the plans submitted by architects for the Mashrak-el-Azkar, at the residence of Mrs. Corinne True, Chicago, August 1, 1909.


are the rose gardens of the love of God and the spirits are rejoiced through the divine Glad-tidings. Thank ye God that ye have assembled your likenesses upon one page. All of you are the sons and daughters of the Kingdom, are in perfect harmony and united, attracted and enkindled.
Just as these bodies are assembled together, so the hearts are attuned with the music of heaven and the souls enraptured with the melody of Truth. Ye are all waves of one sea, rays of one sun, trees of one orchard and flowers of one garden. The power of the Kingdom hath assembled you together, and I hope that you may become assisted in such wise as to raise the canopy of the oneness of the kingdom of humanity, to unfurl the banner of love and kindness among the sons of men, to perfume the nostrils with the Fragrances of the Paradise of ABHA and to illumine the hearts of the people of the world with the splendors of the Sun of Truth.

Upon ye be Baha El-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Feb. 28, 1910, Washington, D. C.) Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab to the friends of
Buffalo, N. Y.

Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-El-ABHA!


O ye sons and daughters of the Kingdom!
Your brief and interesting letter was perused. Although it was brief, yet in reality it was a detailed book. Every word was a letter, for it contained the oneness of the realm of humanity, and it was a proof of the oneness and concord among the friends and maid-servants of God. Today all the communities of the world are engaged in fighting and quarreling with each other. There is a religious strife, a sectarian strife, racial bias, patriotism, political contentions, commercial competition, industrial rivalry and a battle to defend their honor.
In reality these strifes are continual, and there is no cessation or interruption thereto. Now consider ye with what power and strength, love and devotion, union and harmony, happiness and joy


the friends of God must arise, so that they may reconcile and crystallize together these different fighting and quarreling communities. Were it not for the confirmations of the Word of God the realization of these facts would have been impossible and improbable. But the confirmation of the Kingdom of God, the penetration of the Word of God, the illumination of the Divine Teachings, the instructions and advices of BAHA'O'LLAH will solve these problems and ere long the Tabernacle of the Oneness of humanity will be raised in all regions, the beloved will find great rejoicing and beatitude and like unto the luminous stars they will shine from the horizon of sanctity.

Upon ye be Baha El-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., May 4, 1910.) Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the Bahai Assembly of Cleveland, Ohio.
Dr. Pauline B. Peeke, Ella F. Priday,
E. C. B. Peeke, Kathryn Preston,
Emma K. Noble, Mrs. J. Clark,
Myrtle Perkins Swingle, Albert J. West,
Dr. C. M. Swingle, Minnie E. Gredsann,
Mildred Emily Swingle, Ahmad Sohrab.
Eva Mae Swingle,


O ye brothers and sisters of Abdul-Baha!
Your letter was received. The meeting which was established in the home of Dr. Pauline was an illumined gathering and merciful assembly. Should ye remain firm and steadfast, know ye of a certainty that ye will be assisted by the help of the Kingdom of ABHA and confirmed in the service in the Realm of Truth, for through the power of the Word of God and the breaths of the Holy Spirit the universal forces of the angels of heaven are drawn in battle array on the plain of the Supreme Apex and are expecting to assist and make victorious that soul who is hastening toward the field of the Kingdom.

Upon ye be Baha El-ABHA!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., May 4, 1910.)


Through Mirza Ahmad, to the friends and maid-servants of God, Sandusky, Ohio.
Upon them be BAHA'O'LLAH-El-ABHA!


O ye who are favored in the Threshold of the Almighty!
Your letter was a rose-garden of significances and from it the fragrance of the Love of God was exhaled. The friends can talk with each other without the lips or tongue, and without the assistance of pen, ink and paper they correspond with each other in the world of heart and spirit. Your brief letter was an indication of those detailed letters. It was the essence of truths and contained innumerable meanings. Therefore, in reality I read in your letter a book, and I felt that all of you are illumined by the light of guidance, are soaring in the infinite sphere of the love of God, like unto the birds singing wonderful melodies in this rose-garden and like unto the nightingale chanting harmonious songs and music. We expect that day after day this melody will become sweeter, this symphony more wonderful and this song more exquisite. It is assured that the confirmations of God will assist that gathering to progress; the boundless gifts will increase and illumine all with the light of guidance.



(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D.C., May 4, 1910.)

Extracts from a Tablet to a California Believer:


I beg of God that the means of thy composure may be brought about, that thou mayest be released from the fetters of this world, become a nightingale, be freed from the cage of the attachment of this earth and soar heavenward in the atmosphere of joy.
Regarding the use of liquors: According to the texts of the Book of Akdas, both light and strong drinks are prohibited. The reason for this prohibition is that it leads the mind astray and is the cause of weakening the body. If alcohol were


beneficial, it would have been brought into the world by the divine creation and not by the effort of man. Whatever is beneficial for man exists in creation. Now, it has been proved and is established medically and scientifically that liquors are harmful.
Therefore the meaning of that which is written in the Tablets: "I have chosen for thee whatsoever is in the heaven and earth," signifies those things which are according to the divine creation and not the things which are harmful. For instance, poison is one of the things: now, can we say that poisons are to be used habitually because God has created them for man? However, spirituous liquors, if prescribed by a physician for the patient and their use is necessary, then they may be used as directed.
In brief, I hope that thou mayest find eternal bliss and receive inexhaustible joy and happiness. The after effect of drinking is depression, but the wine of the Love of God bestows exaltation of the spirit.

Upon thee be Baha El-ABHA!



O thou seeker after the knowledge of numbers!
Thy letter was received. The science of numbers is one of the common sciences, but the aim of Abdul-Baha is, that the Heavenly Knowledge and Divine Wisdom encircle the world of existence.
Shouldst thou desire to become my pupil thou must acquire the Mysteries of God and attain to the Knowledges and Sciences of the Kingdom — for they are the cause of the life of the world and the salvation of humanity.

Upon thee be greeting and praise!


(Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Washington, D. C., May 27th, 1910.)

A recent letter from Mrs. Marie A. Watson informs us that she is now settled in her new home, "The Knickerbocker," 794 East 158th St., New York City, which is open at all times to inquirers or the friends from any or everywhere.



Teheran, Persia, May 21, 1910.

My dear Brother Ahmad: Your two letters, enclosing check for £61, were received last week. Yesterday I presented your letters to the Spiritual Assembly and at the same time were read two Tablets from Abdul-Baha giving his permission to the believers to accept the offering from America for the Tarbiat school. * * * The believers are going to discuss this matter at a special meeting next Wednesday and then an answer will be sent to you. At last I am happy to say things are moving here, and I hope the next time I write I can send the names of the boys we have picked out and also a report of what the committee has done. I think the present committee that we have for the Tarbiat school will also take charge of the affairs of the Persian-American Educational Society.
I hope you will pardon my not writing more often. One reason is, there was nothing definite to write until the permission came from Acca; another reason, that I have more than one man can do. I have a good aid in the school now — Mirza Yousef Khan — so will have more leisure. Every day new pupils are coming. During the past ten weeks seventy have been enrolled and the school is too small and we must soon build a new school.
Last week we had a reception in the school which was very successful. The fathers of the children were present and several notable persons, such as Prince Farman-Farma, Sheik-or-Rais, the American Minister, Mr. Russell, et al. The boys delivered talks in English, French, Persian and Arabic, went through a military drill and sang patriotic songs. Mr. Russell seemed very pleased with all he saw. * * * The pictures were taken, which I will send to you. Roy Wilhelm had sent a fountain pen to be given to the boy who made the best progress, and this was given and created a good impression among the visitors.
Have I told you about the girls' school? It looks as though we would have one started soon. On the first day of the Feast of the Rizwan our young men's society — the Mahfele Morattab — of which I am a member, held a meeting in one of


the gardens in order to raise money for this purpose. In one day over 600 toumans was raised, and with the help that comes from America we ought to have a very good school for girls. A letter has been written to Acca, asking for a woman teacher. Of course the believers in America will choose the one best fitted. * * * I am expecting to leave in a month for Acca, so whoever is appointed can start from America in July, meet me in Acca and then return with me to Persia in September.
Probably you have heard from Dr. Fareed of my great good fortune — that I am to marry one of our Oriental spiritual sisters, and so the second East and West marriage among the believers will take place. Does not the fact that Abdul-Baha granted his permission show that great changes have taken place in Persia? I shall bring my wife to Teheran and take a home and settle down in a true Persian fashion.
I have not been able to see much of Miss Russell, the daughter of the American minister, as I have so little time to make calls. I spoke to her about teaching in the girls' school and she said she was quite ready to come. I will write her to visit the school some day soon.
Greeting to all the friends and best wishes to yourself.

Yours faithfully in the Cause,

Sydney Sprague.

On Sunday, June 12th, the Vaheed Choral Society visited the Kenosha Assembly and repeated the musical program of the late Convention. It was a perfect day and the hospitality of the Kenosha friends knew no bounds. Upon their arrival, the singers and visiting friends from other nearby Assemblies partook of a lavish feast, after which a service was held and short speeches from the visiting friends interspersed the musical program, which was added to by the young musicians of the Kenosha Assembly. Throughout the day the wonderful ABHA Spirit was manifested, and the Choral Society desires to extend, through this medium, to the Kenosha friends, its deep appreciation of the pleasure afforded upon this memorable occasion.

Louise R. Waite, Pres. V. C. S.






Sent postpaid throughout North America, including Canal Zone and Panama; and following islands: Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines; also England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Shanghai City (China): Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.25; single copy 12c.
Sent postpaid throughout other parts of Occident and adjacent islands including Newfoundland: Unsealed $1.00; single copy 10c. Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c. Sent postpaid throughout Orient, including Egypt and Russia: Sealed $1.75; single copy 15c.

Address all communications to

BAHAI NEWS SERVICE, P. O. Box 283, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.

VOL. I. CHICAGO, (June 24, 1910) RAHMAT NO. 6


1st Baha (Splendor) Mar. 21
2nd Jalal (Glory) Apr. 9
3rd Jamal (Beauty) Apr. 28
4th Azamat (Greatness) May 17
5th Noor (Light) June 5
6th Rahmat (Mercy) June 24
7th Kalemat (Words) July 13
8th Assma (Names) Aug. 1
9th Kamaal (Perfection) Aug. 20
10th Azzatt (Wealth) Sept. 8
11th Mashyat (Will) Sept. 27
12th Alm (Science) Oct. 16
13th Kudrat (Power) Nov. 4
14th Koul (Saying) Nov. 23
15th Masael (Questions) Dec. 12
16th Sharaf (Honor) Dec. 31
17th Sultan (Sultan) Jan. 19
18th Malak (Ring) Feb. 7

(Four intercalary days.)

19th Ola (Sublimity) Mar. 2

(Month of fasting)


The following article appeared in the daily press of recent date, and is an evidence of the workings of the Spirit of this Great Day as outlined in the Tablets to the Persian American-Educational Society, published in our last issue:
(Special Cable to the Chicago Daily News from Paris, France, June 14.)
"AMERICANS: Rejuvenated Turkey bids you welcome. This is the message I would like to give to America on behalf of the people of Turkey through the columns of


the Daily News. The Ottoman empire extends its hands to the merchants and travelers of all nations. The door at last is wide open and the old regime is dead beyond hope of resurrection."
These words were addressed with the fervor of patriotism to the correspondent of the Daily News today by Ismail Djenany Bey, prefect of Constantinople, who has just arrived in Paris as the head of a mission of about fifty representative Turks, including government officials, soldiers, bankers, the heads of state monopolies and merchants.
The door, indeed, is open, for the mission is the first of a series intended to carry Turkey's message of goodwill to all the world and within two years it is expected that a similar mission will invade America.
Djenany Bey, a little blond man who, except for the inevitable red fez, might be mistaken for an American, welcomed the correspondent cordially.
"Americans have already done much to aid Turkey in its struggle for betterment," he exclaimed, "and they may have a chance to do even more for us. We hope to interest American merchants, engineers and travelers in our country."
"Americans might hesitate to go there," it was suggested, "because the memory of the Armenian massacres that occurred a few years ago would give them the impression that Turkey was unsafe."
"All that is past," said the Constantinople representative with emphasis. "It will never happen again. The world must realize that Turkey is no longer the place it once was. The young Turks are in absolute control and a spirit of progress rules the empire. The projects of American and other firms for lighting Constantinople by electricity are even now being considered. More railroads are needed. Schools for both men and women are being established and the former fanaticism is no longer tolerated."
God speed the Oriental-Occidental Interdependence Society!


The Financial Secretary, Mrs. Corinne True, reports the following payments due this month: The third note of $5,000 due June 24th. Semi-annual interest on the extended mortgage of $12,500. Interest on the fourth $5,000 note, due next January.
She also sends the following letter from Mr. Remey, which tells of the latest contribution from the Orient:

1527 New Hamphire Ave.

Washington, D. C. June 15, 1910.

Mrs. Corinne True, Chicago, Ill.
Dear Bahai Sister: Your kind letter to Howard and to me came to us on our way to the Holy City as we were passing by Port Said.
When we met Abdul-Baha we asked him if he had


any further instructions regarding the Temple work. The only instructions which he gave us were regarding the Unity of the believers in this great work. That, we learned, as before taught, is the all necessary thing. The design, style, construction and all else of the building should be but as after thoughts when we consider them with this great unity of the souls of the believers, which is the real Temple, the Spiritual Temple! Incidentally Abdul-Baha said that the Temple should be as beautiful as the friends could make it, but this was but a side remark when compared with his discourses upon the Spiritual Temple which is the unity and solidarity of the believers.
You know how interested I have been in the material side of the Temple. Well, now since this last visit to Abdul-Baha this interest has become secondary to the immaterial work which must first be accomplished.
I left Howard in Europe. A postal from him yesterday tells me that he is traveling in Europe, where he will visit several of our Bahai centers. He will return to the States sometime during the summer. I am here in Washington again to settle down and assimilate and try to give to others some of the many blessings received in the Holy Land and from our people in the many countries visited during the past year.
Enclosed I send you a check for £135 (one hundred and thirty five pounds sterling) which Abdul-Baha is sending for the Temple from the believers in the East.
As yet I have not gotten a hold of matters and work. Now, please tell me if there is any way in which I can help you with the Temple work. Soon I will be busily engaged in material work, but I will make time and opportunity for the Bahai work.
Please give my love and greeting to all and let me know how I can help you.

Yours in El ABHA,

Charles Mason Remey.


Mandalay, April 11, 1910.

My dear brothers and sisters in the Cause of God:
Your missive concerning the Mashrak-El-Azkar brought the breeze of the love of those beloved ones who are trying with all their strength to serve in the field of God. At the command of Abdul-Baha you are giving these things to weak, hungry and thirsty ones.
We were made happy by the welcome arrival of Mr. Remey and Mr. Struven, whom we had so earnestly longed to see and hear from them of their visit in China, Japan and Honolulu, where they met with those beloved of God.
In our country there are about four hundred


new believers in a village called Koon-Jan-Ghone, near Rangoon, where our two American brothers reached. God has conferred great benefits upon them. The villagers were so unkind to each other that they did not give each other their things of trifling value; but now they are free from such things. This is from the power of the Word of God.
Though we live in separate countries, your love comes to us, passing through oceans and mountains which separate us from you. In our Mandalay there are about one hundred and fifty beloved ones who are weaker in knowledge and worldly manners and things than you, but same in spirit, soul and belief. Today many paths are opened. I do not know why it is that Koon-Jan-Ghone has more believers than Mandalay, for the inhabitants of Mandalay know more Koran and many accounts of their religion than those of Koon-Jan-Ghone. Though we are weak and negligent, God is powerful and kind and Healer of all sufferings! Abdul-Baha is walking in the work of Servitude and he is our Guide, Example and Master, and his commands are the swift healing antidote.
Our country is so small and weak that no one ventures to make investigation of our religion, though we announce the teachings and publish them. Abdul-Baha is the King of Servitude over the whole world, striving to unite all the different peoples and let them enjoy peace and tranquillity of Paradise. Through the power of Baha all the problems of the world are to be solved, overcoming all the difficulties. We are all getting and keeping good health and doing the duty which all the ancient Prophets desired to do and prayed to God to meet with these days of blessing. He is the Ocean of oceans which can never be emptied, and from this Ocean great quantities of water are conducted by rivers which make the countries fertile when they receive it. We were pleased to receive such clear Water and are giving it to all thirsty ones who come and receive it.
Give our love and greetings to all the beloved of God.

In His Holy Name,

Maung Ba Kya.




A series of informal out-door meetings will be given by the Baltimore Assembly during June, July and August, at the home of Mrs. Rose Struven, on Sundays at 3 p. m. Among the speakers expected are the following: Mrs. Pauline Hannen, Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, Mr. Hooper Harris, Mons. H. Dreyfus, Mr. Joseph H. Hannen, Mrs. E. C. Getsinger, Dr. Ameen U. Fareed, Mr. Howard MacNutt, Mr. Charles Mason Remey.


The Unity Feast of June 5th, held at the residence of Mrs. E. F. Davies, 5847 LaSalle St., was an occasion of spiritual uplifting to the many who attended.
Mrs. Corinne True is now at her summer home in Fruitport, Mich., which is an active Bahai center. Mrs. Louise R. Waite is spending a couple of weeks with her.
Mrs. Eva Webster Russell and Miss Beatrice Davies expect to leave Chicago about July 1st for an eastern trip and summer outing. They will visit the Washington, D. C., and Baltimore Assemblies, then go to Norfolk, Va., and from there to New York City. Miss Davies will return to Chicago from New York and Mrs. Russell will go to Providence, R. I., returning home some time in August.


The BAHAI NEWS comes to us with refreshing tidings of progress in all lands.
Our hearts have been made glad with the supremest joy in hearing the verbal messages brought us by Miss Buckton and Miss Schepel who have spent a few weeks at Acca. Miss Buckton is a strong club woman here and her return has been the means of spreading the "Glad-tidings" among many who otherwise would have waited long for this Message.
At a recent meeting Mons. Dreyfus, of Paris, gave us an inspiring talk. He was en route for America. This address was listened to with much interest by a good number of believers who gather each Friday evening at 10 Chemiston Gardens, Kensington.


Two feasts have been given at Dr. Fisher's attractive studio in Trentishoe Mansions. As the believers are scattered, these Feasts have been largely attended in the afternoon. At these gatherings Bahais have come from Eastborne, Surrey, Hornsey and Essex. Many were able to avail themselves of this meeting by holding it on a week day. Dr. Fisher has also been giving a series of lectures on the "Seven Valleys" Friday evenings. These were interrupted by his recent visit to America. We are to have the next Feast at his studio, where it is hoped many will gather to welcome Dr. Fisher back to London.

We are grateful to Mrs. Brittingham, Mrs. Barnard and Mr. Wilhelm, of New York City, for literature as well as personal letters which have been read to the Assembly from time to time.
Khosroe Bohman, from Burmah, is visiting the London Assembly. He tells us the growth of unity is rapidly spreading through the Bahai Cause. His beautiful expositions of Truth are picturesque and impressive. He speaks English understandingly.
The Assembly is splendidly harmonious and growing healthily.

C. B.


The New York Assembly has been greatly favored by the presence of and beautiful talks from our Bahai brother Mons. Hippolyte Dreyfus of Paris, France.
Mr. Kinney has gone out of the city, with his family, for the summer, and the Sunday evening meetings, which were held in his studio, will be held, instead, in the home of other believers. Miss Philips, in whose studio some beautiful occasional meetings have been held throughout the winter, has also gone out of New York for the summer. The Wednesday evening meeting for Bible instruction in the studio of Mrs. Gannett, "The Chelsea," 222 West 23rd St., is yet open; also the regular Friday evening meetings held in Miss Thompson's studio, 119 East 19th St.
The Genealogical Hall meetings (226 West 58th St.), held every Sunday morning, have hitherto been closed during July and August, but during the present summer will be regularly continued there. On June 5th the nineteen day Feast was held in


Bronx Park. In our Genealogical Hall Sunday morning meetings the first half of the hour is given to the reading of the Word by the one who conducts the meeting, followed by a brief talk from some one of the friends. This meeting is conducted by both our brothers and sisters in the Cause of God. Always the hymns, composed by Mrs. Waite, are sung and often a sacred solo is rendered, generally by Miss Edith Magee. A Bahai chant, composed by one of our early New York believers, Mrs. Gibbons, is also sometimes sung as a solo. These Sunday morning meetings are becoming increasingly beautiful in spirit.
By permission from Abdul-Baha, Dr. Sarah Clock, of New York Assembly, will soon go to Persia in professional services.
We greatly regret to state the illnesses of the following brothers in these vicinities: Mr. Howard MacNutt, who is reported to be better, and Mr. J. Otis Wilhelm who is not yet out of danger.

Isabella D. Brittingham.


Our meetings are growing in interest and attendance. The great love which is being poured out so abundantly from our "Home" is attracting the souls and dear ones are being gathered in who will bring others.
Miss Hammond and Miss Wise returned last week from a ten-days trip to the Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, Calif. They gave the Message everywhere, going and coming, and held Bahai meetings on the desert.

H. C. W.


Since the last letter from Washington, there have been several happenings of importance here. On Saturday, June 4th, Mr. Charles Mason Remey returned, after an absence of a year, during which time he has traveled around the world in the interest of the Cause. Mr. Remey brought with him a Persian brother, Farajullah Khan, who will remain in Washington for some time. Farrajullah Khan is a son of the Vizier of Isphahan, who has held this important office for 35 years, although known as a Bahai during all that time. This


Vizier is one of the most important personages in the Cause, and it is the command of Abdul-Baha that his son be shown every loving courtesy by the American believers. It is his plan to remain in Washington for some time, studying the American form of government and occidental methods in general. Mr. Remey reports that all is well in Haifa, where our beloved Abdul-Baha is meeting many pilgrims, and seems to be in the best of health. His instructions being to return to America by the most direct route, Mr. Remey did not remain to visit the European Assemblies. Mr. Howard Struven, his traveling companion, was left at Port Said, it being his intention to visit the believers in Egypt and in Europe, he having been given the messages from Abdul-Baha to the friends in those regions. Mr. Struven's return is indefinite, within a period of from three weeks to several months. Space will not permit of even a condensed statement of the news brought; the general tone was most inspiring, both as to progress and the necessity for further effort. Particularly in India and Japan, American teachers, men and women, are needed in the Cause. Good business opportunities exist for these, who can devote their time largely to the Cause. To anyone interested full particulars will be given by addressing the Washington Assembly.
The Washington delegates from the Temple Unity Convention arrived home in time for the meeting of Friday, April 29th. Much interest was manifested in their report, and a Temple Unity Committee was formed to devise means for raising funds for the Mashrak-el-Azkar. It is hoped that important work will be done in that direction. The receipt of the BAHAI NEWS embodying the official report has awakened further interest. Many good ideas were brought from the Chicago Assembly, which we hope to incorporate into our methods. Particularly is this true of the music, which was found such an inspiring feature of the meetings there.
At the Unity Feast, May 17th, a goodly number were present. Mrs. Helen S. Moss and Miss Mayo were the hostesses; Mrs. F. J. Woodward read Tablets; Esther Hughes, of the Bahai Sunday school,


gave the Message very effectively, and Mirza Ahmad Sohrab spoke.
On May 23rd, the Anniversary of the Declaration of the Bab was celebrated. To a large audience formed in a semi-circle around the Hall, Dr. Ameen Ullah Fareed gave details of the transfer of the body of the blessed Bab from its temporary resting-place in Persia to the tomb on Mount Carmel. All present were deeply impressed with the spirit and power of this historic incident, in which Mirza Assad Ullah and Dr. Fareed were participants, sharing with Abdul-Baha the knowledge of the secret resting-place of the body.
The Unity Feast of June 5th, was set aside as one in which the colored believers joined. It was held at the Washington Conservatory of Music, and the attendance was most gratifying, between 75 and 100 being present. A number of these were strangers, showing the growing interest. At this meeting Farajullah Khan was present and addressed the friends, being given the ABHA Greeting by the entire audience. A most interesting program was followed by refreshments, and many hearts were touched by the Glad-tidings of the Kingdom.
The Sunday-school meetings will continue through June. It has been our good fortune to meet a number of the friends who were visiting here, during the season, on Sunday mornings, and this, with the bible study, has enabled us to fill these Sunday morning meetings with a great spiritual uplift.
The regular meetings on Friday evenings, at 8:15, will be held during the summer, at the Gareissen Studio, 1219 Connecticut Avenue.
Mrs. Getsinger is visiting in New York, and Dr. Fareed is in Atlantic City. Some of the friends are leaving for their summer homes or stopping places. A nucleus always remains to continue the work at home.
The Acca notes of Mrs. Finch, Misses Fanny and Alma Knobloch, will soon be issued in attractive booklet form.
The address of the Assembly and individual members is Post Office Box 192. The Bahai Hospice is located at 214 "B" Street, South East, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ripley.

Joseph H. Hannen.

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