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Chapter 12

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    Extended Contents View with Summaries


    The Declaration of the Báb's Mission

    (Condensed Summary of Chapter 12)

    I. The Báb won the allegiance of the guards during their journey. He was ordered to the village of Kulayn where He enjoyed relative tranquility and was overwhelmed and His joy restored by the delivery of letter and gifts from Bahá'u'lláh.

    II. Upon His disappearance one night, Muhammad Big assured the guards that He would not consent to embarrass them for His safety. Upon leaving, they met Him walking their direction and were assured of His majesty.

    III. Here, they received a letter from Muhammad Sháh which stated that He was to be delivered to the castle of Máh-Kú until the king could befittingly receive Him upon his return from travels. This letter was surely actuated by Hájí Mírzá Áqásí who was fearful that their meeting would deprive him of his position of power as the king would surely be won over. As a result of his shortsightedness, he was toppled from power and died in misery.

    IV. On the way to Tabríz, the Báb had only been allowed 2 companions, and paid His own expenses despite the allotment from the government. On the way, in the village of Síyáh-Dihán, the Báb called for His delivery to one who did not respond. Upon hearing of this, Hujjat sought to have Him freed, yet He discarded their plan, saying that "The mountains of Ádhirbáyján too have their claims."

    V. Upon their approach to Tabríz, the Muhammad Big, the head guard, tearfully sought forgiveness from Him and He assured them of His eternal glory. The other guards followed suit and were assured of His appreciation and prayers.

    VI. A youth from Tabríz, despite prohibitions to the contrary, broke out of the city, kissed the stirrups of the horsemen (as companions of the Well-Beloved) and was allowed to meet Him.

    VII. The guards which were later to execute Him were assigned to guard Him. Upon entering Tabríz, a multitude of curious, seekers, and faithful swarmed to watch His approach, praising God and Him as they saw Him. The crier was ordered to warn that anyone who sought His presence would have their properties confiscated and condemned to perpetual imprisonment.

    VIII. A merchant and another dared to approach Him. As they were to be arrested, Siyyid Hasan conveyed instructions of the Báb that they were to be allowed in as they had been invited by Him. The Báb explained that the guards were only protecting Him from the multitude and none whom He desired to meet could be withheld from meeting Him.

    Cross-References for Chapter 12

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