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Chapter 13

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    The Declaration of the Báb's Mission

    (Condensed Summary of Chapter 13)

    I. The Báb foretold of His imprisonment in the Open and Grievous Mountains. At the instigation of the Grand Vazír, He was imprisoned at Máh-Kú, a remote region of Persia where the sunní inhabitants were hostile to shi'ahs, particularly siyyids as Him.

    II. Nevertheless, the people were transformed and loudly clamoured to see Him and asked for His blessings although the warden tried to restrain their enthusiasm and impose restrictions upon Him.

    III. The Báb foretold the change in attitude of the warden. The warden came the next morning in humility and at His feet, and related a dream where he came upon the Báb in devotions out of the castle and was struck with fear as he was about to disturb Him. The Báb assured him that his dream was true and that God wished to reveal the truth for him and not punish him.

    IV. 'Alí Khán, in turn, sought His forgiveness and to atone by allowing Shaykh Hasan into His presence (whom the Báb had already foretold was to be brought to Him). After this, anyone the Báb desired, he permitted to enter. He also

    V. The Báb here revealed the Persian Bayán with His melodious voice reaching and penetrating the hearts of those even at the bottom of the mountain.

    VI. 'Alí Khán allowed disciples from all over to enter His presence, pledged his loyalty every Friday and offered choicest fruits to Him.

    VII. In the freezing winter the Báb asked for a work about the sufferings of the Imám Husayn to be read which brought Him to tears as He reflected on what was to befall Bahá'u'lláh. Nabíl relates how the Báb had received the intimation of His Revelation by a dream where the severed head of the Imám Husayn appeared hanging on a tree with blood dripping off which he drank & awoke with superhuman joy & knowledge.

    VIII. Mullá Husayn persisted, despite a severe rebellion in the region against the king which followed immediately after the king's confining of the Báb, to teach the Cause until he received word he was about to be appealed to by one of the rebel leaders.

    IX. Mullá Husayn decided to visit the Báb in Ádhirbáyján and denied amenities which the believers offered him along the way. He impressed Áqáy-i-Kalim by his behavior and was ushered into Bahá'u'lláh's presence.

    X. 'Alí Khán dreamt of the arrival of Muhammad and was excited to meet Mullá Husayn approaching the castle who reverenced the Báb. This led to an even greater devotion of 'Alí Khán to the Báb, relaxin his restrictions to allow Mullá Husayn to stay overnight.

    XI. The Báb interpreted some verses of Háfiz the poet as inspired to refer to His confinement, impending transfer and to Bahá'u'lláh's stay in Baghdád.

    XII. Spies of the Vazír watching 'Alí Khán's treatment of the Báb (including his persistent yet unaccepted desire to betroth his daughter to the Báb) prompted the Vazír to transfer Him further to Chihríq.

    XIII. The Báb predicted to Mullá Husayn his future courage and unparalleled achievements, instructed Him to visit and convey love to each of the believers in several towns, predicted his meeting with "God's hidden treasure" in Mázindarán, assured him of strength and guidance, and spoke to Qambar-'Alí of how his namesake in a previous age as well as Muhammad would have yearned to have witnessed this Day and the expressions on the faces of the brethren.

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