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Chapter 14

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    The Declaration of the Báb's Mission

    (Condensed Summary of Chapter 14)

    I. Mullá Husayn immediately carried out the wishes of the Báb in leaving despite 'Alí Khán's accommodations, conveying love, assurance, zeal, and the importance of steadfastness to the believers in various towns he was directed to visit. He also met Bahá'u'lláh in Tihrán.

    II. Mullá Husayn had come to Mázindarán looking for the Báb's promise of God's hidden treasure. After being graciously received by Quddús & telling him of this promise, Quddús asked him whether he had any of the Báb's Writings & when he said he did not, he presented him with writings that deeply impressed him. After discovering these were from Quddús, he became ardently loyal & deferential to Quddús. He reversed the role of guest of honour with his host & attended to him instead.

    III. Nabíl here notes the foolishness of Hájí Mírzá Áqásí in attempting to obscure the light of the Báb (mirrored by Quddús) and praises the wisdom of Mullá Husayn in recognizing him as a superior reflection of His light.

    IV. Quddús instructed Mullá Husayn to interview the Sa'ídu'l-'Ulamá', convey to him its message, & proceed to Khurásán & build a house for them & guests to which receptive souls were to be invited for preparation toward the proclamation of the Cause.

    V. Mullá Husayn fearlessly and eloquently confounded the Sa'ídu'l-'Ulamá' who attempted to refute his arguments and had to resort to abusiveness. He was silenced by Mullá Husayn's vehement and emotional condemnation of his negligence and assertion of demonstrating the truth of his words in the future through his deeds.

    VI. Mullá Husayn then dispatched a message to Quddús of his impending departure to complete his assigned tasks via one of the Sa'ídu'l-'Ulamá''s disciples and left to purchase the land for and build the house he named the Bábíyyih. Quddús and numerous guests successively arrived. Through Mullá Husayn's diffusion of its knowledge and Quddús' masterly manner of edifying its increasing inherents, the Cause gained enthusiastic and devoted supporters.

    Cross-References for Chapter 14

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