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Chapter 17

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    The Declaration of the Báb's Mission

    (Condensed Summary of Chapter 17)

    I. The Báb transformed his keeper (despite the strict orders for his confinement) and the inhabitants to the extent that He was allowed to have visitors and people swarmed into His presence, and the people of the town calling on Him for blessings.

    II. The Báb refused some honey that was overpriced and insisted that His servants not defraud nor be defrauded & that the honey be returned for better and cheaper honey.

    III. Mírzá Muhammad-'Alí and his brother Búyúk-Áqá, distinguished siyyids, as well as officials and 'ulamás flocked to see Him, disturbing the government.

    IV. Mírzá Asadu'lláh (later named Dayyán), though at first opposed to the Cause, was convinced after the Báb described in detail a dream he had had along with the verses of the Qur'án in the dream. When he received the response from the Báb, he went, despite his tendency not to walk, & walked up the steep, stony mountain to meet Him.

    V. The Báb expressed His wish for 40 believers to compose a treatise establishing the Cause's validity, to which they responded & Dayyán's won the most esteem. The Báb stated that the Tablet He revealed in Dayyán's name was sufficient proof of His Mission. In it was an allusion to the time of Bahá'u'lláh's declaration, 19 years from His own. Dayyán's father was induced to inform the Vazír of his son's conversion and zeal.

    VI. An Indian dervish (Qahru'lláh) who had been an exalted navváb in India had met Him in a dream Who told him to discard his fancy attire and proceed to meet Him in Chihríq. Upon meeting him, he became so warm and enthusiastic that all were influenced to admit the Cause's power.

    VII. This conversion brought the authorities to report it to Tabríz and Tihrán which induced orders for His transfer to Tabríz.

    VIII. The Báb gave instructions to His believers, including to Qahru'lláh who was to travel on foot alone back to teach in India. He did so and warned any who wished to join him of the Báb's decree. He also told believers to tell of His immanent arrival in Tabríz and had one have collect all His Tablets and another conceal them.

    IX. Muhammad-'Alíy-i-Zunúzí (Anís) had been unable to meet the Báb Whom he longed to see due to a confinement imposed upon him by his stepfather and by the Báb's leaving for Tabríz and Chihríq. Anís' stepfather lamented to Shaykh Hasan-i-Zunúzí that his son had lost his reason and brought him shame. Shaykh Hasan-i-Zunúzí saw his son in constant sorrow until one day he found him happy. He related privately that He had met the Báb in a dream after tearfully imploring to meet Him Who had assured him to rejoice in that Anís alone would be martyred with Him. Shaykh Hasan promised to conceal this and he asked Anís to be patient. From his agreement and newfound joy, Shaykh Hasan was able to secure his release from his stepfather. He was so overpowered with joy that his parents and kin wept at his later martyrdom.

    Cross-References for Chapter 17

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    Overall of Chapter 17 (DB 302-308): GPB 19-21, 27; TN 13-14.

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