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2001 Mar The publication of Century of Light, a statement by the Universal House of Justice. [from the book] BWC Century of Light (book); UHJ; Publications

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  1. Century of Light, by Universal House of Justice (2001). Survey of the history and dramatic changes of the 20th Century and the Bahá'í Faith's emergence from obscurity, "demonstrating on a global scale the unifying power with which its Divine origin has endowed it." [about]
  2. Century of Light: Questions and References, by Sheila Banani (2001). [about]
  3. Century of Light: Outline, by Arjen Bolhuis (2002). [about]
  4. Century of Light, by the Universal House of Justice: Review, by John Taylor (2002). [about]
  5. Century of Light: New Trends in Understanding, by Earl Redman, in Solas, 3 (2003). "Century of Light" turns conventional wisdom on its head in expressing Baha'u'llah's statement about the world’s equilibrium being upset by his new World Order, examines the 20th century in a holistic sense, and gives a new perspective on history. [about]
  6. Enrollments and limited growth of the Bahá'í community, by Universal House of Justice (2002). The lack of significant numerical growth in certain Western Baha'i communities is related to the preceding decades of struggle, achievement and disappointment. [about]
  7. Notes on the Twentieth Century, by Douglas Martin (2001). Multiple transcriptions of talks given in Atlanta, New York, and Massachusetts in September and October, 2001, largely based on the document Century of Light. [about]
  8. Siglo de la Luz, by Universal House of Justice. Spanish translation of Century of Light. [about]
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