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1979 29 Jun The Universal House of Justice announces that the term of service for the members of the Continental Board of Counsellors will be five years as of the 26th of November, 1980, the Day of the Covenant. [Message from the Universal House of Justice 29 June, 1979] BWC Continental Board of Counsellors; Continental Board of Counselors
2003 22 Aug The passing of Ruth Pringle in Ciudad, Costa Rica at the age of 83 after 5 decades of service to the Faith, 2 decades as on the Continental Board of Counsellors. [BWNS250, BW'03-‘04pg236] Ciudad Colon; Costa Rica Ruth Pringle; Continental Board of Counsellors; In Memoriam
2004 19 Apr The passing of Mr Aziz Ismayn Yazdi in Vancouver, Canada at the age of 94. Aziz Yazdi lived in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Great Britain, Uganda, Kenya, Israel, and finally Canada. In 1968 he was appointed to the Continental Board of Counsellors in Central and East Africa and was an inaugural member of the International Teaching Centre in Haifa. [BWNS297, BW'03-‘04pg239] Vancouver; BC; Egypt; Syria; Iran; Iraq; United Kingdom; Uganda; Kenya; Israel Mr Aziz Ismayn Yazdi; Continental Board of Counsellors in Central and East Africa; International Teaching Centre
2005 27 – 31 Dec The gathering, at the Bahá'í World Centre, the members of the Continental Boards of Counsellors [BWNS418] BWC Continental Board of Counsellors
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