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1992 10 – 11 Jan The first teaching conference of Croatia and Slovenia is held in Kranj. [BINS263:1–2] Kranj; Croatia; Slovenia Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, teaching; First conferences
1992 23 – 29 Aug The first Bahá'í summer school to be held in Croatia takes place in Pula, Istria, attended by a hundred Bahá'ís from nine countries. [BINS278:2; BINS287:10] Pula; Istria; Croatia First summer and winter schools
1993 19 – 21 Feb The first Bahá'í Winter School of Slovenia and Croatia, the first Bahá'í school to be held in Slovenia, takes place in Mozirje, Slovenia, attended by 20 adults and seven children. [BINS289:5–6] Mozirje; Slovenia; Croatia Winter schools; First summer and winter schools
1994 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Slovenia and Croatia is formed with its seat in Ljubljana, Slovenia. [BINS317:2; BW93–4:82; BW94–5:25, 3–6]
  • For picture see BINS320:9 and BW94–5:35.
Ljubljana; Slovenia; Croatia NSA
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