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1868. c. Oct Nabíl is released from prison in Egypt and departs for `Akká. [BKG290–1; RB3:57]
  • He visits Cyprus on the way. [BKG291]
Cairo; `Akká; Cyprus Nabil; cave of Elijah
1870. 29 Sep Mírzá `Abdu'l-Ghaffár effects his escape from Cyprus and rejoins Bahá'u'lláh in `Akká. [BBR306] Cyprus; `Akka Mirza `Abdu'l-Ghaffar
1871. 4 Aug Shaykh `Alíy-i-Sayyáh, one of the Bahá'ís imprisoned in Cyprus, dies, allegedly of poisoning. [BBR306, Four on an Island, Forward]
  • Subsequently Mishkín-Qalam marries the widow of Sayyáh. [BBR 306, Four on an Island pg.24]
Cyprus Shaykh `Aliy-i-Sayyah; M; ishkin-Qalam
1872. 22 Nov Muhammad-Báqir-i-Mahallátí, one of the Bahá'ís imprisoned in Cyprus, dies. [BBR306]
  • He had begun his service to Bahá'u'llá'h in Baghdad and was a member of the entourage that accompanied Him to Constantinople in 1963 and further served in His household in Adrianople. See Four on an Island 9-12 for a brief description of his service.
  • This leaves Mishkín-Qalam as the only Bahá'í in Cyprus. [BBR306]
Cyprus Muhammad-Baqir-i-Mahallati; Mishkin-Qalam
1878. 12 Jul The British government takes over the administration of Cyprus. BBR306] Cyprus
1880. 15 Aug Mishkín-Qalam addresses a petition to the High Commissioner of Cyprus begging to be released from his confinement. [BBR307]
  • See BBR307–11 for consequences of this.
Cyprus Mishkín-Qalam; High Commissioner of Cyprus
1881. 24 Mar Mírzá Yahyá is granted freedom by the British administration of Cyprus. [BBR311]
  • He asks for British citizenship or protection so that he may return to Iran or Turkey in safety but is denied so stays on in Cyprus for the rest of his life. [BBR311]
1886. 14 Sep Mishkín-Qalam, who had been living in Larnica, leaves Cyprus on a Syrian vessel going direct to `Akká. [BBR311, Four on an Island pg 24] Cyprus Mishkin-Qalam
1926 30 Nov Sir Ronald Storrs (b. 1881 - d. 1955) is appointed Governor of Cyprus (30 Nov 1926 - 29 Oct 1932) Cyprus Sir Ronald Storrs
1953 Aug ‘Abbás Vakíl arrives in Cyprus and is named a Knight of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:450] Cyprus ‘Abbas Vakil; Knight of Baha’u’llah
1953 Sep Hugh McKinley and his mother, Violet, arrive in Cyprus and are named Knights of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:450] Cyprus Hugh McKinley; Violet McKinley; Knight of Baha’u’llah
1953 Nov Samíra Vakíl arrives in Cyprus and is named a Knight of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:450] Cyprus Samira Vakil; Knight of Baha’u’llah
1976 Dec The first Bahá’í Winter School in Cyprus is held in Nicosia. Nicosia; Cyprus
1978 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Cyprus is formed with its seat in Nicosia. [BW17:190, 348] Nicosia; Cyprus NSA
2003 27 Apr Bahá'ís from the north and south of Cyprus met when they were permitted to cross the demarcation line that had divided the island for three decades. The event followed the decision by the Turkish Cypriot authorities to lift the ban on travel across the cease-fire line. Some 60 Turkish and Greek Bahá'ís held a devotional meeting together at the Bahá'í center in Nicosia. [BWNS216] Nicosia; Cyprus;

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  1. References to the Bahá'í Faith in the U.S. State Department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, by United States Department of State (1991). Excerpts from the State Department's annual compilation of Country Reports on Human Rights Practices on discrimination against the Baha'i Faith and persecution of its adherents in twenty countries. [about]
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