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1904 Laura Clifford Barney makes a number of extended visits to `Akká in this period. She brings with her questions to ask `Abdu'l-Bahá, the answers to which she notes down. These questions and answers result in the book Some Answered Questions. [AB81–2; BFA2:238]
  • See AB81–2 for information about Laura Clifford Barney.
  • The translator during this period was Dr Yúnis Afrukhtih (Yúnis Khán), whose memoirs, not yet published in English, make a valuable contribution to the history of the Faith. [BW12:679–81]
  • He arrived in `Akká in 1900 and remained nine years. [BW12:679]
`Akká Laura Clifford Barney; Some Answered Questions; Dr Yunis Afrukhtih (Yunis Khan)
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