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1926 c. Shoghi Effendi visits Finland. Finland Shoghi Effendi, Life of; Shoghi Effendi, Travels of
1938 The first Bahá’í to be resident in Finland, Aminda Josephine Kruka, an American nurse, arrives in the country. Finland First Bahais by country or area find reference
1938 Jul The first Finnish Bahá’í, Pastor Väinö Rissanen, accepts the Faith. [BW8:935; BW17:129]
  • For a letter from him about Finland see BW8:936.
Finland First Bahais by country or area
1962 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Finland is formed. [BW13:283]
  • For picture see BW13:277.
Finland NSA
1966 19 May The first legally recognized Bahá’í wedding in Europe takes place in Finland. [BW14:154] Finland Weddings; Firsts, Other; Recognition
1970 25 Jan Valde Nyman, the first full Gypsy in Finland to become a Bahá’í, enrols in Helsinki. Finland First Bahais by country or area; Gypsies
1976 5 – 8 Jul An International Teaching Conference is held in Helsinki, Finland, attended by some 950 Bahá’ís. [BW17:81; VV33]
  • For the message of the Universal House of Justice see BW17:129–30.
  • For pictures see BW17:109, 112, 114–15.
Helsinki; Finland Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Teaching; Conferences, International; Teaching
1979 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly in Lapland is formed in Kemi, Finland. Kemi; Finland LSA
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