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1952 29 Feb Shoghi Effendi appoints the second contingent of Hands of the Cause of God. [BW12:375–6; CT202–3 MBW20–1; PP254; ZK47]
  • They are Fred Schopflocher, Corinne True, Dhikru’lláh Khádem, Shu’á’u’lláh ‘Alá’í, Adelbert Mühlschlegel, Músá Banání and Clara Dunn. [BW12:375–6; MWB19–20]
  • Shoghi Effendi describes their two-fold function: propagation of the Faith and preservation of its unity. [BW12:376; MBW21]
Haifa Hands of the Cause; Fred Schopflocher; Corinne True; Dhikru’lláh Khádem; Shu’á’u’lláh ‘Alá’í; Adelbert Mühlschlegel; Músá Banání; Clara Dunn
1957 10 Nov The Hands of the Cause meet in London. [TG157]
  • See SDSC191-195 and SDSC430 note 8 for excerpts from the transcript of the talk recorded in shorthand by Rose M Wade and given by Amatu'l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum to the gathered Hands and other friends.
London Hands of the Cause; Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum; Rose Wade
1960 18 – 27 Oct The fourth Conclave of the Hands of the Cause of God is convened at Bahjí. [MC229] ‘Akká Bahji; Hand of the Cause; Conclave of the Hands of the Cause of God
1968 21 Jun The Universal House of Justice establishes the Continental Boards of Counsellors to continue into the future the functions of the Hands of the Cause in the protection and propagation of the Faith. [BBD58–9, 97; BW15:611–13; BW17:319; MUHJ4–5; WG141]
  • For details of the eleven Boards and their membership see BW15:612 and WG140–4.
  • For pictures of the Counsellors see BW15:614, 615, 618, 619, 622, 623, 625, 627.
UHJ; CBC; Hands of the Cause

from the main catalogue

  1. Bahá'í Teachings, Aspects of, by Universal House of Justice (1997). Authenticity of Statements; Mathnavi; Quranic quotations; Marriage Prayer; 'Sun' and 'Moon'; Hands of the Cause; Night of Power; Khatt-i-Badi; Sarcophagus for Baha'u'llah; International Baha'i Library Building; Lunar Calendar and Holy Days; Leiden, Kings. [about]
  2. Evening with Hands of the Cause, by Varqa Roberts Furutan. [about]
  3. Hands of the Cause of God: List of 43 brief bios, with photos (2013). Table of mini bios and thumbnail photos for 43 Hands of the Cause. [about]
  4. Members of the Universal House of Justice 1963-2014 and Hands of the Cause: Timeline (2003). List of names and dates of all who served on the House of Justice or as Hands. [about]
  5. Rahmatu'llah Muhajir: Hand of the Cause of God the Treasure of All Humanity, by Richard Francis (1998). Short biography of a Hand of the Cause of God. [about]
  6. Visits of the Hands of the Cause of God to Ireland, by Betsy Omidvaran, in Solas, 3 (2003). An overview of all known visits by the Hands, the highest-ranking officers of the Bahá’í Faith, to Ireland. Review of the many historical sources about this largely-uninvestigated topic. Includes timeline of the visits between 1952 and 1986. [about]
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