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1855 5 Mar Birth of John Henry Hyde Dunn, Hand of the Cause, in London. London; England John Henry Hyde Dunn; birth; Hand of the Cause of God
1920 10 Apr Clara and Hyde Dunn arrive in Sydney, Australia. [AB445]

SBR158 says this was 18 Apr 1919.

  • They are thought to be the first Bahá'í pioneers to have arrived at their post after the release of the Tablets of the Divine Plan. [G. Hassel]
Sydney; Australia Clara and Hyde Dunn
1941 17 Feb John Henry Hyde Dunn, passes away in Sydney. [BW9:595; SBR166]
  • Shortly after his passing Shoghi Effendi appoints him to the rank of Hand of the Cause of God. (26 April, 1952) [MoCxxii]For the story of his life see SBR153–68.
  • For his obituary see BW9:593–7.
Sydney John Henry Hyde Dunn; Hand of the Cause; In Memoriam; Hand appointed posthumously by Shoghi Effendi
1952 27 Apr Hyde Dunn is posthumously appointed a Hand of the Cause of God in a cable sent to the National Spiritual Assembly of Australia and New Zealand. [BW13:861; SBR169] Hyde Dunn; Hand of the Cause

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  1. First and Finest: John Henry and Clara Hyde Dunn in Australia, by Graham Hassall, in Herald of the South (1985). Introduction of the Baha'i Faith to Australia and New Zealand. [about]
  2. Hands of the Cause of God: Personal Recollections, by Bill Washington (2014). Recollections of A.Q. Faizi, A.A. Furútan, Clara Dunn, Rúhíyyih Khánum, Ugo Giachery, Leroy Ioas, Enoch Olinga, Rahmátu’lláh Muhajir, Bill Sears, Agnes Alexander, John Robarts, Collis Featherstone, and Jalal Khazeh. [about]
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