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1987 31 Aug The Universal House of Justice calls for the erection of the remaining three buildings along the arc at the Bahá’í World Centre—the Centre for the Study of the Sacred Texts, the Seat of the International Teaching Centre and the International Bahá’í Library—as well as an expansion of the International Archives building and the creation of 19 monumental terraces from the foot of Mount Carmel to its crest. [AWH50–4, 90; BBD21; VV96] Mount Carmel Centre for the Study of the Sacred Texts; International Teaching Centre, Seat; International Bahai Library; International Bahai Archives; Terraces; Arc project
2001 8 - 17 Jan The inauguration of the International Teaching Centre Building at the World Centre with the meeting of the Institution of the Counsellors. Board members from 172 countries attended. Construction of the International Teaching Centre Building began in 1987 and was completed in October 2000. [BWNS131] BWC International Teaching Centre, Seat; Arc project; BWNS; Counsellors; Counsellors conferences
2001 9 - 13 Jan The Counsellors in all continents met at the World Centre to take part in deliberations on the general features of the Five Year Plan. They were joined by the Auxiliary Board members (849 from 172 countries) who gathered from throughout the world to participate in events marking the occupation by the International Teaching Centre of its permanent seat on Mount Carmel. [From a message from the Universal House of Justice dated the 29th of October, 2000 and the16th of January, 2001] BWC Counsellors; Counsellors conferences; Five Year Plan (2001-2006); Teaching Plans; Auxiliary Board Members and assistants; International Teaching Centre, Seat
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