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1876. 14 Jun Birth of George Townshend, Hand of the Cause of God, in Dublin. Dublin; Ireland George Townshend; Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Births and deaths; Births and deaths
1920 George Townshend becomes a Bahá'í, sending a letter of acceptance of the Faith to `Abdu'l-Bahá. [GT49] Dublin; Ireland George Townshend; Hands of the Cause
1947 20 Jun George Townshend sends a letter of resignation from the Church of Ireland to the Bishop of Killaloe, naming 30 September for its coming into effect. [GT195] Ireland George Townshend
1947 30 Sep George Townshend, at the age of 71 years, resigns his position with the Church of Ireland. [GT195]
  • He is the first ordained priest of a Christian Protestant church to renounce his Orders and to become a fully accredited member of the Bahá’í community. [GT183]
  • For the story of his resignation and transition to a lay life see GT199–200, 202.
Ireland George Townshend
1957 25 Mar Hand of the Cause of God George Townshend passes away in Dublin, Ireland. (b.14 June, 1896) [BBD226, BW02-03p169]
  • For his obituary see BW13:841–846.
  • See also David Hofman's biography, George Townshend.
  • Shoghi Effendi had appointed him among the first contingent on the 24th of December, 1951. [MoCxxiii]
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Dublin; Ireland Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Births and deaths; Births and deaths; George Townshend; In Memoriam; Hands of the Cause, First Contingent
1958 May The first local spiritual assembly in Papua New Guinea is formed in Madina Village, in New Ireland.
  • This is the first all-indigenous local spiritual assembly in the South Pacific.
Madina Village; New Ireland LSA
1968 summer The first summer school to be held in Ireland begins. Ireland summer school
1972 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of the Republic of Ireland is formed with its seat in Dublin. [BW15:283]
  • For picture see BW15:153.
  • The National Spiritual Assembly of the British Isles is renamed the National Spiritual Assembly of the United Kingdom. [BW15:290]
Dublin; Republic of Ireland NSA
1982 25 – 27 Jun A Bahá’í International Conference to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the passing of the Greatest Holy Leaf is held in Dublin, Ireland, attended by some 1,900 Bahá’ís from 60 countries. [BW18:100; VV61]
  • For the message of the Universal House of Justice see BW18:156–7.
  • For a pictorial report see BW18:138–40.
Dublin; Ireland Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, International; Bahiyyih Khanum (Greatest Holy Leaf)
1982 Aug Shakontala (‘Shaku’) Aswani, the first Gibraltarian to become a Bahá’í, enrols in Northern Ireland, shortly afterwards returning to Gibraltar. Northern Ireland Shakontala (‘Shaku’) Aswani
1983 The Association for Bahá’í Studies, English-Speaking Europe, is established in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Responsibility for the Association is transferred to the United Kingdom in 1989.
Ireland; United Kingdom; Europe Bahai Studies, Associations for
1986 Apr The first province-wide gathering of Bahá’í youth in Northern Ireland convenes. [BINS154:15] Northern Ireland
1989 24 – 27 Mar The first All-Ireland Youth Spring School is held in Closkelt, Northern Ireland. [BINS197:51] Closkelt; Northern Ireland
2003 3 Mar The passing of Knight of Bahá'u'lláh Una Dean, née Townshend, in Edmonton, Canada. Una lived a full life of Bahá'í service. In 1946 she was the first Bahá'í in Dublin and was later a member of the first spiritual assembly. She also helped to form the first spiritual assembly in Liverpool. In October 1953 she was the first Bahá'i in Malta, a goal of the Ten Year Crusade. In 1954 she returned to Ireland to tend to her ailing father and to assist him in writing Christ and Bahá'u'lláh. After his passing in 1957 she moved to America, met and married her husband, Dick Dean, and moved to Edmonton where she served on the Local Assembly until 1987. [BW02-03p169] Edmonton; Alberta; Canada; Malta; Ireland; Liverpool; Dublin Una Dean; Una Townshend; Knights of Bahaullah; Births and deaths; In Memoriam
2004 General Register Office in Northern Ireland has officially recognised the Baha'i Faith as a legitimate religion with authority to marry its members. Dr. Beman Khosravi has been appointed as official Baha'i Marriage Officer. The first marriage took place in Cullybackey between Carmen Zambrana Candel and John Twiname. [The Belfast Telegraph 28 April, 2004] Northern Ireland Mariage; Recognition
2010 30 Apr The visit of the President of the Republic of Ireland, Mary McAleese, visits the World Centre. [BWNS774] BWC; Ireland Presidents; Prominent visitors; Mary McAleese

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  1. Irish Bahá'í Summer School, by Adib Taherzadeh (1999). A wide-ranging talk on the administrative order, anecdotes about George Townshend, and time spent in Ireland. [about]
  2. Philosophical Basis for the Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk Institute of Technology, A, by Lawrence D. Staudt, in Solas, 3 (2003). Nature of the physical world, the principle of sustainability, the present energy situation, options for Ireland, a vision for the use of renewable energy in Ireland, and the role of the Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk Institute of Tech (CREDIT). [about]
  3. Visits of the Hands of the Cause of God to Ireland, by Betsy Omidvaran, in Solas, 3 (2003). An overview of all known visits by the Hands, the highest-ranking officers of the Bahá’í Faith, to Ireland. Review of the many historical sources about this largely-uninvestigated topic. Includes timeline of the visits between 1952 and 1986. [about]
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