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1925 Early in the year Johanne Sorensen becomes a Bahá’í in Hawaii, the first Dane to accept the Faith. She returns to Denmark soon afterwards and remains the only Bahá’í there for 21 years. Hawaii; Denmark Johanne Sorensen
1946 Between 1946 and 1951, Johanne Sorensen (later Hoeg), the first Danish Bahá’í, sends letters and Bahá’í literature to 93 towns, villages, settlements, and radio stations throughout Greenland.
  • Hendrik Olsen, the first Bahá’í indigenous to Greenland, enrols in 1965 after receiving a Bahá’í book from Miss Sorensen in 1946 and maintaining a 17-year correspondence with her.
Greenland Johanne Sorensen; Hendrik Olsen
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