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1922 (in the year) Oswald Whitaker, a Sydney optometrist, and Euphemia Eleanor `Effie' Baker, a photographer, become Bahá'ís, the first Australians to accept the Faith. [BW14:320; SBR160-1, BW2p129]
  • In the 1930s Effie Baker travelled to Persia to take photographs of historical sites. [BW14:320]
  • See SETPE1p105-107 for her contribution while serving in Haifa.
  • For Effie Baker's obituary see BW14:320-1.
Australia; Persia Oswald Whitaker; Euphemia Eleanor `Effie' Baker; local assembly
1922 5 Mar Shoghi Effendi writes to the American Bahá'ís calling for the establishment of local assemblies wherever nine or more believers reside and directing that all activities be placed under the authority of the local and national assemblies. [BA17-25; BBRSM120-1; CB300] Shoghi Effendi; local assembly; national assembly
1922 Apr c. Shoghi Effendi appoints a body of nine people to act tentatively as an assembly in the Holy Land while he is away and entrusts the affairs of the Faith to the Greatest Holy Leaf. [GBF19; PP57, 276] Haifa Shoghi Effendi; local assembly; Greatest Holy Leaf
1990 1990 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly in Estonia is formed at Tallinn. [BINS223:3] Tallinn; Estonia Local Assembly
1990 Ridván The first local assembly to be formed in Hungary since before the Second World War is elected in Budapest. [BINS223:4]
  • The assembly was first elected in 1939 but lapsed during the war. [BINS223:4]
Budapest; Hungary Local Assembly, Hungary
1990 6 Aug The first local spiritual assembly in the Ukraine is formed in Kyiv. Kyiv; Ukraine Local Assembly Find ref
1991 Jan The first local spiritual assembly in Slovakia is formed in Bratislava. Bratislava; Slovakia Local Assembly Find ref
1991 2 Jan The first local spiritual assembly in Bulgaria is formed in Plovdiv. [BINS239:2] Plovdiv; Bulgaria Local assembly
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