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1929 6–26 Nov The case of the House of Bahá’u’lláh in Baghdád was taken before the sixteenth session of the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations. [BW4:237]
  • The text of the petition was conceived and drafted by Monfort Mills. Shoghi Effendi paid tribute to his work in a letter dated March 20, 1929. [BA180]
  • The right of the Bahá’ís to the House was upheld and the government of Iraq was strongly pressed to find a solution but the House was not returned to the Bahá’ís. [BW4:237; GBF35; PP96–7]
  • Baghdad; Iraq House of Bahaullah (Baghdad); League of Nations; Montfort Mills
    1934 (In the year) The Declaration of Trust was legalized in Egypt as a result of the work of Montfort Mills and 'Abdu'l-Jalíl Bey Sa'ad. This greatly facilitated future transactions with the Government. [BW9p598] Egypt Montfort Mills; Abdul-Jalil Bey Saad; Declaration of Trust and By-Laws
    1948 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly was elected in the United State. Those elected were: Corinne True, William H Randall, Ella G Cooper, Charles Mason Remey, Zia Bagdadi, Montfort Mills, Roy C Wilhelm, Alfred E Lunt, and Louis G Gregory. [from chart of National Assembly members United States Corinne True; William H Randall; Ella G Cooper; Charles Mason Remey; Zia Bagdadi; Montfort Mills; Roy C Wilhelm; Alfred E Lunt; Louis G Gregory
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