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1920 Fanny Knobloch arrives in Mozambique, the first Bahá'í to visit this country. She gives some `drawing room talks' at the mansion of the Portuguese Governor-General and speaks at various clubs. [BW2p40] Mozambique Fanny Knobloch
1953 25 Mar Enayat Sohaili, an Iranian, arrives in Mozambique from India, the first Bahá’í pioneer to the country. [BW13:290]
  • He is imprisoned and deported in June 1953. [BW13:290]
Mozambique Enayat Sohaili; Pioneers; Persecution, Mozambique; Persecution, Arrests; Persecution; First travel teachers and pioneers
1955 Ridván The first local spiritual in Mozambique is established in Lourenço Marques. [BW13:290] Lourenco Marques; Mozambique LSA
1992 22 – 23 Nov The Bahá'í Faith is mentioned in the media of Mozambique for the first time with three write-ups in Notices, the only newspaper in Maputo, and announcements on Radio Maputo and Radio Mozambique. [BINS292:7] Maputo; Mozambique Media
1993 17 Jan The first World Religion Day commemoration to be held in Mozambique takes place in Maputo. [BINS290:5; BW92–3:140] Maputo; Mozambique World Religion Day
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