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1924 24 Dec The first Bahá'í News Letter, forerunner of Bahá'í News, is published in New York by the National Assembly of the United States and Canada with Horace Holley as the editor. [BBRSM122; BW10:180; BW13:856; SBR232]
  • For links to the publications see entry at 1990-10-00.
New York; United States Newsletters; Bahai News; Horace Holley; Publications
1938 - 1939 Shoghi Effendi disbands the Haifa Spiritual Assembly which had been in operation since at least 1922, and sends the local community away. [PP348]
  • The disbanding of the spiritual assembly apparently did not mean the end to the publication of the "Haifa News Letter" in which news from the World Centre had been forwarded to all the Bahá'í centres in the East in Persian with an English translation of the publication distributed in the West. The last known mention of the Haifa News Letter is in Bahá'í News Dec. 1945 p780. [PP50, 282,348]
Haifa Haifa Spiritual Assembly; Spiritual Assemblies; Haifa News Letter; Newsletters
1989 Feb The inaugural publication of One Country, the newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community. It is a publication of the Office of Public Information of the Bahá'í International Community in New York. The periodical reports mainly on activities of the worldwide Bahá'í community in relation to issues of sustainable development, peace and world order, human rights, and the advancement of women. [BW'86-‘92 p.539] New York; United States One Country; Newsletters; Bahai International Community; Publications Find date
1989 Oct One Country, the newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community, now published in five other languages - French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and German. The first French language edition of the publication was launched in Paris in October, 1989. Each issue contains two or three in-depth feature stories on the United Nations, noteworthy social and economic development projects, environmental efforts or educational programs, along with an editorial that addresses world problems from a Bahá'í point of view. Bahai International Community; One Country; Firsts, Other; Newsletters; Publications
1990 Oct The publication of the last issue of the Bahá'í News by the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States after nearly 70 years of uninterrupted service. [CBN Feb1991pg15]
  • Issues 1 to 40 were published under the name Bahá'í News Letter. Subsequent issues, from #41 to #714, were entitled simply Bahá'í News.

Bahá'í News Published December 1924 to October 1990
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"Bahá'í News" Issues 001-110
Dec 1924 - Sep 1937
"Bahá'í News" Issues 111-210
Oct 1937 - Aug 1948
"Bahá'í News" Issues 211-280
Sep 1948 - Jun 1954
"Bahá'í News" Issues 281-345
Jul 1954 - Nov 1959
"Bahá'í News" Issues 346-400
Dec 1959 - Jul 1964
"Bahá'í News" Issues 401-440
Aug 1964 - Nov 1967
"Bahá'í News" Issues 441-490
Dec 1967 - Jan 1972
"Bahá'í News" Issues 491-525
Feb 1972 - May 1975
"Bahá'í News" Issues 526-580
Jun 1975 - Jul 1979
"Bahá'í News" Issues 581-630
Aug 1979 - Sep 1983
"Bahá'í News" Issues 631-670
Oct 1983 - Jan 1987
"Bahá'í News" Issues 671-714
Feb 1987 - Oct 1990

Subscribers in the United States received an insert entitled US Supplement from 1958 to 1967 and the name of the insert was changed to National Bahá'í Review from 1968 until the Bahá'í News discontinued publication in 1990.
United States Bahai News; Newsletters; Publications
1997 In the year In 1997 One Country launched its Web site that contains all the English issues of the newsletter published over the past three years. [One Country Vol 23 Issue3, BW’86-92p539] One Country; Newsletters; Internet; Bahai International Community

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  1. Healing through Unity newsletter (1998). Back issues of a newsletter dedicated to serving the principles of physical and spiritual health envisioned in the Baha'i Teachings. [about]
  2. Messages from the Universal House of Justice 1963-1986: Third Epoch of the Formative Age, by Universal House of Justice (1996). [about]
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