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1940 (in the decade) By the mid-1940s Corporal Thomas Bereford Macauley becomes a Bahá’í in Nigeria, the first Bahá’í in the country. Nigeria Thomas Bereford Macauley
1965 1 Aug Mrs Ridván Sadeghzadeh and Mrs Parvine Djoneidi and their children arrive in Niamey, Niger, from Tihrán, the first Bahá’ís to settle in the country. Niamey; Niger Ridvan Sadeghzadeh; Parvine Djoneidi
1965 12 Nov Mr Jazy Souleymane, a teacher and the first person in Niger to become a Bahá’í, enrols. Niger Jazy Souleymane
1970 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Nigeria is formed. [BW15:192] Nigeria NSA
1975 Mar The only Bahá’í to visit the continent in the 1970s, John R. Peiniger, an Australian, is stationed in Antarctica for a brief time. Antarctica John R. Peiniger
1975 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Niger is formed with its seat in Niamey. [BW16:141] Niger NSA
1977 12 – 14 Aug An International Bahá’í Youth Conference is held in Enugu, Nigeria, attended by over 250 Bahá’ís from 19 countries. [BW17:150, 153] Enugu; Nigeria International Baha’i Youth Conference; Conference
1978 15 Jan The first National Bahá’í Women’s Conference of Niger takes place. Niger National Conference of Baha’i Women; Conference
1978 Jul In Niger, an announcement is made on the national radio banning ‘the Baha’ist sect and the Nineteen Day Feast’ throughout the country; immediately, all Bahá’í administrative activities are stopped and the national spiritual assembly is dissolved. [BW17:147]
  • Mr Djoneidi is called into police-headquarters in Niger for questioning and is held for three clays; upon his release, unharmed, other Bahá’ís are also called in.
Niger religious persecution; NSA
1982 19 – 22 Aug A Bahá’í International Conference to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the passing of the Greatest Holy Leaf is held in Lagos, Nigeria, attended by some 1,110 Bahá’ís from 46 countries representing some 90 ethnic groups. [BW18:100; VV61]
  • For the message of the Universal House of Justice see BW18:158–9.
  • For a pictorial report see BW18:144–6.
Lagos; Nigeria Baha’i International Conference; Conference; Greatest Holy Leaf
1982 Nov The West African Centre for Bahá’í Studies is established in Nigeria. [BW18:167; BW19:366]
  • For a report of its activities see BW19:366–7.
Nigeria; Africa Bahai studies
1988 The government of Niger authorizes the resumption of Bahá’í activities and Bahá’í administration under an administrative committee. Niger
1991 Dec 31 The National Spiritual Assembly of Niger is given permission by the Ministry of the Interior to engage in Bahá'í activities. [BINS261:6] Niger
1992 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Niger is re-formed after a 14-year interruption. [CBN Jan92 p2, BINS270:5; BW92–3:119; VV121] Niger NSA

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  1. References to the Bahá'í Faith in the U.S. State Department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, by United States Department of State (1991). Excerpts from the State Department's annual compilation of Country Reports on Human Rights Practices on discrimination against the Baha'i Faith and persecution of its adherents in twenty countries. [about]
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