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1935 Husayn Uskuli, a Bahá’í resident in Shanghai, travels to Taiwan, the first Bahá’í known to visit the island. [PH28; The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p3] Taiwan Husayn Uskuli; First visitors
1952 Jun or Jul Mr C. C. Cheng, a newspaper reporter; Professor L. S. Tso, a professor of engineering; and Miss Rosie Du (Ruthy Tu) become Bahá’ís in Taiwan, the first people to accept the Faith in the country. Taiwan; Asia First Bahais by country or area
1954. 22 Oct Mr and Mrs Suleimani arrive by ship in Keelung, Taiwan. They will spend the rest of their lives there. The Suleimanis, originally from Iran, had lived for about 28 years in Shanghai where Mrs Ridvaniyyih Suleimani's father, Mr Husayn Ouskouli Uskuli (or Uskui) had long resided and conducted a business. Mr and Mrs Suleimani had left Shanghai permanently in 1950 because of the difficult situations for foreigners in China but Mr Ouskouli decided to stay on and won the admiration of the Guardian. He died in Shanghai at the age of 86. [The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p3] Keelung; Taiwan; Shanghai; China Knights of Bahaullah; Suleimani, Mr. and Mrs.; Husayn Ouskouli Uskuli
1956 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly in Taiwan is formed in T’ainan. [The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p15] Tainan; Taiwan LSA
1956 11 - 12 Nov First All-Taiwan Teaching Conference held in Tainan, Taiwan. The conference was attended by then Auxiliary Board Member Agnes Alexander from Japan. She would visit Taiwan two more times, in 1958 and 1962-as a Hand of the Cause. [The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p17] Tainan; Taiwan Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Teaching; Teaching; First conferences; Agnes Alexander find reference
1957 28 - 30 Sep First Bahá'í Summer School held in Taiwan. [The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p21] Taiwan Summer schools; First summer and winter schools find reference
1958 Ridván The formation of the first local spiritual assembly of Taipei. [The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p25] Teipei; Taiwan LSA; First Local Spiritual Assemblies
1963 18 Jan First Bahá'í marriage in Taiwan was between Miss Yeh Chan-ching and Mr Yang Su-thou. Official government recognition of the Bahá'í marriage was obtained in 1973. [The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p37] Taiwan Weddings; Firsts, Other; Recognition find reference
1967 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Taiwan is formed with its seat in Taipei. [BW14:99; The Taiwan Bahá'í Chronicle by Barbara R. Sims p51] Taipei; Taiwan NSA; First National Spiritual Assemblies
1970. 8 Dec The government of Taiwan grants Certificate of Registration to register the Bahá'í Faith as a religion. Taiwan Recognition find reference
1972 Sep The Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Taiwan is established and registered. [BW15:262] Taiwan Publishing Trusts
1988 More than a thousand people become Bahá’ís in Taiwan as a result of the Muhájir Teaching Project. [BINS187:4] Taiwan Muhajir Teaching Project
1990 The Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan (Senate) of Taiwan co-sponsors with the National Spiritual Assembly a Bahá'í educational programme on environmental protection. [BINS218:5]
  • This is the first formal joint effort between the Bahá'ís of Taiwan and the government authorities.
Taiwan Agriculture; Environment
1990 The National Spiritual Assembly of Taiwan opens a permanent Bahá'í Office of the Environment for Taiwan in Taipei. [BINS221:5] Taipei; Taiwan Environment
1992 Apr 27 After a ten-year struggle, the Faith's legal Chinese name in Taiwan is changed from ‘Ta Tong Giao' (Religion of Great Harmony), used for 70 years, to ‘Bahá'í Faith'. [BINS271:6] Taiwan Recognition
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