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1935 Husayn Uskuli, a Bahá’í resident in Shanghai, travels to Taiwan, the first Bahá’í known to visit the island. [PH28] Taiwan Husayn Uskuli
1952 Jun or Jul Mr C. C. Cheng, a newspaper reporter; Professor L. S. Tso, a professor of engineering; and Miss Rosie Du (Ruthy Tu) become Bahá’ís in Taiwan, the first people to accept the Faith in the country. Taiwan; Asia First Bahais by country or area
1954. 22 Oct Mr and Mrs Suleimani arrive by ship in Keelung, Taiwan. Keelung; Taiwan Knights of Bahaullah find reference
1956 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly in Taiwan is formed in T’ainan. T’ainan; Taiwan LSA
1956 Ridván Formation of the first Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of first Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Tainan, Taiwan Tainan; Taiwan LSA
1956 11 - 12 Nov First All-Taiwan Teaching Conference held in Tainan, Taiwan. Tainan; Taiwan Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Teaching; Teaching; First conferences find reference
1957 28 - 30 Oct First Bahá'í Summer School held in Taiwan. Taiwan Summer schools; First summer and winter schools find reference
1962. 18 Jan First Bahá'í marriage in Taiwan was between Miss Yeh Chan-ching and Mr Yang Su-thou Taiwan find reference
1967 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Taiwan is formed with its seat in Taipeh. [BW14:99] Taipeh; Taiwan NSA
1970. 8 Dec The government of Taiwan grants Certificate of Registration to register the Bahá'í Faith as a religion. Taiwan find reference
1972 Sep The Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Taiwan is established and registered. [BW15:262] Taiwan Publishing Trust
1988 More than a thousand people become Bahá’ís in Taiwan as a result of the Muhájir Teaching Project. [BINS187:4] Taiwan Muhajir Teaching Project
1990 The Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan (Senate) of Taiwan co-sponsors with the National Spiritual Assembly a Bahá'í educational programme on environmental protection. [BINS218:5]
  • This is the first formal joint effort between the Bahá'ís of Taiwan and the government authorities.
Taiwan Agriculture; Environment
1990 The National Spiritual Assembly of Taiwan opens a permanent Bahá'í Office of the Environment for Taiwan in Taipei. [BINS221:5] Taipei; Taiwan Environment
1992 Apr 27 After a ten-year struggle, the Faith's legal Chinese name in Taiwan is changed from ‘Ta Tong Giao' (Religion of Great Harmony), used for 70 years, to ‘Bahá'í Faith'. [BINS271:6] Taiwan
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