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1910 Within a year of her arrival Dr. Susan Moody opens the Tarbíyat School for Girls in Tihrán. [BBD221–2; BFA2:360–1]
  • Miss Lillian Kappes of Hoboken, New Jersey arrives in December of 1911 to serve as a teacher. She died on the 1st of December, 1920 and was replaced by Genevieve Coy in 1922. and was followed by Adelaide Sharp in 1929 who was joined by her mother, Clara Sharp in 1931. [BFA2p361]
Tehran Tarbiyat School for Girls; Dr. Susan Moody; Miss Lillian Kappes; Genevieve Coy; Adelaide Sharp; Clara Sharp; Dr Susan Moody
1920 1 Dec Lillian Kappes dies of typhus fever in Tihrán. [BFA2:361; SW11, 19:324-5]
  • She had gone to Tihrán nine years previously to help set up the Tarbíyat School for Girls. [SW11, 19:3 24]
Tihrán Lillian Kappes; Tarbiyat School for Girls; In Memoriam
1921 spring Dr Genevieve Coy is chosen as the director of the Tarbíyat School for Girls in Tihrán to replace Lillian Kappes. [SBR203] Tihrán; Tehran; Dr Genevieve Coy; Tarbiyat School for Girls
1922 24 Jan Dr Sarah A. Clock passes away in Tihrán. She had gone there in 1911 to assist Dr Moody at the Tarbíyat School. [BFA2:361; SW12, 19:309] Tihrán Dr Sarah A. Clock; Dr Moody; Tarbiyat School for Girls
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