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1962 autumn A property is acquired outside of Gwalior, India, for a teaching institute. [DM192]
  • The institute is later converted into a boarding hostel solely for Indian children and still later into the ‘Rabbani School’, now an accredited agricultural school. [DM192–3; VV82]
Gwalior; India teaching institutes; Rabbani School; Bahai schools
1964 Apr The Universal House of Justice, in it message of 24 April, 1964 called for the acquisition of thirty-two Teaching Institutes during the Nine Year Plan (1964-1973) in areas where there was large-scale teaching. BWC Teaching Institutes; Nine Year Plan (1964-1973)
1975 2 May The first teaching institute of the Bahamas takes place in Nassau. [BW16:207] Nassau; Bahamas Teaching institutes; Firsts, Other; Islands
1988 Oct One hundred and twenty people in Hong Kong and 280 in Macau become Bahá’ís as a result of teaching institutes. [BINS189:8]
  • A later report states that more than 600 people in Macau have become Bahá’ís. [BINS194:3]
Hong Kong; Macau Teaching Institutes; Mass conversion
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