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1926 The Bahá’í World is first published. [BW1:4; GT77; PP209; SBR232]
  • The first edition, April 1925 to April 1926, is called The Bahá’í Yearbook.
  • For Shoghi Effendi’s impression of it see UD82–4.
America The Baha’i World; The Baha’i Yearbook
1957 25 Nov Nine Hands are chosen to serve as Custodians of’ the Faith residing in the Holy Land. [BBD57; BW13:342; DH215]
  • The Hands residing in the Holy Land are established as a legal body under the title ‘The Custodians of the Bahá’í World Faith’.
  • The Hands chosen as first Custodians are Rúhíyyih Khánum, Mason Remey, Amelia Collins, Leroy Ioas, Hasan Balyuzi, ‘Alí Akbar Furútan, Jalál Kházeh, Paul Haney and Adelbert Mühlschlegel. [BW13:345–6; MC40–1]
Haifa The Custodians of the Bahá’í World Faith; Rúhíyyih Khánum; Mason Remey; Amelia Collins; Leroy Ioas; Hasan Balyuzi; ‘Alí Akbar Furútan; Jalál Kházeh; Paul Haney; Adelbert Mühlschlegel
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