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1995 26 Dec In its message of 26 December 1995 – To the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors the Universal House of Justice announces that it will send separate messages concerning the upcoming the Four Year Plan to different parts of the world and calls for the establishment of Training Institutes as an agency of the National Spiritual Assemblies. The Training Institutes will be charged with developing human resources. BWC Training Institutes; Teaching Plans

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  1. Creating a New Mind: Reflections on the Individual, the Institutions, and the Community, by Paul Lample (1999). On the influence of the human mind in shaping human reality, and three vehicles for changing reality: the individual, the institutions, and the community at large. Two versions of book included. [about]
  2. Institution of the Counsellors: Letter to the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors, by Universal House of Justice (2001). On launching the Five-Year Plan. [about]
  3. Principles and Practices of Curriculum Design and Development, by Farzam Arbab (2004). [about]
  4. Role and Function of Bahá'í Institutes in the Life of the Bahá'í Community, by William S. Hatcher (2008). [about]
  5. Ruhi Institutes and the Five-Year Plan, by Universal House of Justice (2011). Letter to all National Spiritual Assemblies about the role of the Ruhi Institute, coordination of clusters, education of children, and training institutes in the 2011-2016 5-Year Plan. [about]
  6. Training Institute and the Main Sequence of Courses, The, by Farzam Arbab (2004). [about]
  7. Training Institutes, by Universal House of Justice (1998). Overview of the efforts thus far made by the worldwide Bahá'í community to establish institutes; review their accomplishments to date and explores their possibilities for further development and potential effect on the process of entry by troops. [about]
  8. Training Institutes: Letter to an individual, by Universal House of Justice (2001). Short letter to an individual on the importance of studying the Writings in group training institutes, rather than through independent study; however, both methods are encouraged. [about]
  9. Training Institutes: Attaining a Higher Level of Functioning, by International Teaching Centre (2007). Assistance to Baha'is managing institutes, to help better implement the main sequence of courses, the youth spiritual empowerment and education programs, and matters related to the institutional capacity of training institutes. [about]
  10. Training Institutes and Systematic Growth, by International Teaching Centre (2000). [about]
  11. Turning Point: Selected Messages of the Universal House of Justice and Supplementary Material 1996–2006, by Universal House of Justice (2006). Forty-three letters, plans, and documents covering the Four-Year Plan of 1996-2000. [about]
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