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1917 (in the year) The news magazine, Khurshid-i khavar (Sun of the East) commenced publication. [BWNS1289] Ishqabad; Turkistan Khurshid-i khavar; Sun of the East; BWNS; Z****
1921 (in the year) Two Bahá'í publications began, Sonne der Wahrheit, meaning Sun of Truth, and Wirklichkeit, meaning Reality. [BWNS1289] Germany Sonne der Wahrheit; Sun of Truth; Wirklichkeit; Reality; BWNS; Z****
1921 (in the year) A journal called Bahá'í News started publishing in English and Persian. [BWNS1289] India Baha'i News; BWNS; Z****
1922 (in the year) Akhbar-i-Amri, a publication whose name means "News of the Cause" began in Iran. [BWNS1289] Iran Akhbar-i-Amri; News of the Cause; BWNS; Z****
1923 (in the year) The Dawn began publishing in Burma, in Burmese, English, and Persian. [BWNS1289] Burma The Dawn; BWNS; Z****
1925 Sep Bertram Dewing began publication of the Bahá’í magazine Herald of the South in Auckland. [BEL174; SBR163; BWNS1289] Auckland; New Zealand Herald of the South (magazine); - Periodicals; First publications; Publications; BWNS; Z****
1926 The Bahá’í World is first published. [BW1:4; GT77; PP209; SBR232; BWNS1289]
  • The first edition, April 1925 to April 1926, is called The Bahá’í Yearbook.
  • For Shoghi Effendi’s impression of it see UD82–4.
  • This marked a new stage in the capacity of the Bahá'í community to provide reports and statistics, capture experience from diverse countries, and disseminate important insights and analyses. Each edition covered the progress of the international Baha'i community over a defined period.
United States Bahai World volumes; First publications; Publications; BWNS; Z****
1935 Mar World Order magazine was founded. [SBR236; BWNS1289]
  • The publication included essays, poems, personal recollections, and historical pieces. The periodical brought together into one volume works by scholars, poets, artists, and practitioners from various fields of endeavour. The first volume also included excerpts from a letter by Shoghi Effendi titled "The Goal of a New World Order."
  • There was a break in publication from 1949 to 1966. [Bahá'í Works]
  • PDFs of some volumes are available for downloading from the Bahá'í Works website.
United States World Order magazine; - Periodicals; Firsts, Other; Publications; BWNS; Z****
2000 (In the year) The Baha'i World News Service began publishing online, picking up the reins of the former Baha'i International News Service which was a biweekly printed newsletter. In 2018 the BWNS began providing podcasts and in subsequent months, in addition to English and Persian, stories were be made available in Spanish and French. [BWNS1289] Baha'i World News Service; BWNS; Z****
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