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1901 29 May The Bahá'í women of Chicago elect their own Board and hold the first business meeting of the `Women's Auxiliary Board'. [BFA2:XV, 49–50] Chicago Women's Auxiliary Board
1952 8 Oct Shoghi Effendi announces his decision to launch ‘the fate-laden, soul-stirring, decade-long world-embracing Spiritual Crusade’ in the coming year. [BW12:253–5; MBW411
  • For the objectives of the Crusade see BW12:256–14.
  • Among the goals to be achieved is the construction of the International Bahá’í Archives building. [BBD22; DH168; MBW43]
  • He calls upon the Hands of the Cause to appoint during Ridván 1954 five auxiliary boards to act as their adjuncts or deputies to work with the national spiritual assemblies to execute the projected national plans. [MBW44, BW13p335]
Haifa Spiritual Crusade; International Baha’i Archives; Hand of the Cause; auxiliary board; NSA
1954 6 Apr Shoghi Effendi announces the creation of five Auxiliary Boards with the following number of members: Asia 7; America 9; Europe 9; Africa 9; Australia 2. [MBW59]
  • Their function is to ‘act as deputies of the Hands in their respective continents’, to ‘aid and advise them in the effective prosecution of the’ and to assist them ‘in the discharge of their dual and sacred task of safe-guarding the Faith and of promoting its teaching activities’. [MBW63]
  • See also BBD26; BBRSM127; MC3.
  • These boards were mandated with the propagation of the Faith.
Auxiliary Board; Hand of the Cause; Ten-Year Plan
1954 Ridván In his cablegram of October 8, 1952, Shoghi Effendi called upon all 15 "continental" Hands to appoint, during Ridván, 1954, five Auxiliary Boards, one on each continent, composed of nine members each to work as their deputies along with the National Assemblies to assist in the execution of the twelve teaching plans. [BW13p335, MBW44, 63] Auxiliary Board Members; Auxiliary Board
1957 Oct Shoghi Effendi announces the appointment of a second Auxiliary Board responsible for the protection of the Faith. [MBW127–128; PP442] Haifa Auxiliary Board
1970 Ridván In its Ridván Message the Universal House of Justice announced the appointment of three additional Councillors, Iraj Ayman in Western Asia, Anneliese Bopp and Betty Reed in Europe and some 45 additional Auxiliary Board Members, 9 in Africa, 16 in Asia, 2 in Australasia and 18 in the Western Hemisphere. [Ridván 1970] BWC Continental Board of Councillors; Auxiliary Board; Auxiliary Board Member; Iraj Ayman; Anneliese Bopp; Betty Reed
1973 8 Jun The Universal House of Justice permits the Continental Boards of Counsellors to authorize individual Auxiliary Board members to appoint assistants. [BW17:322] Continental Boards of Counsellors; Auxiliary Board
1990 26 Nov The number of the Auxiliary Board members was increased from 756 to 846. [AWH89] Auxiliary Board
2001 9 - 13 Jan The Counsellors in all continents met at the World Centre to take part in deliberations on the general features of the Five Year Plan. They were joined by the Auxiliary Board members (849 from 172 countries) who gathered from throughout the world to participate in events marking the occupation by the International Teaching Centre of its permanent seat on Mount Carmel. [From a message from the Universal House of Justice dated the 29th of October, 2000 and the16th of January, 2001] Haifa; BWC Counsellor; Five Year Plan; Auxiliary Board; International Teaching Centre
2007 24 May The passing of Hadi Rahmani-Shirazi in the United Kingdom.
  • pioneered to Afghanistan at the Guardian's behest
  • served on the National Spiritual Assembly and the Auxiliary Board in the Cradle of the Faith
  • served as the executive director of the Nawnahalan Company
  • among first appointed to institution of the Counsellors created by the Universal House of Justice in June 1968
  • relocated to the United Kingdom in the early 1980s
  • contributed greatly to the development of the Institution of Huququ'llah through his services as a Deputy. [UK BAHA'I NEWS EMAIL SERVICE message from the National Spiritual Assembly 24 May 2007]
United Kingdom; Afghanistan Hadi Rahmani-Shirazi; pioneer; Guardian; NSA; Auxiliary Board; Nawnahalan Company; Counsellor; Huququ'llah; UHJ; In Memoriam
2016 25 Nov In a message addressed to the Bahá'ís of the World on of the Day of the Covenant, the Universal House of Justice marked the beginning of a new five-year term of service for the Auxiliary Board Members and announced an augmentation in the number of members by 144 bringing the total to 1,134 members distributed evenly between the Propagation and the Protection Boards.

In the same message it announced plans for a series of conferences called by the International Teaching Centre where the Auxiliary Board Members would be assisted in the deepening of their understanding of the spiritual nature of their work and the wide-ranging responsibilities they will shoulder.

BWC Auxiliary Boards

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  1. Counsellors, Board Members, and Assistants: Warwick Leaflets, by Warwick Bahá'í Bookshop (2002). An explanation of the ‘Appointed Arm’ of the Faith. [about]
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