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    1. Abdu'l-Baha in New York is a timeline of 1912, complete with clickable links to a text description of each major event. (offsite)


      Aniss, Ahmad

    2. The Seed of Creation is "a philosophical approach towards the status of Universal House of Justice in respect to Baha'i concept of creation."

      Ashelman, Peter

    3. "Conversion, Transformation, and Sacrifice in the Revelation of the Bab" examines hermeneutics in early Babi/Baha'i history and its relationship to conversion. Downloadable as zipped RTF file or unzipped PDF file; please >email to help convert to html

      Ater, Richard

    4. A comparison of the concepts of Prophet and Messenger in Islam and Manifestation in the Baha'i Faith provides an analytical overview of the theology of prophethood in both religions.


      Bond, Michael Harris

    5. Unity in Diversity: Orientations and Strategies for Building a Harmonious, Multicultural Society examines how insights from the discipline of psychology can be used to design societies compatible with the exigencies and opportunities provided by the 21st century

      Buck, Christopher

    6. The Kitab-i Iqan: An Introduction to Baha'u'llah's Book of Certitude was originally written for the Short Baha'i Encyclopedia and later re-written as an independent article. Includes digital reprints.


      Cameron, Robert T.

    7. The Disconnected Letters of the Qur'an and the Significance of the Number Nineteen explores the themes of Rashad Khalifa's (much-disputed) study purporting to find a "deep structure" of 19 in the Qur'an.

      Cheung, Albert

    8. Common Teachings from Chinese Culture and Baha'i Faith offers an overview of similarities between China's Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith. (offsite)

      Chittleborough, Vahid

    9. Sexual Morality: The Bounds of Sexual Expression argues that "both premarital and extramarital sex fail to give the same degree of attention to the preservation of trust as does the contraction of marriage."

      Cole, Juan

    10. Nuqtat al-Kaf and the Babi Chronicle Traditions attempts to untangle the history of the writing of this early Babi history and discusses some recent interpretations of its history. Includes chart and a summary.


      Davudi, Fariborz

    11. Human Evolution: Directed? provides an overview of contemporary biological theories of evolution and some of their failings in the face of a philosophy of evolution that incorporates the guiding hand of God.

      Day, Mary

    12. An introduction to Feminist Theory and some of its implications for Baha'i thinking.


      Fananapazir, Khazeh

    13. This introduction to Imam Ali's "Sermon of the Gulf" (Khutbih-i-Tutunjiyyih) explains the importance to Baha'is of this sermon, including among other things that it is the source text for a number of hadith and prophecies later quoted by Baha'u'llah.

      Foster, Mark

    14. Neo-Platonism: Framework for a Baha'i Ontology explores some possible ways to approach the language of philosophical symbolism in the Baha'i teachings.

    15. Foster's A New Typology of Religious Organization describes models of religious organizations and the Baha'i Faith.

    16. Personal interpretations of the subject of Resurrection in the Baha'i teachings.

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      Haddad, Anton

    17. Outline of the Bahai Movement in the United States details the history of Ibrahim Kheiralla's apostasy. Unpublished, New York City, 1902.

      Hadley-Ives, Eric

    18. Results of Talisman2 Attitudes Survey presents a detailed analysis of the beliefs and community interactions of participants in the listserver Talisman2 (circa 1999).

      Hassall, Graham

    19. The Bahá'í Faith in Hong Kong, history of the region and its pioneers. (on the Asia-Pacific site)

    20. The Bahá'í Faith in Tasmania 1923-1963. (on the Asia-Pacific site)

    21. Religion and Proto-Nationalism: Apelis Mazakmat and 'traces of mild sectarian strife' on New Ireland (on the Asia-Pacific site)

    22. Self and Society: Biography and Autobiography in Bahá'í literature (on the Asia-Pacific site)

      Hassall, Graham and Orwin Austria

    23. Mirza Hossein R. Touty: First Bahá'í Known to have Lived in the Philippines. (on the Asia-Pacific site)

      Hoonaard, Will C. van den and Lynn Echevarria-Howe

    24. "Black Roses in Canada's Mosaic: Four Decades of Black History" provides a survey of African-Americans in Canada, their activities in the Baha'i community, and some statistical information.

    25. The Broad Contours of the Canadian Baha'i Community gives a historical and sociological overview of the Canadian Baha'i community.


      Khavari, Afshin

    26. Parallels Between Islamic and Baha'i laws and Constitutional Principles examines the role of Sunnah, Hadith, and Ijtihad in Islamic constitutional law and concludes with remarks on the development of the Baha'i legal order and its unique, united, and progressive approach to law making.

      Kitzing, Eberhard von

    27. This six-part monograph The Origin of Complex Order in Biology: `Abdu'l-Baha's concept of the originality of species compared to concepts in modern biology "presents an answer to the far-reaching question where the assumption of a purpose and destiny of our human life is shown to be compatible with the facts of biology and palaeontology."

      Kluge, Ian

    28. Reason and the Baha'i Writings: The Use and Misuse of Logic and Persuasion discusses how to study the Baha'i Writings through the use of logic.


      Lawson, Todd

    29. Lawson's translation of the Qayyum al-Asma,' sura 93, contains much extended commentary on this text and quranic symbolism in the Bab's writing.

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      MacEoin, Denis

    30. "Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Shari'a: the Babi and Baha'i Solutions to the Problem of Immutability" examines the ways in which the Bab and Baha'u'llah adopted and changed the Islamic sharia in their own codes of law.

    31. The Trial of the Bab
      MacEoin's extended study on the 1848 trial of the Bab includes the following five documents:
    32.   The article The Trial of the Bab: Shi'ite Orthodoxy Confronts its Mirror Image;
    33.   a table of the questions, rebukes, statements etc. made during the interrogation of the Bab and their sources;
    34.   a table of the answers the Bab gave to these questions and their sources;
    35.   an account of the trial given by Mulla Muhammad Mamaqani; and
    36.   an account of the trial given by 'Alim-i Hashtrud.
    37. Maneck, Susan

    38. Conversion Movements within Hindu Village Culture addresses Hindu, Christian, and Baha'i conversion patterns in India.

      Manuchehri, Sepehr

    39. "Historical Account of two Indian Babis: Sa'en Hindi and Sayyid Basir Hindi" features translated excerpts from a number of Persian sources on these two individuals.

    40. The Practice of Taqiyyah in the Bábí and Bahá’í Religions examines the "historical application" of taqiyyah and "instances where Bábís cooperated with the authorities in suppression of their peers and describes the attitude of the government officials towards these individuals."

      Marshall, Alison

    41. How to get out of it: faná' and baqá' in the Early Writings of Baha'u'llah discusses concepts of annihilation and the self in the Hidden Words and the Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys.

      McCarron, Michael

    42. Symbolic Cosmology in the Sufi and Baha'i traditions examines the meanings of the various "realms" of God.

      McGlinn, Sen

    43. Church and State in the World Order of Baha'u'llah examines the concept of theocrary as it applies to the Baha'i model of government. The Universal House of Justice addresses this topic in its letter theocracy.html

    44. The Guardianship and the House of Justice examines two questions arising from the Dispensation of Baha'u'llah: the distinction and separation of the Guardianship and the House of Justice on the one hand and the inseparability of the two on the other, and discusses the structure of the administrative order in the absence of a guardian.

      Mistler, Brian

    45. The Bahá'í Faith: Prophecy and Conversion presents the results of a field study of Baha'is in the United States and Australia which demonstrate that family connections and social teachings are greater incentives to conversion than prophecy is.

      Momen, Moojan

    46. Momen's translation of Baha'u'llah's Tablet of the Uncompounded Reality (Lawh Basít al-Haqíqa) is prefaced by a discussion of the conflict in Islam between philosopher-mystics who adhere to the philosophy of existential oneness (wahdat al-wujud) and those who oppose this view as heresy.


      Rabbani, Ahang

    47. The Remains of the Bab in Tehran includes a brief bio of Aqa Husayn-'Ali Nur and an extract from Khatirat Muhajiri Az Isfahan, "Memoirs of a Refugee from Isfahan," discussing part of the history of these remains.


      as-Sahyuni, Abdu'l-Bab

    48. Protocols of the Followers of Bahá'u'lláh is a sympathetic overview by "Freethought Mecca" of persecution of Baha'is, with an emphasis on activities of the Iranian government.

      Salisbury, Vance

    49. "A Critical Examination of 20th-Century Baha'i Literature" explores the claim, first made by E.G. Browne, that there has been a tendency on the part of Baha'is to suppress or distort historical texts. Includes four tables of changes made in different editions of popular Baha'i books.

      Stockman, Robert

    50. Notes on the Bab; a brief overview of sources on the Babi period, the Bab's history, and his writings.

    51. Christianity from a Bahá'í Perspective includes two Baha'i-related discussions: "A Baha'i approach to the Bible" and "Baha'i Writings on Jesus Christ."

    52. Islam from a Bahá'í Perspective provides an overview of Islamic history and teachings and concludes with brief notes on Islam and the Baha'i Faith.

    53. Judaism from a Bahá'í Perspective, complete with chronology, provides an overview of Judaism with many comments on Baha'i teachings on Jewish history and prophets

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      Terry, Peter

    54. "Truth Triumphs: A Baha'i Response to Misrepresentations of the Baha'i Teachings and Baha'i History" is a rebuttal of Francis J. Beckwith's M.A. thesis Baha'i, A Christian response to Baha'ism, the religion which aims toward one world government and one common faith.

      Troxel, Duane

    55. Intelligent Life in the Universe and Exotheology in Christianity and the Baha'i Writings discusses theological statements on extraterrestrial life in Christiani and Baha'i texts and in the work of Giordano Bruno and Galileo. Includes a compilation of quotations from the Baha'i Writings.


      Valeda, Dharlene

    56. Organizing Digital Collections: the Case of the Bahá'í Academics Resource Library offers an in-depth Library Science analysis of the Baha'i Library's content and architecture, concluding with general observations about online information retrieval and ways to structure and present digital libraries.

      Walbridge, John

    57. The Bab's Kitab-i Panj Sha'n: article and translated excerpts.

    58. Erotic Imagery In the Allegorical Writings of Baha'u'llah discusses some mystical symbolisms in the writings of Baha'u'llah.

      Walbridge, Linda

    59. Reforming the Marja` at-Taqlid: The Baha'i Example relates Shi'i leadership paradigms--especially the marja` at-taqlid, "clerical exemplar" or "religious guide"--to Baha'i models.

      Winters, Jonah

    60. "Communicative Interaction: Notes on Relating Habermasian Universalism to Baha'i Consultation" traces some comparisons between the "communicative action" theories of contemporary German philosopher Jurgen Habermas and Baha'i consultation, esp. as they apply to formulating universalized moral codes.



    61. A review of some Baha'i literature on homosexuality offers some unpublished notes on how a present-day Baha'i approach to homosexuality could be explained.


    62. A Brief History of the Baha'i Faith, written by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Boise, Idaho, provides a useful chronology of Baha'i history from 1844 to 1996.

      Universal House of Justice

    63. The Universal House of Justice prepared the article "Mason Remey and Those Who Followed Him" to educate Baha'is on the history of the chief post-Guardian covenant breaker groups in the United States.

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