Memorials of the Faithful

Abu'l-Qásim of Sultán-Abad

Another among the prisoners was Abu'l-Qásim of Sultán-Abad, the traveling companion of Áqá Faraj. These two were unassuming, loyal and staunch. Once their souls had come alive through the breathings of the Faithful Spirit they hastened out of Persia to Adrianople, for such was the unabating cruelty of the malevolent that they could no longer remain in their own home. On foot, free of every tie, they took to the plains and hills, seeking their way across trackless waters and desert sands. How many a night they could not sleep, staying in the open with no place to lay their heads; with nothing to eat or drink, no bed but the bare earth, no food but the desert grasses. Somehow they dragged themselves along and managed to reach Adrianople. It happened that they came during the last days in that city, and were taken prisoner with the rest, and in the company of Bahá'u'lláh they traveled to the Most Great Prison.

Abu'l-Qásim fell violently ill with typhus. He died about the same time as those two brothers, Muhammad-Baqir and Muhammad-Isma'il, and his pure remains were buried outside Akká. The Blessed Beauty expressed approval of him and the friends, all of them, wept over his afflictions and mourned him. Upon him be the glory of the All-Glorious.

Memorials of the Faithful
pages 170-171

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