Memorials of the Faithful

Áqá Faraj

In all these straits, Áqá Faraj was the companion of Abu'l-Qásim. When, in Persian `Iráq, he first heard the uproar caused by the Advent of the Most Great Light, he shook and trembled, clapped his hands, cried out in exultation and hastened off to `Iráq. Overcome with delight, he entered the presence of his holy Lord. He was gathered into the loving fellowship, and blissfully received the honor of attending upon Bahá'u'lláh. Then he returned, bearing glad tidings to Sultán-Abad.

Here the malevolent were lying in wait, and disturbances broke out, with the result that the sainted Mullá-Bashi and some other believers who had none to defend them were struck down and put to death. Áqá Faraj and Abu'l-Qásim, who had gone into hiding, then hurried away to Adrianople, to fall, ultimately, with the others and with their Well-Beloved, into the Akká prison.

Áqá Faraj then won the honor of waiting upon the Ancient Beauty. He served the Holy Threshold at all times and was a comfort to the friends. During the days of Bahá'u'lláh he was His loyal servitor, and a close companion to the believers, and so it was after Bahá'u'lláh's departure: he remained true to the Covenant, and in the domain of servitude he stood like a towering palm; a noble, superior man, patient in dire adversity, content under all conditions.

Strong in faith, in devotion, he left this life and set his face toward the Kingdom of God, to become the object of endless grace. Upon him be God's mercy and good pleasure, in His Paradise. Greetings be unto him, and praise, in the meadows of Heaven.

Memorials of the Faithful
pages 171-173

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