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Some Answered Questions

Part Two -- Some Christian Subjects

  1. Outward Forms and Symbols Must Be Used to Convey Intellectual Conceptions
  2. The Birth of Christ
  3. The Greatness of Christ Is Due to His Perfections
  4. The Baptism of Christ
  5. The Necessity of Baptism
  6. The Symbolism of the Bread and the Wine
  7. Miracles
  8. The Resurrection of Christ
  9. The Descent of the Holy Spirit Upon the Apostles
  10. The Holy Spirit
  11. The Second Coming of Christ and the Day of Judgment
  12. The Trinity
  13. Explanation of Verse Five, Chapter Seventeen, of the Gospel
  14. Explanation of Verse Twenty-Two, Chapter Fifteen, of The First Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians
  15. Adam and Eve
  16. Explanation of Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
  17. Explanation of the Verse "For Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen"
  18. The "Return" Spoken of by the Prophets
  19. Peter's Confession of Faith
  20. Predestination

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