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Some Answered Questions

Part Three -- On the Powers and Conditions of the Manifestations of God

  1. The Five Aspects of Spirit
  2. The Divinity Can Only Be Comprehended Through the Divine Manifestations
  3. The Three Stations of the Divine Manifestations
  4. The Human Condition and the Spiritual Condition of the Divine Manifestations
  5. The Knowledge of the Divine Manifestations
  6. The Universal Cycles
  7. The Power and Influence of the Divine Manifestations
  8. The Two Classes of Prophets
  9. Explanation of the Rebukes Addressed by God to the Prophets
  10. Explanation of the Verse of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, "There Is No Partner For Him Who Is the Dayspring of Revelation in His Most Great Infallibility"

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