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Some Answered Questions

Part Four -- On the Origin, Powers and Conditions of Man

  1. Modification of Species
  2. The Universe Is Without Beginning the Origin of Man
  3. The Difference Existing Between Man and Animal
  4. The Growth and Development of the Human Race
  5. Spiritual Proofs of the Origin of Man
  6. The Spirit and Mind of Man Have Existed From the Beginning
  7. The Appearing of the Spirit in the Body
  8. The Relation Between God and the Creature
  9. On the Proceeding of the Human Spirit From God
  10. Soul, Spirit and Mind
  11. The Physical Powers and the Intellectual Powers
  12. The Causes of the Differences in the Characters of Men
  13. The Degree of Knowledge Possessed by Man and the Divine Manifestations
  14. Man's Knowledge of God
  15. The Immortality of the Spirit (1)
  16. The Immortality of the Spirit (2)
  17. Perfections Are Without Limit
  18. The Progress of Man in the Other World
  19. The State of Man and His Progress After Death
  20. Explanation of a Verse in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas
  21. The Existence of the Rational Soul After the Death of the Body
  22. Eternal Life and Entrance Into the Kingdom of God
  23. Fate
  24. The Influence of the Stars
  25. Free Will
  26. Visions and Communication With Spirits
  27. Healing by Spiritual Means
  28. Healing by Material Means

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