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[Previous] heaven, and yet we grope and stumble in a famine-stricken land. "Between the weeping and the telling, I spin out my days."

One of the principal reasons why people of other religions have shunned and failed to become converted to the Faith of God is fanaticism and unreasoning religious zeal. See for example the divine words that were addressed to Muhammad, the Ark of Salvation, the Luminous Countenance and Lord of Men, bidding Him to be gentle with the people and long-suffering: "Debate with them in the kindliest manner." (28) That Blessed Tree Whose light was "neither of the East nor of the West" (29) and Who cast over all the peoples of the earth the sheltering shade of a measureless grace, showed forth infinite kindness and forbearance in His dealings with every one. In these words, likewise, were Moses and Aaron commanded to challenge Pharaoh, Lord of the Stakes: (30) "Speak ye to him with gentle speech." (31)

Although the noble conduct of the Prophets and Holy Ones of God is widely known, and it is indeed, until the coming of the Hour, (32) in every aspect of life [Next]

28. Qur'án 16:126.
29. Qur'án 24:35.
30. Dhu'l-Awtád is variously rendered by translators of the Qur'án as The Impaler, The Contriver of the Stakes, The Lord of a Strong Dominion, The One Surrounded by Ministers, etc. Awtád means pegs or tent stakes. See Qur'án 38:11 and 89:9.
31. Qur'án 20:46.
earthquake Bahá'u'lláh.
32. Qur'án 33:63: "Men will ask Thee of `the Hour.' Say: The knowledge of it is with God alone." Cf. also 22:1, "the of the Hour," etc. See also Matthew 24:36, 42, etc. To Bahá'ís, this refers to the Advent of the Báb and
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