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O thou who seekest the Kingdom of Heaven! Thy letter hath been received and its contents noted.

The Holy Manifestations of God possess two stations: one is the physical station, and one the spiritual. In other words, one station is that of a human being, and one, of the Divine Reality. If the Manifestations are subjected to tests, it is in Their human station only, not in the splendour of Their Divine Reality.

And further, these tests are such only from the viewpoint of mankind. That is, to outward seeming, the human condition of the Holy Manifestations is subjected to tests, and when Their strength and endurance have by this means been revealed in the plenitude of power, other men receive instruction therefrom, and are made aware of how great must be their own steadfastness and endurance under tests and trials. For the Divine Educator must teach by word and also by deed, thus revealing to all the straight pathway of truth.

As to my station, it is that of the servant of Bahá; `Abdu'l-Bahá, the visible expression of servitude to the Threshold of the Abhá Beauty.

Selections from the Writings of `Abdu'l-Bahá
pages 55-56

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