A Traveler's Narrative

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[Previous Page] Court? We are free from every anxiety, and ready and prepared for the things predestined to Us. `Say, all is from God' (24) is a sound and sufficient argument, and `if God toucheth thee with a hurt there is no dispeller thereof save Him' (25) is a healing medicine."

After some months a royal edict was promulgated appointing Adrianople in the district of Roumelia as their place of abode and residence. To that city the Bábís, accompanied by [Turkish] officers, proceeded all together, and there they made their home and habitation. According to statements heard from sundry travelers and from certain great and learned men of that city, they behaved and conducted themselves there also in such wise that the inhabitants of the district and the government officials used to eulogize them, and all used to show them respect and deference. In short, since Bahá'u'lláh was wont to hold intercourse with the doctors, scholars, magnates, and nobles [thereby] obtaining fame and celebrity throughout Roumelia, the materials of comfort were gathered together, neither fear nor dread remained, they reposed on the couch of ease, and passed their time in quietude, when one Siyyid Muhammad by name, of Isfahán, one of the followers [of the Báb], laid the foundations of intimacy and familiarity with Mírzá Yahyá, and [thereby] became the cause of vexation and trouble. In other words, he commenced a secret intrigue and fell to tempting Mírzá Yahyá, saying, "The fame of this sect hath risen high in the world, and their name hath become noble: neither dread nor danger remaineth, nor is there any fear or [need for] caution before you. Cease, then, to follow, that thou mayest be followed by the world; and come out from amongst adherents, that thou mayest become celebrated throughout the horizons." Mírzá Yahyá, too, through lack of reflection and thought as to consequences, and want of experience, [Next Page]

24. Qur'án 4:80.
25. Qur'án 6:17; 10:107.
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