Citadel of Faith

Letters to the American Bahá'í Community

Recognition of Preeminent Services

Highly gratified at unceasing, compelling evidences of exalted spirit of Bahá'í stewardship animating American Bahá'í Community, as attested by the alacrity of its national representatives in executing the first Temple contract, their promptitude in extending effective assistance to their Persian brethren, their vigilance in safeguarding integrity of the Faith in the City of the Covenant and their vigor in prosecuting the national campaign of publicity.

In recognition of preeminent services continually enriching the record of achievements associated with preeminent community of the Bahá'í world, I am arranging transfer of extensive, valuable property acquired in precincts of Shrines on Mount Carmel to name of Palestine Branch of American Assembly.

Happy to announce completion of plans and specifications for erection of arcade surrounding the Báb's Sepulcher, constituting the first step in the process destined to culminate in construction of the dome anticipated by `Abdu'l-Bahá and marking consummation of enterprise initiated by Him fifty years ago according to instructions given Him by Bahá'u'lláh.

[December 15, 1947]

Citadel of Faith
Letters to the American Bahá'í Community
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