Directives From the Guardian


"The general principle in regard to the marriage of a Bahá'í to a non-Baha'i is as follows:

"If a Bahá'í marries a non-Baha'i who wishes to have the religious ceremony of his own sect carried out, it must be quite clear that, first, the Bahá'í partner is understood to be a Bahái by religion, and not to accept the religion of the other party to the marriage through having his or her religious ceremony; and second, the ceremony must be of a nature which does not commit the Bahá'í to any declaration of faith in a religion other than his own. Under these circumstances the Bahá'í can partake of the religious ceremony of his non-Baha'i partner.

"The Bahá'í should insist on having the Bahái ceremony carried out before or after the non-Baha'i one, on the same day."

Directives From the Guardian
pages 44-45

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