Directives From the Guardian

183 SUMMER SCHOOLS (Bahá'í Atmosphere in)

"He (the Guardian) thinks the less time spent on such topics as `Current Events in the light of the Bahá'í Faith', and `The Bahá'í Faith and Modern Science' the better. There is no harm in having an evening lecture by a qualified speaker once on each of these subjects, but he certainly does not feel that much time should be spent on them, for the very simple reason that there is so little that can be said on the subject."

"The Bahá'ís must realize that they belong to a world-wide Order, and not an American civilization. They must try and introduce the Bahá'í atmosphere of life and thought into their Summer Schools, rather than making the Summer School an episode and a pleasant vacation period, during which they learn a little more about the Faith."

Directives From the Guardian
pages 68-69

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