Directives From the Guardian

93 HAZÍRATU'L-QUDS (Functions of)

"While the National Office in Wilmette, designated by the Guardian as Hazíratu'l-Quds, is primarily an administrative center, its use should by no means be confined to purely administrative work, but should include such activities of a social and intellectual character, both local and national, as can best establish its character as the foremost teaching and administrative center of the Faith throughout the States."

"As a teaching center, where Bahá'í lectures, conferences, meetings, whether local, regional or national, could be held, the Hazíratu'l-Quds can also prove of invaluable help, and the N.S.A. should indeed see to it that the necessary facilities are provided in the building for that purpose. But thus combining these three features, namely teaching, administrative, and social the Hazíratu'l-Quds can best fulfill its mission, as the visible symbol of the steadily-growing National Bahá'í Community in Northern America, and as the chief rallying center for all its activities and plans throughout that Continent."

Directives From the Guardian
pages 35-36

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