The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)

19 October 1955

Dear Bahá'í Friends:

I cabled you at the instruction of our beloved Guardian today as follows:

"Your cable October 15 presume decision temple design has no bearing on court decision October 26 is this correct? Do you have advance information as to what decision will be? Guardian has made no decision but seems to prefer Azamat by Hopfer Stuttgart. Please cable proposed height and width. Have you any idea of cost of construction".

As the cable indicates, it is my understanding that the decision with regard to Temple design has nothing to do with the decision in the court case, but that you wished the Guardian's decision in order to assist in appropriate publicity. We hope and pray that the decision will be favorable.

In reviewing these specifications which you have set up for the Temple, the Guardian wishes to call your attention to the fact that you have included some items in the specifications which are not necessary, and in fact are definitely not a part of a Bahá'í Temple, as follows:

Your No. 14--Assembly Hall. The Temple is for worship only, and no Assembly Hall is permissible. (In America the basement of the Temple has been temporarily used as a Foundation Hall.) This has been due to the long time taken to construct the building etc.

No. 17--Conference Rooms. Inasmuch as the Temple is for worship only, conference rooms are not required.

No. 18--Library and Archives. These facilities are not required nor desirable in a House of Worship.

No. 19 and 20--Kitchen Facilities. These are not required, as food is not to be served in the Temple. The Temple is for prayer and worship only.

No. 27--Air Raid Shelters. These are not required.

No. 30--Caretaker's House. This is not required at the present time, as the caretaker can sleep in one of the spare rooms of the Temple.

The Guardian feels it important to direct your attention to the fact that the Temple must be built just as economically as possible, and to provide only the facilities which are prescribed for a House of Worship. The Cause is under such heavy expense at the present time that we cannot undertake the construction of buildings which require too great an outlay of funds.

The Guardian would appreciate your having some preliminary estimates made just as quickly as possible of what it would cost to build the Temple designated as "Azamat". He likewise would like you to send him now just as many details as possible concerning the construction of this building, materials to be used etc.

I presume by the time this letter reaches you, you will have cabled the proposed height and width.

The Guardian would greatly value your giving him the detailed information regarding "Azamat" just as promptly as possible....

The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)
pages 242-244

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