The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)

20 December 1955

Dear Bahá'í Friends:

Your loving letter of December 8th was received and immediately presented to our Beloved Guardian:

He directed me to cable you yesterday, which I did, as follows:

"Guardian approves your asking other National

Assemblies write Court. Suggests you write them direct

giving full particulars. Does not feel exhibit appropriate

until final Temple design approved. Writing."

The Guardian fully approved of your asking the various National Assemblies to write the Court, with regard to the World Importance of the Temple. He felt you should write them direct, giving them full particulars as to what you wish in the letters, to whom to be addressed, and any other pertinent data required. He hopes this will be helpful in working out this important matter.

The Guardian felt it would be inadvisable to have an exhibit of proposals for the Temple, until such time as the final plan is approved. Thus you should hold the exhibit in abeyance until later. I am having sent you by separate mail, the designs, photographs, etc. which you sent to the Guardian.

The Guardian assures you of his prayers in your behalf, and sends you his loving Greetings....

The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)
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