The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)

19 May 1956

Dear Bahá'í Sister:

Referring to your letter of May 5th, with regard to the model of the Temple. I cabled you May 14th, that the Guardian had not approved any design for the Temple. He simply felt that there was possibility of the design of Architect Rocholl, No. 102-A being developed into a suitable design. He has not been satisfied with the submissions, but when the revisions are sent by Mr. Rocholl, he will then reappraise all of them to see if any can be given further consideration.

Please refer to my letter of November 23, 1955, item 6, in which it is stated the Guardian felt "the cost should run about $300,000 or a little more; certainly on the outside, not more than $400,000." The Guardian has directed me to advise you, that he now feels the maximum which should be spent on the construction, is $300,000 and no more....

The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)
pages 257-258

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