The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)

7 July 1956

Dear Bahá'í Friends:

Under separate cover, I am sending you the latest design of Mr. Teuto Rocholl, which has been carefully reviewed by the Beloved Guardian.

Also enclosed in the same package is a design for the German Temple, prepared by Mr. Charles Remey, which likewise has been very carefully reviewed by the Guardian.

The Guardian feels that the German National Assembly may now make their selection from either of these two, of the design for the German Temple. He says you are free to chose either Mr. Rocholl's or Mr. Remey's design.

In making your selection, you must of course, bear in mind the cost factor; that the building should not cost more than $300,000.

As soon as you have made your decision, will you please cable me so I can inform the Guardian.

The Guardian assures you of his prayers--and sends his loving Greetings....

The Light of Divine Guidance (vol 1)
page 270

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